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Do you have a YouTube channel and struggling to get enough views? Or are you planning to create a new YouTube channel?

It doesn’t matter what your plans for informative videos are, by opening this article, you have already struck the right chord. Understanding of YouTube and its SEO optimization technique is important, for your channel to rank on YouTube engine.

YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform, but also a search engine that allows you to search the videos, watch them, comment on them via your comfortable devices like laptop, mobile, tablet and many more.

It does not matter if you have fewer subscribers, or your channel is new in the current competition. What matters most is the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used for your pages.

You may have a dip in your viewers or unable to increase the revenue for your channels. Whatever may be your problems, here we have come up with the strategy to get your channels ranking in 2020.

What is YouTube SEO?
YouTube SEO optimizes and proves high ranking to your videos, channels, and playlists for any given query. YouTube has its search engine that ranks your videos based on three factors.

1) Match Metadata and Content:
To search your video, YouTube matches the metadata and content of your video to the viewer’s query. The keywords in the title and description of your video are necessary to rank your video.

2) Match search intent for Query:
As viewers search for a video on YouTube, it selectively picks your video over others. It will match the search intent of your video to the viewer’s query, as it picks the right video from the given pool.

3) Match engaging videos for the query:
Since the highly engaging videos are pulled up by the ranking engine, your videos must engage your viewers.

YouTube SEO Techniques to Rank Your Video in 2020:
Once you know the working of the YouTube search engine, it is easy to set up a system that can bring up your videos despite fewer views or subscribers. We’ll discuss the exact steps and SEO optimizations required to rank your video

1) Know your Keywords:
Selecting the correct keyword is necessary for the ranking of your video. The right keyword in your video title, content, and the description is matched with the viewer’s query and ranked.

To know the keywords, you can research them on YouTube autosuggest or YouTube search bar. Search the keywords directly using the “&” or “*”. You can also search for keywords using third-party tools.

1) TubeBuddy:
TubeBuddy is the chrome extension to view the keywords. It displays the data on Youtube UI.

2) vidIQ:
VidIQ works similarly to TubeBuddy but also displays overall keyword score, search volume, related queries, SEO tags, etc. for any top ranking videos.

3) Morning Fame:
You can join Morning Fame using an invite. It gives you a month free tool for keyword research. Using the four-step process, it provides you the accurate suggestions for the title, descriptions, relevant tag to your videos.

4) Google Trends:
Google Trend is used to know the current trending keywords that are generally searched by viewers on Google. Type the keywords in Google Trends and select “YouTube search” for accurate results of keywords on YoutTube. Select the country or area, to know the keywords used by possible viewers.

5) KeywordTool.io:
A freemium tool suggests multiple keywords with questions, prepositions, and hashtags.

6) Ahref Keywords Explorer:
Use Ahref Keywords explorer to search for the related keywords. It explores country-specific search volume, includes analysis of clicks, and global volumes. Use these keywords to analyze the effects of them on the video ranking.

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are the best to search the keyword. You can have multiple combinations or ideas to create new keywords. Know the list of keywords that match your content and the topics of video. Have your keywords with hashtags and make sure these words match the queries that your viewers use to search the videos on YouTube.

2) Maximize your keywords on Google:
We discussed the keywords on YouTube search engine, but it is important to have your videos ranked on Google too? Google and YouTube have different search engines, and the Google search engine ranks the first position.

Google search also provides videos on a simple search. Now, we will see how a video gets search traffic from Google for certain keywords.

  1. Target Keyword:
    The easy way to know the keywords is to check it on Google itself. Know the target keyword used by the competitors listed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s). Check the titles, length, keywords, and video length displayed by Google’s search engine.
  2. Know the popular content:
    Explore keywords or words and phrases using the Content Explorer. Analyze the relevant search results with SEO and social metrics.

3) User Intent:
This is also known as search intent or keyword intent. Know the reason why the user searches for the content on the search engine. May times the queries are simple that gives the relevant results, but you may have user intended queries that may not search for relevant videos.

For example, searching on “How to bake a cake?” displays multiple relevant search results on baking a cake. But a simple search like Daisy will retrieve results for Daisy as a flower instead of “Daisy Lowe”.

4) The goal for a high-Retention video:
A high-retention video satisfies your viewers. The more viewers enjoy your video, it is more likely that he will watch your video till the end. As you create engaging videos, aim to satisfy your viewers for a long time. Targeting the right audience is important to have a high-retention for your video. Here are a few tricks to make a high-retention video.

1) Plan Video:
Before recording your video, plan about the topic, ideas, words, and scripts. Work on your topic, words, and script before your record the video. This helps you to provide more information without stumbling upon words or phrases during recoding. Allow the usages of keywords in your videos that are one way YouTube ranks your videos.

2) Hook Readers:
Your first 15 seconds are important to hook your users. Know the right way to engage them. As an expert, you must understand the topics, keywords, and images or proofs that are needed to hook your audience. Try to discuss solutions to the problems that made you create this video. Try giving more than expected by the users.

3) Video Editing:
Edit your videos to engage your users. You can only have the scenes that the users what to see. Match your words with the effects so the audience follows your video.

4) Entertain your viewers to avoid drop-outs:
This is the best tip for longer videos. Although concepts are important but try and entertain your viewers to keep them with the workflow of your video. Reducing the dropouts of viewers is one of the major factors for ranking your video.

5) On-page and Off-page video optimization:
On-Page optimization influences your video and influences the clicks and views on your video. Consider these best practices for searchable and clickable videos.

1) Title:
Title of optimal length of 55 characters needs at least one of your relevant keywords on your title tag. Avoid using multiple targeted keywords in the title. 90% of the search videos have relevant searched keywords in the title. According to YouTube have your target keyword at the beginning of the title. This helps YouTube engine to pick your video when searched by your audience.

A short, concise, and crisp title will prevent loss of click due to truncation in suggested or search features.

To avoid loss of clicks due to truncation of title in suggested or search feature of YoutTube have a short, concise, and crisp title.

