Doodly vs. Powtoon vs. Toonly vs. VideoScribe

Which Is Better Whiteboard Animation Softwares Toonly vs doodly vs VideoScribe vs Powtoon:
In this article, we will compare the best animation softwares. The current tech savvy age has pushed so many creators towards visual representation of ideas and thoughts. This definitely makes it more engaging for the audience. Regardless of the industry you belong to, putting forth your point through the medium of videos makes it much more convenient for the audience to grasp. It is undoubtedly true that incorporating videos in a business will attract more customers thereby leading to increased conversion.

Doodly software is one of the most popular softwares when it comes to various whiteboard animation softwares that are available. However, there are plenty of softwares tools that create doodle sketches such as Toonly, Powtoon, and Videoscribe.

In this article we make it easier for you if you are confused about which one to use. We present a comparison of Doodly with other whiteboard animation softwares to help you decide which works best for you.

Doodly Review
Doodly Review
Doodly Review
Doodly is a best animation software comparison then any other whiteboard animation softwares that comes with a drag and drop interface that helps in creating sketches. What makes Doodly stand out is its easy-to-use interface especially for beginners. Doodly has hundreds of images stored in its library. These images belong to various topics and make it easier for you to create videos. Also, you can upload your own image if you don’t wish to use it.

We have done a detailed review of the Doodly software that you can find here.

Doodly offers 200 different characters, each of which have 20 different poses. It also offers 20 background scenes along with a wide selection of assets and props.
Besides whiteboard, there are 3 types of backgrounds on which you can create videos. There is a chalkboard, glassboard and greenboard.
You can select from 13 cartoon hand styles and 15 real hand styles.
It offers 2 slots for soundtracks – voiceover & background music and you can choose the desired soundtrack for your video.
Doodly offers a quite simple interface and you don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge for creating a doodle sketch.
You can select the frame rate, resolution, quality and destination to share your videos. You can export videos in different resolutions such as 480p-1080p as well as file size from 24-60 fps.
Doodly software allows you to work offline too.
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Toonly Reviews
Toonly Reviews
Toonly is another excellent tool for creating animated explainer videos and is considered a subset of Doodly. These animation softwares is packed with tons of features and attributes besides whiteboard and arm. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface lets you create enjoyable videos just with a simple drag and drop feature.

It offers pre-set scenes that are a combination of a background and a character in one package. You simply have to add dialogues and motions to it. These premade scenes are used for different fields.

One drawback of Toonly is that it doesn’t offer an auto-save option to its users. This means you will have to continue saving your work while you work or else you might lose what you have created.

Toonly offers a variety of props and backgrounds as well as characters. So, there is something for everyone whether you are a B2B or B2C content creator.
Toonly doesn’t offer stock photos and all its pictures are custom-designed by their in-house graphic designing team. It offers 510 characters images along with 30 characters each of which has 17 different poses.
With Toonly, you get 81 different backgrounds as well as scenes, along with thousands of props covering a vast selection of topics.
It lets you record your own custom voiceover audiotrack which can be easily synced with your Toonly video in just a single click. Besides, you can also upload a professional voiceover too.
There are up to 100 royalty-free audio tracks available which you can drag and drop to your video.
The 30-day money back guarantee allows you to try these animation softwares without any compulsion of using it further.
You can upload your videos to other devices as well and export to different social media platforms or even your own website.
Doodly vs Toonly – Comparison
Doodly vs Toonly – Comparison
Now the question arises what is better – Doodly or Toonly? There are many differences between the two, but the main difference lies in its usage. If you want to create a whiteboard animation, you will need Doodly whiteboard animation softwares. If you wish to create a simple explainer video, Toonly works best for it.

Both the softwares are capable enough to create engaging animations while it also helps you save a lot of time and money. If you ask a digital company to create a video for you, you will have to pay a substantial amount. These simple softwares allow you to create attractive videos in a very short duration of time.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the technical know-how for using such softwares as these are quite simple to use. This means that you don’t require any special coding or animation skills for using it.

