Top 20 Free/Paid Video Editing Software

The Best Free/Paid Video Editing Software:
A good free/paid video editing software showcases the product or service through visual representation. In a world dominated by visual storytelling, a captivating video can enhance a brand’s awareness. Besides good video-capturing skills, creating an attractive video requires good editing software. It also helps in creating videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Quality video content can engage the audience effectively while allowing them to make a purchase for a product or service shown in it.

Some of the best video editing softwares usually carry an expensive price tag. However, you can avail of some really good options absolutely free of cost.

There is a wide selection of free video editing softwares which not only comes with the most basic tools but also features a variety of high-end tools.

Finding the best free as well as paid video editing tool can be a tedious task. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 20 video editing softwares that you can use in 2021.

  1. Lightworks
    Lightworks is one of the best free video editing softwares that you can use for creating videos like a pro. With a simple and intuitive user interface, Lightworks offers a selection of video tutorials through which you can easily learn how to use it as a beginner.

The software can be downloaded for free, however, if you wish to upgrade to Lightworks Pro, it will cost you an amount of money.

The software is packed with powerful features that you would usually expect in an expensive package like Final Cut Pro. It also comes with original videos as well as music clips which can be used in any video clip you edit on it. This gives a more polished look to any video you create.

Let’s take a look at the features:
A non–linear editor supporting multitrack functionality which doesn’t lower the quality of the video while editing.
Allows simple trimming of videos for faster video editing
Allows multicam editing for synchronization of clips through multiple cameras
Supports a variety of video formats
Optimizes speed while allowing users to edit their videos while importing fresh content
You can render and import videos in the background while real-time previewing of effects
It also allows easy sharing of videos and quick export to platforms like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram
You can also drag different editing windows to create an unlimited number of layout variations while creating keyboard shortcuts that facilitate faster editing.
A robust video editor with powerful features
Offers customizable interface
Users can do multi-track editing
exports in just MPEG format
Available on: Mac, Windows & Linux

Price: $349 Lightworks Pro

  1. HitFilm Express
    It is one of the most popular and best video editing software for Windows 10 that provides a professional video editing experience to its users. Though, it might take a little time to learn this software, especially if you are not so tech-savvy. You are required to create a social media post once you download this software, which is a nominal price to pay.

Hitfilm Express
Besides, there are a number of engaging and interactive video tutorials which help you to learn it better.

Let’s take a look at the features:
You can easily adjust colour balance, colour-pick, trim your clips while exporting them in multiple formats.
Composite shot enhancements that allow animation of two separate clippings to create a surreal effect
It allows users to create custom video masks and set green screen chroma keys while taking the quality of the video to another level through 3D compositional tools.
Create unlimited audio & video timeline-track
Tools for fine-tuning for superb sound quality in the videos
Auto-stabilizer for smoothening of shaky footage
There are a variety of transition options like push, zoom and dissolve
The adaptive trimmer allows trimming of clips once they are added to the timeline
Easy online tutorials
Powerful features
Can be extended with a fee
Only runs on a powerful processor
Available on: Windows & Mac

  1. Shotcut
    The shortcut is another open-source video editing platform with a wide collection of video tutorials. Supporting a variety of formats, this software might be a little tricky to use until you get accustomed to its interface.

Shotcut is an ideal video editing software for audiophiles as it also provides an extensive range of audio-editing tools.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Offers a selection of audio tools that allows adjusting of bass & treble, add compression, create bandpass filters, etc
You can use a multi-format timeline for mixing & combining resolutions along with frame rates in a project
The users can directly import their files to the project with Native Timeline Editing
The software provides a wide collection of filters for both audio and video files. Later, these filters can be customized as per the user’s preference.
Facilitates easier importing of media
Wide variety of filters
Offers direct streaming
Cannot preview filters
Available on: Windows, Linux & Mac

  1. VideoPad
    VideoPad is another great choice for anyone who is looking for good-quality free video editing software. You can create excellent videos with the powerful tools it offers. It is one of the best video editing software for beginners as it isn’t so complicated. However, advanced video editors may find its features too basic to use.

Take a look at the features:
Offers 3D video editing along with sound effects library
Avail customizable transitions for pro-level videos
The software has a double built-in screen for simpler editing
It offers a vast selection of video transitions along with visual effects that can be used to customize video clippings
You can optimize videos through stabilization
Supports social media sharing along with publishing options which makes it easier to share videos online
Allows exporting presets to create videos for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Allows editing of videos with special effects, transitions & overlays
Supports 3D video editing
Too simple for advanced editors
Available on: Windows & Mac

Price: Free

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush
    This is one of the best video editing software for mobile phone users. If you wish to edit a video clip on your mobile device, this comes in handy. It allows users to add music, transitions, etc in the simplest way possible.