A catchy title invokes curiosity in the user. YouTube is getting competitive and you need to stand apart. An engaging title beginning with the right keywords is more likely to be clicked and viewed.

2) Description:
Descriptions are valuable as they share information on video and boost views with the right keywords. An optimal length of 160 characters and the right keywords will show your video in search results.

The keywords used in video descriptions are related to the keyword used in the title. The easiest way to know the related keyword is to view the descriptions of your competitions.

3) Tags:
These help your video to be in ranked, searched, and suggested videos.

4) Thumbnails:
Your audience needs a better user experience. Have subtitles for your viewers to help them understand your context. Your videos are watched worldwide. The chances that your language is not known to others are quite high. Having subtitles or closed captions increases the engagement of the viewer.

6) Adding Subtitles:
A picture is worth more than a hundred words. Allow your thumbnail to describe your video. Let the image speak for your content. Being creative and imaginative is best for your thumbnail design. You can also get ideas from Google Images and stock photos.

5) Cards and interactive elements:
Having cards or interactive elements at the end of your video encourages the viewers to subscribe to the other YouTube channels suggested by you. You can add these cards at the end of your video or promote your next video. This increases the viewership and improves your ranking.

6) End Screens:
Improve your subscribers and views using end screens. They increase the video by 20 to 25 seconds. It promotes your next videos in the series. This also increases the session time for your video.

7) Publish and promote your video:
Once you publish your video, an initial 48 hrs. are critical to promoting it. You can promote your videos by notifying your existing customers or on social media. It is essential to know your viewers and the social groups to reach them. Promote on social media like Linked-in, Quora, Facebook with relevant hashtags and relevant target keywords to increase your subscribers and viewership.
For Google rankings, ask your friends to backlink your site or videos. This will improve your ranking on Google.

8) YouTube Adds:
YouTube adds helps you to set ads based on the target keyword. This helps you to gain more subscribers for your channel.

9) Session watch time:
YouTube analytics ranks your engaging videos that hook the audience for a long time without changing the platform. To improve session time, create a series or playlist. This will improve your total session watch time as the audience is redirected to the next video in the series. To help viewers navigate to the next video, you can add the card at the end of the video.

10) Embed YouTube Videos:
As your channel grows you can then use the feature of embedded YouTube. This will help you to grow your channel or business for the better. The embed YouTube videos don’t affect your SEO ranking but enable visitors to engagements.

Take Away:
Ranking your video on the YouTube engine is now easy with YouTube SEO techniques.

Analyze the keywords and the right set of relevant words that allow SEO YouTube engines to rank your videos. Preplan your videos, scripts, keywords for your video. Adding these keywords or relevant keywords to your title, descriptions, content help you rank your video. The thumbnails, hashtags, and subtitles connect viewers to your video content. To increase session watch time, create playlist, series, this will help you to promote your next video and also increases the viewership to your channel. Creating a playlist or series playlist will give you more views on upcoming videos. Promoting your video on other social networking platforms will give you more clicks and views.

These are some of the major criteria that help your video to rank above your competitors. Above all it is important to have a high-retention video for your viewer that will not only impart information or knowledge but also engages them, to avoid dropout rates.

Best 2D Animation Company UK

Get The List Of Best 2D Animation Company UK:
List of Top 2D animation company UK. Animated videos have a lot more impact on the audience than a piece of text or even a simple video. Animations convey any message in a fun & creative way and tend to be more engaging for the viewers.

It can be quite a task to pick the right 2D animation company UK to promote your business or idea. You need to choose the one that matches all the requirements and understands clearly what kind of animation you need.

2d Animation Company UK
Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 2D animation companies UK which will help you select one for your animation requirements.

  1. Essence Studios
    Ranking at the top of the list of the 10 best 2D animation studios UK, Essence Studios provides a wide range of video production services such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, app explainers, infographic illustrations, logo design, brochure design, etc.

We have been providing our services to clients from different parts of the world, and aim to build trustworthy relationships with them while providing them with the best possible services.

The list of our satisfied clients goes a long way, ranging from small startups to SMEs, Fortune 100 brands to global enterprises and NGOs.

Website Link: https://www.essencestudios.net/

  1. Village Talkies
    Village Talkies is one of the most popular 2D animation company UK that offers a variety of video services to clients worldwide. Besides the United Kingdom, they are also located in the US and India. They offer corporate videos as well as animations while guiding each customer through the entire process of video production.

Village Talkies can be reached for a wide range of services such as animations, explainer videos, product videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, social media videos, employee videos, training videos, and more.

Village Talkies
Their client base extends from Asia, Europe, America, and Australia, and includes companies Decathlon, Pearson, Urban Ladder, United MakGroup, Qualitest, BetterPlace, and Align.

Website link – https://www.villagetalkies.com/

  1. Brand Animators
    Brand Animators offers excellent 2D animations services UK while helping businesses to grow & connect with their audience. They work with clients belonging to different industries such as product & retail, software services, financial services, education, healthcare, FMCG, automobiles, real estate, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Brand animators offer services like explainer videos, animations videos, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, product demos, image typography, and more.

Brand Animators
They are trusted by over 200 clients worldwide including Urban Ladder, Decathlon, Infosys, Swiggy, and Mphasis.

Website link – https://www.brandanimators.com/

  1. MHF Creative
    MHF Creative is a 2D animation production company UK that helps businesses reach their audience through the medium of creative & compelling video content. They create corporate videos for firms of all shapes and sizes, ranging from event video production, recruitment video production to animation & promotional video production.

Their animation services include 2D, 3D as well as stop-motion animation for explainer videos, social media videos, and promotional videos.

MHF Creative
MHF Creative serves a large number of clients including Expedia, Epson, Canon, Bloomberg, COSMOS, MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, and Universal.

Website link – https://mhf-creative.com/

  1. Bearded Fellows
    Bearded Fellows is one of the top 2D animation companies in the UK that helps brands & organizations achieve their goals through compelling animation and video content. An award-winning video production service, it is located in Manchester and serves some of the biggest brands such as Roche, weber Shandwick, KAPLAN, emerald WORKS, and Bupa.