Let us compare Doodly and Toonly on the basis of few important parameters such as user interface, versatility, etc.

Talking about the interface, both the softwares have drag and drop feature which makes it quite convenient to use it. Not only this, there are a number of online tutorials to guide you if you are a beginner. Despite all this, Toonly is a little dynamic and it may take a little while to fully understand how it works. So, we can conclude that Doodly offers a better user experience.

Versatility is another huge factor that distinguishes both the animation softwares. Doodly conveys the ideas of the creator with a simple illustration but your characters don’t come alive. The user is required to add a powerful narration as well as graphics in their video in order to make it attractive for the audience.

On the other hand, Toonly is quite versatile when it comes to storytelling. You don’t have to fully rely on the narration while creating a video with Toonly.

Toonly Prices

The third most important parameter is the Usage of both Toonly and Doodly. Doodly is widely used in the educational sector while Toonly works excellent for civilizing a brand or product.

Doodly is a great choice for launching new products and promoting them. A doodle sketch gives a chance to the audience to filter the information from what they grasp from it.

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Toonly is used to create cartoon videos and the characters have built-in actions. This means you can express the character’s emotions. An explainer cartoon made with Toonly also entertains the audience. This makes it a great choice to make the viewer understand your point.

Videoscribe Reviews
videoscribe review
Videoscribe is another widely used software used for creating whiteboard animations. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Videoscribe is a quick and easy way to create captivating video content and is highly used by YouTubers, educators, designers, marketers, and the like. If you are a beginner, all you need to do is use its free trial.

Launched in 2012 by a company named Sparkol, Videoscribe currently has above 2 million users worldwide. Not to mention, it is used in around 180 countries across the globe. In 2013, its iPad app was awarded as the Best Mobile/Tablet B2B App at MOMA awards.

Videoscribe videos work well for attracting your target audience regardless of their location or the industry they belong to. As an explainer video is more effective than a classic talking head video in conveying the ideas or message to the audience.

The desktop version of Videoscribe is packed with additional features. You can sign up for the 7-day free trial. You also receive emails for tutorials, tips and other helpful tricks if you use Videoscribe. Once you have used the free trial, you can opt for its paid monthly or yearly subscription.

videoscribe prices

These whiteboard animation softwares offers an easy-to-use interface with a simple drag and drop functionality. All the features are quite straightforward to use.
You get access to a library full of thousands of customizable images and soundtracks. The images cover a wide range of topics for you to choose from and are both paid and free. Also, you can import your own image if you don’t wish to use any from the library.
It lets you add text to your videos. There is a huge selection of different fonts and you can select it from. You can even edit the text that you add to your videos.
A team of professionals offer customer support along with a community that is always at your disposal
With the Scene Animator, you can add images, text or objects to a particular scene. These can be arranged as per your requirements.
Videoscribe allows you to export final videos to various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.
It offers more than 200 audio clips and voice overs which can be added to your videos. You can also import your own audio files using some third-party applications.
These animation softwares also allows you to render your video in formats like AVI, MOV, PNG and WMW. Whereas you can download the video in various resolutions.
Doodly vs Videoscribe – Comparison
Doodly vs Videoscribe

After going through the features of Videoscribe, let’s make a comparison and see which one works better.

If you talk in terms of pricing of both the softwares, Videoscribe is the expensive option. The annual enterprise plan for Doodly is priced at $40 whereas a monthly plan for Videoscribe costs $17.50 for a single user.

An important feature that Doodly provides is the custom paths that allows importing of your images and lets the software draw over those images. Videoscribe features a camera element that allows smooth transitions between images. This facilitates creating high-quality illustrations.

On the other hand, Doodly allows the user to choose from different backgrounds for the videos. One the other hand Videoscribe offers a selection of stick up themes.

There isn’t much difference between both the animation softwares as both create engaging whiteboard animations. The difference mostly lies in the price and the interface of both the tools.