Adobe Premiere Rush
Let’s take a look at features:
Auto-correct the colour of your video, add transitions or music to make your video more captivating.
Offers two modes – Automatic & Freeform which allows users to take editing control or you let the software select transitions and trim your video automatically
Nevertheless, this platform allows easy synchronization with other applications like Lightroom
Easy interface
Offers Adobe Creative Cloud support
Users cannot rotate clips
Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free

  1. Blender
    Blender is a professional video editing tool and one of the best video editing software for Mac. It offers a 3D creation suite with tools that help in rendering and modeling 3D animations. The video editor is quite an apt choice for anyone who wishes to use software with basic tools.

It is collaboratively developed by hundreds of contributors from across the globe. Not only this, the vast community of its users offers a variety of tools to the software.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Offers features such as video masking which makes this software a flexible one for both new and experienced editors
Use its advanced high-end character animation tools for more realistic effects
The path-tracer engine that facilitates realistic rendering of animations
You can code game logic in the software for developing video games
Vast selection of vignettes and visual effects
Offers high-quality rendering to facilitate exporting and saving of your entire file
Facilitates video masking
3D animation suite
Video cutting & Video slicing
Steeper learning curve due to highly advanced features
Available on: Mac, Windows & Linux

Price: Free

  1. DaVinci Resolve
    One of the most advanced video editing softwares available out there, DaVinci Resolve works just like any other professional editing tool. It is a combination of various features like 8K editing, visual effects, color correction, as well as audio post-production. This is why it is extensively used by professionals who are responsible for editing TV commercials, shows, and films.

Davinci Resolve
With this software, you can edit both online or offline, while its playback engine helps save time during trimming and editing video files. Therefore, the free version of this software is ideal even for advanced editing.

Take a look at the features:
You can add 2D or 3D titles to the video
Offers a dual timeline for faster navigation, cutting or trimming
There are various built-in tools like retiming, picture-in-picture effects, dynamic zoom, stabilization, audio, text, etc
A trimming feature that allows editing even minutely
Facial recognition

  1. Openshot
    Openshot is the best video editing software for beginners as it has an intuitive interface with a simple design. It is a good choice for basic video editing as it offers features like slimming, resizing, trimming, scaling, clip-rotation, snapping, etc.

The open-source software looks like iMovie due to its drag-and-drop functionality with a collection of several other features. It also allows real-time previewing while creating transitions between different clippings.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Offers infinite video tracks/layers in a timeline
Customizable title templates as well as video effects
Unlimited layers of audio tracks, background videos and watermarks
Visualize your audio with different waveforms
Keyframe animation features for creating powerful animated videos
It also offers credit scrolling, time-mapping, frame-stepping along with real-time previewing
Offers unlimited layers
Allows adding more videos & audio clips
Limited video tutorials
Available on: Windows, Mac & Linux

Price: Free

  1. InVideo
    InVideo is an ideal video editing tool for marketing agencies, publishers, and individuals. It is one of the best video editing software for desktops as it comes with many features including automated voice-overs, intelligent frames, etc.

In video
InVideo is popular among its users due to its excellent customer service and powerful tools. Therefore, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you wish to use it for editing your video clippings.

Let’s take a look at the features:
High-quality video templates are regularly added every month for better performance
The interface is flexible and quite simple to use
It offers a variety of audio tools which makes the audio more realistic
You can create amazing videos with more than 3,500 templates that cover different industries
Brand/text Overlay, speed adjustment, video stabilization, split/merge are some of the other features
Allows converting of text into an engaging video in a single click with its text-to-video tool.
You can export and upload your videos to different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Supports HD resolution
The drag-and-drop feature allows users to easily upload videos or add music and text to it
Offers control & flexibility
Over 3,500 readymade templates
Great for creating presentation videos
You cannot add more than one audio file
Available on: Windows & Mac

Price: Free

  1. VSDC Free Video Editor
    This free/paid video editing software is a perfect choice for editors who use Windows operating systems. Even the free version is packed with high-end features like color correction, color blending, as well as a wide selection of filters, transition effects, overlays, etc.

The software supports different formats which makes it possible for even beginners to create smooth and highly creative videos. Being a non-linear tool, it allows the placing of video clips in the timeline.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Instagram-like filters help in saving time while editing
Allows users to create different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or showcasing a particular element in the video
Chroma key feature facilitates green-screen video effects
Allows editing 4K and HD videos
Its built-in video converter allows the conversion of one format to another
The paid version offers more tools such as video stabilization, 3D diagram templates, slideshow, as well as social media sharing
User-friendly interface for beginners
Offers a collection of robust tools
Doesn’t provide free technical support
Available on: Windows

Price: Both free & paid version

  1. Kdenlive
    Another versatile open-source video editor is Kdenlive. It is full of features that suit both entry-level as well as professional editors. It first became popular on Linux, but later it was one of the most used editing softwares on Windows too.

One downside of this software is that it lacks a proper customer support team.