Bearded Fellows
Bearded Fellows, with their huge network of Creative Partners, gather all the expertise required to come up with great ideas and produce exceptional video content.

Website link – https://beardedfellows.co.uk/

  1. Shoot You
    Shoot You is an award-winning creative agency that offers video production as well as 2D animation services in the UK. With offices in London, Amsterdam, and New York, they manage a global client base delivering exceptional productions for all their corporate communications requirements.

Their talented team of artists takes time to fully understand the client’s needs and find the most effective way of communicating their message or story from beginning to end. Their services include film & video production as well as animation too.

Shoot You
Shoot You works with some of the leading brands like BBC, Amadeus, J.P. Morgan, Allianz, M&S, Honeywell, King, and Asendia.

Website link – https://www.shootyou.co.uk/

  1. TopLine Film
    TopLine Film is a 2D animation production company UK that creates videos and animations with an aim to generate leads and increase conversions for businesses to grow well. According to Clutch, TopLine has been ranked as the UK’s top video production company of 2021.

They provide a variety of animation services including explainers, corporate, social media, and brand animation. Additionally, you can contact them for promotional videos, brand videos, corporate videos, educational videos, event videos, TV adverts, and the like.

TopLine Film
They provide top-class video production services to clients from London to Sydney. Some of their clients include Sony, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, SIEMENS, BAFTA, AutoTrader, Admiral, University of Cambridge, etc.

Website link – https://toplinefilm.com/

  1. Appetite Creative
    Appetite Creative is another award-winning company that offers 2D animations services UK with an aim to bring advertising to life. They work with a wide range of clients ranging from creative agencies to tech companies. They are backed by a talented team of creative professionals who put their best efforts into creating stunning videos & animations.

Their vast range of services includes video production, website designing, branding, social media marketing, payable Ads, Ad format, and virtual event management.

Appetite Creative
Appetite Creative caters to all types of clients such as Apple, Adidas, Pepsi, Armani, Chanel, British Airways, Emirates, Marriott, LEGO, PANDORA, and Mercedes-Benz.

Website link – https://www.appetitecreative.com/

  1. Kartoffel Films
    Located in London, Kartoffel Films is an award-winning 2D animation production company in the UK that offers video production & animation services to clients worldwide. Some of their video production services are for sectors like healthcare, education, technology, charity, public sector films, branded content, etc.

Kartoffel offers a selection of pre-production, production, and post-production services along with 2D & 3D animation, explainer animation, storyboarding, character design, vector animation, etc.

Kartoffel Films
Over the past 9 years, they have worked with a number of leading brands such as the University of Cambridge, UCL, World Health Organization, GOETHE INSTITUT, Abbott, sage, Virgin Atlantic, John Deere, and many more.

Website link – https://kartoffelfilms.com/

  1. Hocus Pocus Studio
    Hocus Pocus focuses on creating stunning animations for brands, businesses, and agencies around the globe. They specialize in 2D & 3D animation as well as live-action animation, while they also produce films for TV, gaming, and social sectors.

Their other services include explainers, product videos, social media videos, corporate videos, training videos, motion graphics, TV commercials, B2B videos, and the like.

Hocus Pocus Studio
Hocus Pocus has been offering its 2D animations services UK to the leading global brands including Edelman, Heineken, King, LEGO, BNY MELLON, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Website link – https://hocuspocus.studio/

We hope that the above-mentioned list of the top 10 2D animation companies in the UK will help you pick the right one for your business needs. Make sure you go through their reviews & testimonials before you decide the one that suits your budget & requirements.

Video Editing Software for Mac

List Of Top Free Video Editing Software For Mac:
Here is the list of Free Video Editing Software For Mac. The need for video content is increasing day by day. People are more interested in watching videos, be it for entertainment or educational purposes. Platforms like YouTube have now become a source of earning money. Another example is Twitch – a video game live streaming service, which also broadcasts music and enables its users to chat & connect from various parts of the world.

A good video editor must be able to transform raw footage into a highly attractive video.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best free video editing softwares.

An engaging and attractive video is highly powerful in terms of informing the audience about a product or service a business aims to promote. The strength of the video majorly lies in how it is edited using the best tools and effects to make it more visually appealing for the viewers.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
This is one of the most popular and the best free video editing software for Mac. The software is mostly used by professionals in the mainstream media. A part of Adobe Creative Cloud, this software features an array of high-end automated editing tools. It has a paid version but is also available for a free trial.

The interface is simple with embedded layouts for each purpose. However, it allows full customization. The integrated workflows allows you to edit without leaving the timeline.

Some of its top features include:
A wide range of plugins, latest video formats, templates, scripts and trimming tools. Allows editing of videos in ultra, 8K resolution along with virtual reality.
Codecs and formats to facilitate easier exporting of videos
The most notable feature of this video editor is its VR 180 capabilities that helps in optimizing the effects and format while publishing the final content on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Use color correction, color grading to make your video more attractive. The Lumetri Color tools allow more precise curve adjustments.
Enhance the audio quality of your video with several audio editing tools such as amplification, reverb, compression, flangers as well as stereo balance.
The native functionality feature offered by Adobe Audition takes the audio quality to a professional level
Creates professional-level videos
User-friendly & sleek interface
Offers non-linear video editing
Requires a highly advanced computer

  1. Final Cut Pro X:

Final Cut Pro X
Anyone who uses the Mac operating system must know that Final Cut Pro X is the best free video editor for Mac. Developed by Apple, this video editing software is an ideal blend of professional editing tools and a smooth learning curve for its customers.

The software is packed with numerous smart tools and a clean interface that allows you to produce top-level videos on your desktop.

Some of its top features include:
You can use dual monitors with the help of its most prominent feature – Magnetic Timeline. This tool allows arranging and adding clips as Roles which can be video, effects, music, voiceovers, titles, etc.
This Clip Connections feature facilitates joining different elements with the clips regardless of the movement.
There are about 100 transitions, 149 video effects, 183 title animation templates as well as 109 audio effects. The transitions can be effectively implemented with keyboard shortcuts.
The MacBook Pro Touch Bar Editing helps the user to use touch controls for functions like text customization and timeline scrubbing.
It offers several 3D templates, lighting effects along with textures such as concrete & plastic.
Last but not the least, its other key features are multicam editing, chroma-keying, video tracks, etc.
The only drawback of its colour correction tool is that the user cannot enter the parameters with a keyboard and any adjustment can be only done with the help of a mouse. For doing a minute correction, you have to be really careful while using a mouse.