Therefore, your choice majorly depends on your requirements. If you wish to create a doodle video using stick-up themes, Videoscribe will be more suitable for you. However, if you want to create a simple whiteboard animation, then Doodly works best for it.

Powtoon Reviews
Pawtoon Reviews

Powtoon is one of the best animation softwares for creating explainer videos and presentations. With over 30 million people using it, this online platform works for everything from YouTube videos and whiteboard animations to cartoons and infographic videos. Additionally, it lets you create tutorials, sales demos, onboarding orientations, motion graphics, etc.

Powtoon requires an internet connection to function as the software is cloud-based. With an extensive stock of images, music and videos, and a user-friendly interface, you can create powerful and engaging video content.

Powtoon Pricing
Like other softwares, Powtoon offers 2 plans – Monthly and Annual. The monthly plan is divided into Pro & Pro+. The Annual Plan is divided into Pro, Pro+ and Agency. These plans are based on a pay per export system. In a pay per export system, the user can create a specific number of videos by buying a set amount of tokens. The export price goes down as per the number of export videos that are grouped together. The price is different for each plan.

Powtoon also offers separate subscriptions for businesses. The prices for these plans range from low to high as per the requirement.

There are educational plans too. These are divided into three categories namely Student, Teacher and Classroom and costs a monthly charge of 59, 89, and 149 respectively.

A visual communication platform that offers a wide selection of templates covering various segments such as work, education and personnel. Also, you get different aspect ratios for all the templates.
It allows you to create a textbox for editing text easily. Powtoon also allows the user to upload their own fonts on it, if you are using the Agency plan.
Powtoon allows its users to use media in different ways. You can add media to the templates you are using. Also, you can add your media files if you don’t prefer to use anything from the stock library.
You can create videos in two different layouts – Quick Edit & Full Studio Mode. These can be found in the top menu bar.
The software lets you add both a soundtrack as well as voice over to your video, as per your preference. You can also upload your own audio file. These animation softwares supports audio tracks in a variety of formats like MP3, AAC, OGG, etc.
Powtoon offers different export options to its users. You can download your videos as PDF or PPT. Additionally, you can share the videos to your social media accounts too.
Doodly vs Powtoon
Now that you have learnt about the different features of Powtoon, let’s compare it with Doodly software.

Firstly, you need an internet connection to work on Doodly and Powtoon. These platforms don’t offer an offline version for its users. However, you can download Doodly on your computer system whereas Powtoon can be accessed online as it is stored in the Cloud.

You can create different types of animated videos using Powtoon such as cartoon animations, infographics, etc. whereas Doodly is solely dedicated to creating Whiteboard animations. This justifies the fact that Doodly offers more features than other platforms for creating Whiteboard animations.

Another important factor is their pricing which has already been talked about. Doodly offers a 30-day money back guarantee and its monthly plans are much affordable as compared to Toonly.

To conclude, all the animation softwares mentioned above are useful in various respects. Your choice will mainly depend on your requirements and the kind of project you are working on. For example, if you wish to create cartoon animations, Powtoon and Toonly are ideal options. But here we are comparing the best whiteboard animation softwares, we suggest Doodly is the best choice to opt for. Doodly software is packed with a whole lot of powerful features for making whiteboard animation videos. With Doodly, you can make your video more interesting, engaging and professional. This results in increased sales and better conversion rates.

Therefore, the above comparison will help you in choosing the right animation softwares for your project while saving your time too.

Whiteboard Animation Company UK

Hire Best whiteboard animation company UK: All List Here
Get the list of top 10 best whiteboard animation company UK. Whiteboard animation is one of the most effective ways to convey an idea or promote a brand among the audience. It explains an idea through a video that shows a hand drawing an illustration accompanied by narration.

Every business must know the most effective way to boost sales & increase engagement for their brand. Therefore, it is important to find the best whiteboard animation company UK among the options available.

Choosing the right whiteboard animation company can be quite tedious & hectic. It will require some research on your part. A great whiteboard animation explainer video would speak for your brand and website.