Intuitive & easy-to-use interface
A variety of effects & transitions
Difficult to learn

  1. DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve works excellent on Mac operating systems and that is why it is regarded as one of the top free video editing software for Mac. It is a great choice as it is full of several pro-level editing tools. The free version allows a frequency of 60 fps and can export files in HD, SD, and Ultra HD.

You will get access to several audio editing tools to make your video sound like a professional one. Protect your projects with the help of user rights offered by the video editing software. The software also allows its users to collaborate with one another.

Some of its top features include:
The dual timeline allows editing of video files more quickly
Make use of different editing tools such as colour grades, blend modes, etc.
The editor allows sharing of videos on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
The colour correction tools allow adjusting of eye colour and skin tone with much ease.
You can create a timeline with a variety of frame rates.
The Individual User Cache feature allows each user collaborating on the project to control their individual cache files thereby helping them optimize the performance of their system.
Besides, it offers a selection of 500 royalty-free foley sounds.
Multi-lingual video tutorials
Offers user collaboration
Full of different audio & video editing tools

Complicated interface for beginners

  1. Blender:

Blender is another open-source video editor used for advanced editing. One of the best free video editing software for Mac, it offers 3D rendering of videos. You can customize its app using the software’s API for Python script.

Besides carrying out professional editing tasks like video masking, it can also be used to perform basic functions such as cutting and splicing. Blender is most suited for editors and designers who are 3D enthusiasts as it mainly focuses on 3D animation. It is quite a flexible video editing tool that suits both the pros as well as entry-level users.

Some of its top features are:
Basic features include modeling, shading, 2D animation, motion tracking, chroma vectoroscope, luma waveform, live preview, syncing, waveform visualization, histogram displays, scrubbing, audio mixing, etc
You can render videos to multilayer OpenEXR files
Combine 2D images with 3D images
It offers upto 32 slots for adding effects, images, audio and video
The video editor also offers tools like adjustment layers, speed control, keyframes, transitions and filters.
Facilitates customization of window layouts & shortcuts
Offers a variety of tools for creating visual effects
Provides a large number of add-ons
Superb choice for professional editing
A little complicated as compared to other editing softwares

  1. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate:

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate
One of the top free video editing software for Mac, Pinnacle Studio offers a wide range of tools for editing, arranging and exporting videos. The straightforward and user-friendly interface of this video editor facilitates building, sorting as well as the direct import of projects from the multimedia clips.

The high-end color grading tools are responsible for improving the video quality. The storyboard and the timeline are placed on the same screen which allows editors to manipulate both the workflows at the same time.

Some of its top features are:
An extensive library of tons of effects, transitions, templates and titles, along with pre programmed objects
Allows you to efficiently edit videos 4K and HD format as well as 360 video editing
Perform basic tasks like rotate, zoom and crop
Edit video files captured by any camera
Also allows split-screen video editing and helps in stabilizing shaky videos
User-friendly interface for best performance
Supports 3D images and videos
Limited features in the standard version

  1. Shotcut:

Shotcut is one of the top free video editing software for Mac and is packed with numerous high-end editing tools. The software also provides video tutorials to guide entry-level editors as they might find its interface a little tricky.

Shotcut lets you create collage videos and edit them with different filters while adjusting their quality too. It is fully open-source software which means you can access all its features without opting for its paid version.

Some of its top features include:
The user is not required to import the video to the editor which saves time during editing
It offers colour grading, colour correction, interlacing, wipe transitions, along with a variety of audio and video effects
It also supports 4K HD resolution
You can convert the edited video file to various formats such as H264, WebM, MJpeg, etc
With the Lossless export mode, you can transfer the files without losing its quality
Moreover, it also supports 1080p videos at 60 FPS
Triple colour correction tools
Offers native timeline editing
Fully open-source software
Interface is complicated for new users

  1. Lightworks:

One of the most commonly used softwares, Lightworks became the forefront of video editing. It is one of the best free video editors for Mac and works well for video rendering. The software features multi-channel inputs along with tons of other useful tools on its timeline.

The simple and intuitive interface of the software lets you easily do any post-production work in the background. Also, it supports a wide range of import and export video formats. You can get a free license for a week by downloading and registering on the website.

Some of its top features include:
The free version is full of cutting-edge tools like video trimming, multicam support, timeline editing, audio & video FX, etc.
The user can post their finished videos to YouTube or Vimeo in upto 4K resolution
Offers a variety of social media templates
You get access to the video tutorials to guide in using the software
Supports a wide variety of video formats
The editing timeline offers more than 100 included FX’s along with audio and video stock
Share your video content in different formats to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc
Allows the user to simultaneously edit videos captured on different cameras
Offers robust video editing tools
Allows 3D video editing
Good for professional editing
Too complicated interface for beginners

  1. HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express
HitFilm Express is also considered as one of the top free video editing software for Mac. It contains all the basic editing tools that you would require as a beginner, along with the most advanced features for professional editing. The free version offers over 180 special effects as well as 3D editing too.

HitFilm is widely used in Hollywood as well as various software companies also use it for creating engaging video content for the audience.

One main feature of this editing platform is composite images that facilitates the creation of timeline for animation and special effects. You can apply multi-layer effects without integrating everything into the main timeline.

Some of its top features include:
The software offers engaging video tutorials that help new users learn it quicker and better
You get a wide range of audio & video filters, highly-advanced cutting tools, chroma keying for green screen, layers and masks, along with 3D video support
Choose different parameters of the video quality such as customizable pause & playback which allows video to play faster and avoid any delays while you watch any high-resolution videos.
It also features 2D and 3D compositing, unlimited transitions, over 400 presets & effects, etc
It is ideal for professional editors
Flexible export functions
Allows you to edit while exporting
Offers screen simulation as well as extended tracking
Complex for beginners

  1. Apple iMovie:

Apple iMovie
A sophisticated video editing software, iMovie is quite popular among Mac users. With a user-friendly interface, it is an ideal choice especially for beginners. It is also available in the form of an application which means you can even access it on phones or ipads.

The software is packed with dozens of features and supports 4K resolution. iMovie performs superb on both Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. This makes it one of the best free video editor for Mac.

Some of its top features include:
It offers touch bar support along with 4K video functionality. Also allows processing of videos at a speed of 60 frames per second.
With the simple drag and drop feature, you can add effects, titles, music, etc to your videos
You are free to change the background location in the video and place the characters anywhere you like
It lets you easily export or import video files, images or audio from iCloud
Create slideshows and watch them on your Apple TV
There are numerous iMovie tutorials available on the internet to help you use the software easily
Online customer support
Ideal for working at home
Ideal for making trailers
Offers a variety of sound effects
Not sufficient features for professional use

  1. VideoProc:

VideoProc is one of the leading video editing tools available for Mac users. Its versatile nature allows the user to create trailers, long videos, podcasts, presentations, game reviews, and the like. You can easily trim, edit, cut, resize, split, convert, merge, transcode and adjust 4K videos or audio files. Besides, the software enables users to adjust frame rates, GOP while changing formats as well as compressing large videos.

A unique feature offered by VideoProc is that it lets you record live broadcasts of the screen which is quite useful for gamers.

Some of its top features include:
Offers tons of features including video stabilization, denoise, subtitle, lens distortion correction, watermark, MKV video, as well as a wide range of effects
Provides high-speed video processing through GPU acceleration/level-3 hardware acceleration
Produces 4K/HD videos captured from any device
Built-in media downloader engine which supports over 1000 video/audio/UGC websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
You can preview your finished video content before you export it
Lightweight & user-friendly interface
Supports 4K resolution
Offers 370 codecs and over 420 output formats
Limited features in the free version

  1. Movavi Video Editor:

Movavi Video Editor
Having a simple interface doesn’t stop Movavi from being one of the best free video editing software for Mac. The tool helps to edit, record, improvise and convert different types of videos such as for films, wedding videos, travel videos, etc.

Some of its top features include:
Create stunning and engaging videos with its several attractive tools such as thematic stickers, pre-made intros, animated titles.
Another set of its basic features are rotate, crop, reverse, slow-motion, along with a wide selection of audio & video effects, filters and transitions
The ‘chroma key’ tool allows changing the background colour of your video from something solid to natural
The simple drag and drop feature allows a beginner to easily learn the software
Simple user interface
Offers faster video rendering
Doesn’t offer histogram, colour wheel and vectorscope

  1. OpenShot:

OpenShot is another free video editor for Mac users for creating captivating videos. This video editing software allows you to edit, organize and share videos in a seamless manner. If you are a newbie, it’s simple and easy to navigate interface will allow you to produce high-quality videos.

Some of its top features include:
Create stunning videos in three different modes – Quick, Guided & Expert
Offers features like live search functionality, face recognition, focus adjustment, haze removal, video collages, touch-based editing as well as a variety of transition effects.
The Adobe Sensei AI technology enables the user to find videos and images in just a single click
Add attractive titles, themes or transitions to your videos
Supports 4K resolution
Provides video stabilization
Simple interface for beginners
Wide range of effects & transitions
Artificial Intelligence
Doesn’t support multi-cam editing
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best free video editing software for Mac?
There are a number of free video software that runs on Mac OS. For beginners, iMovie, OpenShot and Movavi Video Editor are good choices. However, if you wish to go for a more professional option, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Blender, DaVinci Resolve and HitFilm Express are recommended options.

If you are a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air user, you can definitely go for the above-mentioned video editing softwares. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can pick one according to your requirements. Most of these are completely free or offer a free trials so you can try and see whether it suits your editing needs or not.

free audio editing software for beginners

Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners:
Take a look at the 10 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners. Free audio editing software is quite robust and useful, be it for mixing a sound file or trimming a recording. So, we have compiled a list of the 10 best free audio editing software for you if you don’t wish to go for a paid option.

  1. Audacity
    Audacity is the most popular, free, and best audio editing software if you are a tech-savvy user or even if you are willing to learn its little intimidating features. It is open-source software that allows editing pre-recorded files, adding different effects, capturing fresh sounds along streaming podcasts. Audacity works well on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It also comes with a lot of plugins, however, it can still confuse beginners.
  2. Ocenaudio
    Another free audio editing software from 10 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners having an easier interface is Ocenaudio. The main advantage of using this software over Audacity is its simple-to-use features. It allows you to take a quick look at the sound effects in real-time without modifying the original file. It can work quite effectively on Mac, Linux, and Windows. We suggest you memorize its built-in keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently.
  3. Wavepad

Wavepad is one of the free audio editors that facilitates the editing and recording of sound files. Some of its prominent features include noise reduction facility, echo, and amplification. With Wavepad, you can easily compress and export audio files without any hassle.

  1. Audiotool

Audiotool is free audio editing software through which you can create and publish soundtracks. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t require you to install a local client for using it. It also you to do modifications to your track with the help of filters from 14 effects that are available. It comes with a ton of digital instruments that can be used in effective sound recording.

  1. Ashampoo Music Studio 2019

Look at another free editing software from the 10 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners. If you are looking for professional audio editing software, Ashampoo is a great option. Though it only works on Windows, it is quite useful for beginners who wish to modify a soundtrack for the first time. With an easy interface, the software offers separate buttons for cutting and pasting parts of your file. Not to mention, you can also design CD labels, change audio formats, burn discs, and more.

  1. Acoustica 6

Acoustica 6 is one of the best alternatives of Audacity as it offers excellent features. It is open-source software with a friendly interface and sleek design which won’t take you long to get the hang of it. It comes with a unique feature called ‘Effect Chain’ which allows you to combine various audio filters and apply them to several tracks.