This is why we are here at your disposal with the list of the top 10 whiteboard animation studios UK to help you make a better choice for your business.

Why is there a need for a whiteboard animation video?
As per Vorsight, only 3% of the target audience is willing to purchase from a seller. Most of the visitors on a website look for informative content about a product/service before actually purchasing it.

Besides offering considerable value to a business, whiteboard animation videos can be fun & exciting as well. Not to mention, the demand for video content for marketing purposes has boosted by 54% in a year.

Take a look at the 10 Best Whiteboard Animation Studios in the UK

  1. Essence Studios
    Since its inception, Essence Studios has been working with clients from all over the world. The company’s main goal lies in building top-class relationships with its customers and helping them achieve their marketing objectives.

Besides whiteboard animation, they provide several other services such as 2D animation, explainer videos, app explainers, illustrations, catalog design, logo design, brochure design, etc.

Essence Studios
It is a whiteboard animation company UK that serves companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 brands to small startups & SMEs, and global enterprises to NGOs. Some of their clients are Zin Studios, DODO TV, Designer NODE, and MasterCard.

  1. Cartoon Media
    Cartoon Media is a great place to bring your ideas to life if you are looking for whiteboard animation services UK. Based in Kent, United Kingdom, it is one of the longest-running whiteboard animation companies while offering high-quality services to its clients from U.S., Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

Cartoon Media creates video content for various industries such as healthcare, real estate, finance, insurance, software/app videos, education/training videos, legal videos, and more.

Cartoon Media
Some of its trusted clients are Siemens, Hilti, Mazuma Mobile, Fuzzy Brush, Hilton, Jaguar, World Economic Forum, & Harvard Medical School.

Website link –

  1. Jammy Custard
    Jammy Custard provides excellent whiteboard animation services UK while believing in creating compelling stories that educate, entertain, captivate and motivate consumers to use a particular brand or service.

They consist of a talented team of artists and animators who strive to deliver exceptional content to clients belonging to every industry.

Jammy Custard
Jammy Custard is a whiteboard animation video company based in Wales, UK, that works with clients and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes. Some notable clients are the BBC, Benesse, UK Government Wales, Superdrug, Premier League Productions, White Stuff, and Cardiff University.

Website link –

  1. Brafton
    Brafton is one of the best whiteboard animation studios in UK, which believes that a good whiteboard video can empower brands in a more creative and simplified manner.

Additionally, they offer a multitude of video production & animation services such as 2D & 3D animation, explainer videos, corporate videos, hybrid live-action videos, promotional videos, commercials, and the like. Furthermore, they also offer content writing as well as graphic design services.

Brafton has worked with numerous companies, big and small, including Alitix, Geekhive, TecFlair, LASKO, Agile, Genworth, Concentric, Inspirage, TABbank, ALLEGIS Group, and many more.

Website link –

  1. Sketch My Picture
    Based in Scotland, UK, Sketch My Picture is one of the finest whiteboard animation services UK. They also specialize in explainers videos, videoscribe videos, animated music videos, commercial videos, animated educational videos, and 4K video skin beautification.

Sketch My Picture
All of their designing, direction, illustrating, and animation are done in-house, and nothing is outsourced.

Sketch My Picture has received several awards & nominations such as the Las Vegas Global Film Convention and Best Shorts Competition. Their long list of clients includes Microsoft, Pfizer, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Golf, SANOFI, Archie-West, Kype, Catch a Glimpse, and more.

Website link –

  1. Doodle Video
    Doodle Video is one of UK’s leading whiteboard animation studios that helps brands connect with their audience by creating fun & memorable content. They explain for almost every industry ranging from technical to finance & medical to construction.

Their very talented team consists of writers, illustrators, and editors along with voiceover artists who together strive to deliver the best content possible.

Doodle Video
Doodle Video provides whiteboard animation services UK to several brands & agencies such as Santander, the logic group, TSB, Balfour Beatty, BIBBY, Clarks, GlaxoSmithKline, Levi’s, Lloyds Bank, and MEDIACOM.