  1. Adobe Audition

Though this professional audio editing software has a paid version, it also offers a free trial. So, if you wish to opt for one-time use, it is one of the best audio editing software. Adobe Audition offers a wide range of features like multitrack and waveform display for creating or editing audio files. This platform is highly useful in accelerating video production as well as audio.

  1. FL Studio

FL Studio works superbly when it comes to editing audio files. It allows composing, recording, editing, arranging, and mixing of different kinds of music. The software also facilitates sequencing and creating sound patterns while adding harmonies to a soundtrack. FL Studio offers above 80 plugins. Besides, you can opt for its paid plan too.

  1. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools offer a collection of sound editing features. It is free to use and allows you to record, produce, edit or mix music. A few of its newest features include a variety of compressors and limiters, along with reverb, EQ, tape echo, etc. It has around 23 plugins and you can also edit MIDI on this platform.

  1. Soundation

This is another editing software from 10 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners. This free audio editing software is another important tool to make music online. It lets you create your own beats with a library featuring more than 20,000 ready-to-mix basslines, melodies, and drum beats. Not just this, you can shape your audio tracks with a wide selection of effects. With Soundation, you can work directly in your browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best audio editing software?

10 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners. After reading about the above-mentioned 10 best free audio editing software, we recommend you use Audacity, Ocenaudio, or Acoustica 6 as a beginner. However, the rest of the options are no less than the ones we mentioned and would be really useful in creating or edit amazing music or podcasts.

How to Grow Your Instagram using these 5 tips?

What do the major brands have in common? They all have a massive following on Instagram. Although their activities are very different, brands such as Marketo, McDonald’s, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jake Paul have managed to gather more than 24 million Instagram followers. Instagram is sweeping the internet with more than 1 billion users, which is why all kinds of companies and influencers are turning to this platform. They thus seek to reach a wider audience and to increase their commercial activity.

Here’s how to grow your Instagram with these 5 tips and tricks that are commonly used by the biggest Instagrammers.

1- Create a trendy hashtag and different types of content

On Instagram, users can follow specific hashtags. Brands must develop trendy hashtags to encourage users to follow them. If the hashtag is associated with the brand, it can also help increase your reach. Further, social marketers have a variety of content types, including photos, videos, and even carousels, and they should try them all. The variety of formats allows your followers to react more, which is essential if you want to arouse the curiosity of other users.

2- Try to understand how Instagram’s sorting algorithm works.

If you want to develop content that will go viral on Instagram, you need to understand how its sorting algorithm works. The platform uses various factors, including the frequency of posts. The reactions they generate and their location, to determine where the posts will be located on the user’s timeline and whether it will end up on the Explore tab.

3- Create a contest on Instagram

Although contests are a bit out of fashion on social networks, they are still relevant to Instagram. Bodybuilding.com held an Instagram contest to find two spokespeople for their brand. In this example, by announcing the contest winner on Instagram, Bodybuilding.com gained visibility with potential followers. This type of competition is particularly well-found because it motivates participants (Instagram influencers) to encourage their own followers to react to the content shared by Bodybuilding.com’s Instagram account.

4- Try Instagram Shopping to Improve Your Subscriber Experience

Instagram Shopping is the best feature that businesses can use to grow their audience. It allows brands to integrate links on items for sale on online sales sites. The user just has to tap on the link to be able to buy the product, and all that, without leaving Instagram. E-commerce companies that use Instagram Shopping have achieved incredible results. Marketers working for online sales sites should use Shopping to delight their customers, increase the reach of their posts, and gain more followers.

5- Present the story of your brand in a powerful way

Big brands use different types of Instagram content to tell the same story. You need to develop a compelling and consistent story to communicate effectively with your Instagram users. For example, Apple shares Instagram posts highlighting what users can do with their products. The format and subjects of Apple’s Instagram posts change regularly, but the story remains the same.

Bottom Line

There are many strategies for businesses wanting to see more followers. Remember that Instagram’s most effective marketers tell a story that is consistent with the brand’s image through a wide variety of carefully crafted and appropriately organized content.

Video Production Company in Australia

What Are The Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Production Companies in Australia?
Get the list of top explainer video production company in Australia. A video production process involves many steps right from the ideation stage to the creation stage, and the right company helps businesses or agencies get it right.

Animated explainers can help a brand capture the audience’s attention by breaking down complex topics or ideas into more simplified & memorable content. As animated video content is gaining popularity, investing in a good one will definitely boost your sales while communicating your brand efficiently.

If you are looking for a company that creates animated explainer videos Australia, you’ve landed at the right place. We have compiled a list of the 10 best explainer video production companies in Australia to help you pick the right one.

  1. Explanimate

One of the leading explainer video production companies in Australia, Explanimate creates content that engages audiences while compelling them to take an action. With a highly experienced team of animators and designers, Explanimate caters to commercial businesses, corporate as well as government organizations.

They offer a variety of video production and marketing services including 2D & 3D animation, VR animation, brand animation, explainer videos, whiteboard, motion design, cinema advertising, television advertising, website promos, social promos, music videos, and a lot more.

Some of the clients who trust us are Google, Apple, ABC Australia, HP, Aussie, SUNCORP, PWC, TELSTRA, and NBN.

Website link – https://www.explanimate.com.au/

  1. Fat Salmon

Fat Salmon
Fat Salmon is a dynamic explainer video production company in Australia that tells diverse & compelling stories across commercial and narrative work to reach people around the world. From award-winning films to international campaigns for top-tier companies, Fat Salmon offers a wide range of video production services.

Based in Sydney, Fat Salmon specializes in VR, animation, visual effects, and experimental art too. It continues its network of creative professionals who are bound together by a belief of local talent for creative impressive work.

Website link – https://www.fatsalmon.com.au/

  1. Motionlab Studio

Motionlab Studio
Motionlab is an explainer video production house in Australia, that works with leading brands and agencies to produce award-winning video content that informs and engages audiences. They offer a multitude of video production services such as 2D & 3D animation, character animation, motion graphics, music videos, and TV commercials as well.

Motionlab provides its services to some of the leading brands of Sydney, Melbourne, and other regions in Australia. Besides, they also cater to film & television production houses, gaming studios, ad agencies as well as app developers.

Website link – https://www.motionlab.com.au/

  1. Chello

Chello is a superb option if you are looking for a company that provides animated explainer video production in Australia. It is a branding & content marketing agency that aims to provide its clients with the best possible services to make its brand stand out among its competitors.

The services they offer are content strategy, campaign strategy, brand films, social media films, educational films, 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, character design, digital design, print design, UI design, and much more.

Chello offers explainer video services in Australia to some of the prominent organizations such as TOLL, My Muscle Chef, Cancer Council, Kinela, Uber eats, Sony, PWC, Pearson, Australian Government, and UNSW Sydney.

Website link – https://www.chello.com.au/

  1. Sidney Video Producer

Sidney Video Producer
This is one of the best-animated explainer video production companies you will find in Sydney, Australia. Sidney Video Producer specializes in promotional & social videos, corporate videos, animations, school videos, TVC’s & cinema, narrative & documentary films, along with live streaming.

Their in-house team of creative professionals is highly experienced and tries to deliver top-quality content to clients. They respect the flexibility, dependability, and creativity that a customer expects from a dedicated team.

Sydner Video Producer is trusted by the brands like LawPartners, IGT, Experian, Kellogg’s, Roche, BMW, Bendigo Bank, and Husqvarna.

Website link – https://www.sydneyvideoproducer.com.au/

  1. Floodlight Media

Floodlight Media
Located in Adelaide & Melbourne is a full-fledged explainer video production house in Australia. They work with some of the biggest names of the country, across diverse industries, and specialize in corporate video production, advertising, content strategy, creative development, photography, design, live streaming as well as time-lapse videos.

Founded in 2011, Floodlight Media is trusted to offer the most premium product while being a problem-solver. They have a powerful & talented team of artists who work hard to deliver top-quality content.

Some of the biggest brands it works with are TESLA, Virgin Australia, KWP!, SIEMENS, University of South Australia, AFL, BURTON, Bendigo Bank, and VISIT VICTORIA.

Website link – https://floodlightmedia.com.au/

  1. Global Pictures

Global Pictures
Established in 2007, Global Pictures aims to deliver creative video content to brands across different media firms. It is an explainer video production company in Australia that provides a wide range of services ranging from explainer videos, branded content, and corporate videos to TVCs and social videos.

Whether it’s for a big screen, small screen, or even a mobile device, Global Pictures focuses on explaining a brand’s story in a way that it connects with the audience.

Some of the clients they have served are Toyota, LOWES, Centuria, NSW Government, ACU, Ascender, Centuria, and Australian Catholic University.

Website link – https://www.globalpictures.com.au/

  1. Lumapixel

Lumapixel is an explainer video production house & photography in Australia that works with a number of corporate brands, marketing, and advertising agencies. Besides, they also work with TVC clients, digital marketers, event organizers, CMOs, real estate agencies, and the like.

Their wide selection of services includes drone & aerial videography, corporate videos, event coverage, brand films, TV commercials, animation, social media videos, etc.

Lumapixel has served a number of brands such as Allianz, Telstra, JLL, Ray White, Interface, Business Chicks, netball Australia, AFL, Fashion Spree, and The Agency.

Website link – https://www.lumapixel.com/

  1. Motion Story

Motion Story
Motion Story is a one-stop solution for explainer videos, motion graphics, and a variety of animated content in Australia. No matter how complicated a story or idea is, they know how to explain it through compelling visual content. They believe in creating captivating narratives that connect audiences from all walks of life.

Motion Story is an explainer video production house in Australia that can explain anything from car parks to crypto using a video. They are trusted by clients such as Live group, Mirvac, AVEVA, SUNCORP, Alliance Bank, NSW Government, and several others.

Website link – https://www.motionstory.com.au/

  1. Tim Bydder Video Productions
    Tim Bydder is an award-winning director & producer who develops video content across Melbourne and Victoria.

Based in Maribyrnong, Australia, this animated explainer video production company in Australia offers a wide variety of video production services like explainer videos, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, documentary films, narrative content, video editing along with a host of other services. Additionally, they also specialize in animation and short films.

Tim Bydder Video Productions caters to clients of all shapes and sizes, and some of their clients are Penrith, Healthy Break, and Western Health.

Website link – https://www.bydder.net/

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Now that you have the list of the 10 best-animated explainer video production companies in Australia, you can go through their work, clients & testimonials on the websites. This will help you make a better decision about the option you want to opt for your brand or business. Make sure you keep in mind your timeline, budget, and business needs as well.

Sqribble eBook Software Review

Sqribble eBook Software Review: Features, Prices, Pros, Cons, Packages
Read this full article about Sqribble eBook software. eBooks are the best solution for attracting more traffic, more subscribers, and enhancing sales. However, creating an eBook is not an easy task, as it involves a number of steps right from writing, formatting, and designing it.

Sqribble Review
A lot of marketers use eBooks to strengthen their marketing tactics. There are numerous tools for creating eBooks however these come with their own bugs and tacky templates.

In this article, we offer a Sqribble review including its main features, pros, and cons as well as pricing.

What is Sqribble?
Sqribble eBook Creator is a powerful cloud-based software that is packed with a number of in-built templates allowing you to create professional eBooks.

It is the best eBook creation software very simple to use and you don’t require any technical expertise to create an eBook using it. Sqribble is loaded with a plethora of features and saves a lot of time & effort for marketers.

If you are an aspiring writer and wish to create your eBook at a low cost, Sqribble is what we recommend.

The Sqribble eBook creator app creates professional eBooks in very little time using attractive templates and eye-catching covers. Besides, it facilitates the development of websites, web pages, etc.

Sqribble eBook Software
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Key Features of Sqribble eBook Creator
Sqribble eBook Creator is full of many advanced features that are useful to marketers, writers, freelancers, and business owners.