Website link –

  1. vAnimation Studio
    vAnimation Studio is one of the best whiteboard animation video explainer company UK specializing in 2D & 3D animation, whiteboard videos, explainer videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, motion graphics, animated music videos, animated infographics, and a lot more.

Combining their creative sights, designs & icons along with animated characters, they provide you the best video content, be it for business promotions, educational products, announcements, finance, etc.

vAnimation Studio
vAnimation has worked with over 300 brands & businesses of all shapes and sizes belonging to different sectors while helping them create engaging and memorable video content for their audience.

Website link –

  1. Eden Videos
    Eden Videos is one of the most recommended whiteboard animation studios in UK that helps businesses draw their customers’ attention through engaging whiteboard videos. Since 2012, it has been a full-time whiteboard animation studio comprising a team of storytellers, marketers, web designers, and animators who create compelling visual content for different brands.

Eden Videos
Eden Videos work with clients belonging to different industries such as food, education, entertainment, health, technology, finance, publishing, legal, retail, training, defense, crowdfunding, philanthropy, etc.

Some of their consistent clients are Keele University, Just Eat, Acer, John Lewis, Eduserv, NHS, University of Exeter, etc.

Website link –

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  1. Animation Monster
    Animation Monster is a whiteboard animation company UK, that believes in giving life to ideas through whiteboard animation while reaching the target audience. They ensure to capture the interest of the audience throughout the video.

Besides whiteboard animation, they also specialize in 2D animation, logo animation, motion graphics, typography, and live videos.

Animation Monster offers whiteboard animation services at a considerable low cost to brands like Vodafone, British Airways, HSBC, Pearson, TESCO, Marks & Spencer, GlaxoSmithKline, and more.

Website link –

  1. Twintoons Animation Studio
    Twintoons Animation Studio is another popular whiteboard animation company in the UK that is dedicated to creating high-quality and engaging animations & explainer videos for businesses and other organizations. They aim to create crisp, meaningful, and impact-oriented video content that has the potential to explain a brand, product, or service.

Besides a wide range of video marketing services such as 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, explainer videos, illustrations, mascot designing, etc.

Twintoons Animation Studio
Some of their happy clients include Honeybee Technologies, BabyPro, Exol Lubricants, and Kirti Group.

Website link –

If you are looking for a whiteboard animation company in UK, make sure that their drawing style and narration match your brand’s personality.

It is expected that around 65% of modern companies will switch to whiteboard explainer videos to boost their brand or service.

Therefore, it is wise to do thorough research of all the available options that suit your budget & requirements. This way you can align your whiteboard animation video marketing needs with the companies that provide the services.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos

Do you have a YouTube channel and struggling to get enough views? Or are you planning to create a new YouTube channel?

It doesn’t matter what your plans for informative videos are, by opening this article, you have already struck the right chord. Understanding of YouTube and its SEO optimization technique is important, for your channel to rank on YouTube engine.

YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform, but also a search engine that allows you to search the videos, watch them, comment on them via your comfortable devices like laptop, mobile, tablet and many more.

It does not matter if you have fewer subscribers, or your channel is new in the current competition. What matters most is the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used for your pages.

You may have a dip in your viewers or unable to increase the revenue for your channels. Whatever may be your problems, here we have come up with the strategy to get your channels ranking in 2020.

What is YouTube SEO?
YouTube SEO optimizes and proves high ranking to your videos, channels, and playlists for any given query. YouTube has its search engine that ranks your videos based on three factors.

1) Match Metadata and Content:
To search your video, YouTube matches the metadata and content of your video to the viewer’s query. The keywords in the title and description of your video are necessary to rank your video.

2) Match search intent for Query:
As viewers search for a video on YouTube, it selectively picks your video over others. It will match the search intent of your video to the viewer’s query, as it picks the right video from the given pool.

3) Match engaging videos for the query:
Since the highly engaging videos are pulled up by the ranking engine, your videos must engage your viewers.

YouTube SEO Techniques to Rank Your Video in 2020:
Once you know the working of the YouTube search engine, it is easy to set up a system that can bring up your videos despite fewer views or subscribers. We’ll discuss the exact steps and SEO optimizations required to rank your video

1) Know your Keywords:
Selecting the correct keyword is necessary for the ranking of your video. The right keyword in your video title, content, and the description is matched with the viewer’s query and ranked.

To know the keywords, you can research them on YouTube autosuggest or YouTube search bar. Search the keywords directly using the “&” or “*”. You can also search for keywords using third-party tools.

1) TubeBuddy:
TubeBuddy is the chrome extension to view the keywords. It displays the data on Youtube UI.

2) vidIQ:
VidIQ works similarly to TubeBuddy but also displays overall keyword score, search volume, related queries, SEO tags, etc. for any top ranking videos.

3) Morning Fame:
You can join Morning Fame using an invite. It gives you a month free tool for keyword research. Using the four-step process, it provides you the accurate suggestions for the title, descriptions, relevant tag to your videos.

4) Google Trends:
Google Trend is used to know the current trending keywords that are generally searched by viewers on Google. Type the keywords in Google Trends and select “YouTube search” for accurate results of keywords on YoutTube. Select the country or area, to know the keywords used by possible viewers.


A freemium tool suggests multiple keywords with questions, prepositions, and hashtags.

6) Ahref Keywords Explorer:
Use Ahref Keywords explorer to search for the related keywords. It explores country-specific search volume, includes analysis of clicks, and global volumes. Use these keywords to analyze the effects of them on the video ranking.

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are the best to search the keyword. You can have multiple combinations or ideas to create new keywords. Know the list of keywords that match your content and the topics of video. Have your keywords with hashtags and make sure these words match the queries that your viewers use to search the videos on YouTube.

2) Maximize your keywords on Google:
We discussed the keywords on YouTube search engine, but it is important to have your videos ranked on Google too? Google and YouTube have different search engines, and the Google search engine ranks the first position.

Google search also provides videos on a simple search. Now, we will see how a video gets search traffic from Google for certain keywords.

  1. Target Keyword:
    The easy way to know the keywords is to check it on Google itself. Know the target keyword used by the competitors listed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s). Check the titles, length, keywords, and video length displayed by Google’s search engine.
  2. Know the popular content:
    Explore keywords or words and phrases using the Content Explorer. Analyze the relevant search results with SEO and social metrics.

3) User Intent:
This is also known as search intent or keyword intent. Know the reason why the user searches for the content on the search engine. May times the queries are simple that gives the relevant results, but you may have user intended queries that may not search for relevant videos.

For example, searching on “How to bake a cake?” displays multiple relevant search results on baking a cake. But a simple search like Daisy will retrieve results for Daisy as a flower instead of “Daisy Lowe”.

4) The goal for a high-Retention video:
A high-retention video satisfies your viewers. The more viewers enjoy your video, it is more likely that he will watch your video till the end. As you create engaging videos, aim to satisfy your viewers for a long time. Targeting the right audience is important to have a high-retention for your video. Here are a few tricks to make a high-retention video.

1) Plan Video:
Before recording your video, plan about the topic, ideas, words, and scripts. Work on your topic, words, and script before your record the video. This helps you to provide more information without stumbling upon words or phrases during recoding. Allow the usages of keywords in your videos that are one way YouTube ranks your videos.

2) Hook Readers:
Your first 15 seconds are important to hook your users. Know the right way to engage them. As an expert, you must understand the topics, keywords, and images or proofs that are needed to hook your audience. Try to discuss solutions to the problems that made you create this video. Try giving more than expected by the users.

3) Video Editing:
Edit your videos to engage your users. You can only have the scenes that the users what to see. Match your words with the effects so the audience follows your video.