User-friendly Software – The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to function. You can create a visually-appealing eBook in just a matter of a few minutes using Sqribble.
Eye-Catching E-covers – Design is an important element while creating an eBook. Not every eBook creator offers an eBook cover template. The app offers 50 beautiful designs covering 15 niches while ensuring a template regardless of the topic you’re writing on. It combines the functions of eBook creator software and e-covers software.
Generates Content Automatically – One of the best features of Sqribble eBook software is that it generates content automatically.
Every writer faces writer’s block at some point in time. This is where Sqribble comes into play as it saves a lot of time & money for marketers. Once you select your subject/topic, your content will be automatic.

Easy Flipbook Creation – Sqribble eBook software allows you to create flipbooks with much ease which makes it a pioneer in this industry. Also, you can convert your eBooks into a flipbook.
Customizable – Sqribble eBook software allows you to create eBooks according to your own preferences and requirements. You can customize your eBook’s fonts, colours, headings, theme, and templates. You can even design the cover page, edit themes, add background images, etc.
Agency Rights – You can launch your marketing agency using Sqribble eBook Creator and earn money by developing some stunning marketing agency eBooks. It offers a license for a commercial firm that lets you create eBooks instantly and sell them. Furthermore, you can also create a website to let your clients see all your designs.

Key Features of Sqribble eBook Creator
Client Feedback Tool – This is a very useful tool as it allows you to communicate with your customers and get their feedback or comments about your eBook. Then, you can make changes accordingly. It saves time as you don’t have to wait for your client’s email for the feedback.
Training Center – Sqribble offers a complete training program for new users. The Sqribble eBook software offers a number of tutorials along with a comprehensive training center.
How Sqribble Works?
Once you’ve signed up on Sqribble, you will be able to choose a template according to your niche. There are 50 templates available on Sqribble eBook software. You can try & test different templates and check whatever suits your eBook.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how Sqribble works:

Grab from a URL
Locate any URL and copy-paste it. Sqribble eBook Creator will extract the text from that page and insert it into your eBook. This saves your time as it allows you to use good content in niches in which you do not have expertise.

  1. Begin from Scratch

You can also add content from a Word file. All you need to do is type in and upload.

  1. Article Collection

Sqribble allows you to fill your eBook with the content in its content management system for which you don’t have to give credit to its authors.

The dashboard allows you to edit, resize the text and also create web pages. It also allows you to add new pages to your eBook.

  1. Single Click for a Theme

In just a single click, you can change the theme of your eBook, font size as well as style of your file.

  1. Ready to Publish

Once you’ve implemented the theme, you can publish your eBook by clicking on the ‘Generate eBook’. Once this is done, your eBook is ready to get published.

Sqribble Pricing

Sqribble Pricing
The front-end version of Sqribble costs $67 with 30 days of cashback. The front-end version offers:

Agency Rights
50 templates
Save up to $130
Free website
Training program
Sqribble Plans

Sqribble Plans
You can unlock more features on Sqribble eBook software by using the following plans:

Sqribble Professional
Sqribble Professional is priced at $97 and offers the following features:

150 pro templates covering 15 niches
99,000 written articles
800 template combinations
900 page layouts
8900 new images
Unlimited storage capacity
Agency rights
Unlimited usage
Sqribble Prime
Sqribble Prime is priced at $47 and offers the following features:

15 limited edition templates per month
Exclusive designs costing $500
Agency License
Sqribble Fantasia 3D
3D covers
Unlimited Storage
License to sell
10*3D model
3D editor
Advanced flipbook technique
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Sqribble Pros
Sqribble is indeed the best eBook creation software and comes with many advantages as follows:

Pre-designed formats
Sqribble offers a variety of eBook formats which are pre-designed and are quite good to start off. You can choose from different designs and color schemes. The pre-designed eBooks cover various topics but they can be conveniently used for any eBook niche.

  1. Client Feedback or Comments

You must be able to share your eBook with your clients or customers while giving them the chance to comment about it. These reviews can be seen in your design panel and you can make changes as per your client’s suggestions.

This feature helps a lot as it saves time for you and your clients in doing phone calls or writing emails.

  1. Client Management

There is a dedicated client management system on Sqribble eBook software specially formulated for handling clients. Here you can build multiple customers and allocate particular eBook designs for each. It allows you to put together every customer’s contact details, pricing details as well as notes.

  1. Saving Prompts

Though Sqribble doesn’t automatically save after every edit, it provides daily reminders to save your work. These reminders work well for people who do not remember to save their work every now & then.

  1. Pre-defined Colour Palettes

One must not forget mentioning Sqribble’s pre-set color palettes while giving this eBook software review. It offers more than 20 color palette options that can be added to any eBook.

  1. Google Fonts

Sqribble eBook creator software comes with Google Fonts incorporated in it. Google Fonts are highly recommended as there are hundreds of options available and you will definitely find something that suits your eBook.

  1. Easy Customization

Sqribble offers easier customization options and works best for those who are not familiar with using sophisticated & complicated publishing software. With a little practice, you will be able to create a great eBook customized to your brand’s requirements.

Sqribble Cons
Lacks Automatic Saving
This is a disadvantage that cannot be ignored. Sqribble eBook Creator must have an auto-save option.

Limited Design Options
The basic plan of Sqribble offers limited design options. Although, they do have updates of monthly access to more designs & features it comes at a higher price. This applies to other advanced features too.

How to Buy Sqribble & Bonuses?
Sqribble can be downloaded at a price of $67. You can visit their official website to know the price of its other plans. It’s recommended to buy this eBook creator software from its website.

Sqribble Bonuses

Sqribble Bonuses
Sqribble offers a variety of bonuses and offers at regular intervals. Once you purchase Sqribble, you automatically get a commercial license which means you create eBooks for your customers and own the profits.

To wrap up, Sqribble is the best eBook creation software for any marketer as it saves their time and efforts in developing marketing materials. Nowadays, eBooks are more popular than print media as it allows readers to read them anywhere. This is why an eBook creator is quite necessary.

We hope this Sqribble review has offered you all the information you require before you get your hands on Sqribble eBook software. Using this software, you can create an eBook belonging to any niche within a minute with its variety of inbuilt templates.