4) Entertain your viewers to avoid drop-outs:
This is the best tip for longer videos. Although concepts are important but try and entertain your viewers to keep them with the workflow of your video. Reducing the dropouts of viewers is one of the major factors for ranking your video.

5) On-page and Off-page video optimization:
On-Page optimization influences your video and influences the clicks and views on your video. Consider these best practices for searchable and clickable videos.

1) Title:
Title of optimal length of 55 characters needs at least one of your relevant keywords on your title tag. Avoid using multiple targeted keywords in the title. 90% of the search videos have relevant searched keywords in the title. According to YouTube have your target keyword at the beginning of the title. This helps YouTube engine to pick your video when searched by your audience.

A short, concise, and crisp title will prevent loss of click due to truncation in suggested or search features.

To avoid loss of clicks due to truncation of title in suggested or search feature of YoutTube have a short, concise, and crisp title.

A catchy title invokes curiosity in the user. YouTube is getting competitive and you need to stand apart. An engaging title beginning with the right keywords is more likely to be clicked and viewed.

2) Description:

Descriptions are valuable as they share information on video and boost views with the right keywords. An optimal length of 160 characters and the right keywords will show your video in search results.

The keywords used in video descriptions are related to the keyword used in the title. The easiest way to know the related keyword is to view the descriptions of your competitions.

3) Tags:
These help your video to be in ranked, searched, and suggested videos.

4) Thumbnails:
Your audience needs a better user experience. Have subtitles for your viewers to help them understand your context. Your videos are watched worldwide. The chances that your language is not known to others are quite high. Having subtitles or closed captions increases the engagement of the viewer.

6) Adding Subtitles:
A picture is worth more than a hundred words. Allow your thumbnail to describe your video. Let the image speak for your content. Being creative and imaginative is best for your thumbnail design. You can also get ideas from Google Images and stock photos.

5) Cards and interactive elements:
Having cards or interactive elements at the end of your video encourages the viewers to subscribe to the other YouTube channels suggested by you. You can add these cards at the end of your video or promote your next video. This increases the viewership and improves your ranking.

6) End Screens:
Improve your subscribers and views using end screens. They increase the video by 20 to 25 seconds. It promotes your next videos in the series. This also increases the session time for your video.

7) Publish and promote your video:
Once you publish your video, an initial 48 hrs. are critical to promoting it. You can promote your videos by notifying your existing customers or on social media. It is essential to know your viewers and the social groups to reach them. Promote on social media like Linked-in, Quora, Facebook with relevant hashtags and relevant target keywords to increase your subscribers and viewership.
For Google rankings, ask your friends to backlink your site or videos. This will improve your ranking on Google.

8) YouTube Adds:

YouTube adds helps you to set ads based on the target keyword. This helps you to gain more subscribers for your channel.

9) Session watch time:
YouTube analytics ranks your engaging videos that hook the audience for a long time without changing the platform. To improve session time, create a series or playlist. This will improve your total session watch time as the audience is redirected to the next video in the series. To help viewers navigate to the next video, you can add the card at the end of the video.

10) Embed YouTube Videos:

As your channel grows you can then use the feature of embedded YouTube. This will help you to grow your channel or business for the better. The embed YouTube videos don’t affect your SEO ranking but enable visitors to engagements.

Take Away:
Ranking your video on the YouTube engine is now easy with YouTube SEO techniques.

Analyze the keywords and the right set of relevant words that allow SEO YouTube engines to rank your videos. Preplan your videos, scripts, keywords for your video. Adding these keywords or relevant keywords to your title, descriptions, content help you rank your video. The thumbnails, hashtags, and subtitles connect viewers to your video content. To increase session watch time, create playlist, series, this will help you to promote your next video and also increases the viewership to your channel. Creating a playlist or series playlist will give you more views on upcoming videos. Promoting your video on other social networking platforms will give you more clicks and views.

These are some of the major criteria that help your video to rank above your competitors. Above all it is important to have a high-retention video for your viewer that will not only impart information or knowledge but also engages them, to avoid dropout rates.