Take a look at the features:
Supports multi-track video editing where various video tracks can be arranged, muted or locked at your convenience
You can create 2D titles for your videos
Some of its basic features include zoom, rotate, templates, align, Unicode Decoder, etc.
There are a variety of effects available ranging from audio adjustment to colour correction.
With tools like Audiometer, Histogram, Waveform, etc, editors can easily monitor the audio level or colour scopes in order to make sure everything is balanced
Arrange or adjust the interface according to your working preference by creating a custom interface layout.
You can also arrange the keyboard shortcuts as per your needs
Automatically backups your entire project once in every few minutes
You can extend your capabilities using free add-on features
Offers a multi-track timeline
Doesn’t provide any technical support
Available on: Linux & Windows

Price: Free

  1. iMovie
    We are all aware of iMovie and this is one of the best video editing software for Youtube. The interface of this software is quite simple with a drag and drop feature that allows you to easily move files from the drive to your workstation.

It is one of the most popular video editors used for creating stunning and engaging videos on YouTube with the aim to attract an audience. It is an excellent platform for Mac users who wish to learn video editing.

Let’s take a look at the features:
The most important advantage of this software is that the files are stored on Apple’s cloud which allows users to work interchangeably on their iPhone, iPad or Macbook.
It has built-in sound effects as well as voiceover recording which consolidates both the sound and video editing
Edit high-quality videos in 4K resolution
The software is full of studio-like animations which provide professional-looking credits
The speed controls let you create faster action sequences and slower sports highlights
Specific & stylish filters created specifically for Western & Sci-Fi genres
A library of pre-designed transitions
Easy to use interface
Better for Mac users who wish to learn to edit
The software is regularly updated
Limited features for advanced users
Available on: Mac

Price: Free

  1. Movie Maker 10
    One of the best free video editing software for Windows 10 is Movie Maker 10. It is an ideal choice for anyone who aims to play with the basic editing tools. The software comes in handy if you wish to edit a short video clipping in the fastest way possible.

Movie Maker 10
The free version of this software provides a collection of video and image editing tools. You can even add captions with the fonts and colors of your choice.

Let’s take a look at the features:
The animation tab allows adding of music, titles or credits
It has an auto-preview tool for creating effects and edits
You can create customizable clips for your video clips through Auto-movie
Offers around 30 professional transition effects for pictures and videos
Additionally, it offers a variety of image filters and stylish fonts to make the content more attractive
The interface is easy & quick to learn
Perfect for editing short videos
Not ideal for professional video editing
Available on: Windows 10

Price: Free

  1. Filmora Go
    Filmora Go is another video editing platform mainly used for mobile phone users. It doesn’t come with paid subscription or watermarks. Besides a mobile version, a paid desktop version can be availed if you wish to use it on your PC or laptop.

Filmora Go
Let’s take a look at the features:
The software lets you add text, themes, overlays as well as titles to the videos
Add transitions and music while trimming your videos in the app itself
The software also offers video tutorials to help users learn it more efficiently
Ideal for basic editing on the mobile phone
Video tutorials
Not as great as the desktop version
Available on: iOS & Android

Price: Free on mobile

  1. WeVideo
    A cloud-based free\paid video editing software, WeVideo is an apt choice for students, teachers, and businesses. The best part about using this editing tool is that it is stored on the secure cloud which makes it accessible from any device and location. You can edit, share or view your videos in just a few minutes.

If you go for the business plan, you will be offered a whole suite of stock media, including images, audio, and video. Besides, the free version can be used on mobile and web and this also includes unlimited storage.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Offers branded templates for a unified look
A library full of more than a million pictures, videos and audio files
Unlimited cloud storage for creating an unlimited number of videos
You can export videos in 4K resolution
High-end editing tools include green screen, screen recording, text animation, etc
Shared video libraries facilitate collaboration among teams
Unlimited storage in the free version
Accessible from any part of the world
Privacy is at risk due to numerous sharing options
Available on: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows & Chrome

Price: Free & paid version

  1. Magisto
    Magisto is one of the best free video editing software for Chrome users. It lets you edit a video in just a few minutes by selecting the editing option, adding footage, and then an audio file. The video editor is powered by AI for editing videos. The software also suggests different types of music and theme to suit your video.

Magisto is quite beneficial for producing videos at scale. For instance, if anyone launches a YouTube channel for their business and wants to showcase the entire process of creation. It also features a built-in dashboard that tells the number of viewers.

Let’s take a look at the features:
A wide selection of themes and audio files
Unlimited movie downloads
iStock integration for good-quality pictures
Offers auto-editing tool for professional quality editing
You can share and distribute videos across various marketing channels
Other main features include facial recognition, auto-cropping along with a variety of filters
User-friendly interface
Great customer support
Videos can be optimized for social media
Not available for desktop users
Available on: iOS, Android & Web

Price: Free Trial & Premium subscription is paid

  1. Vizmato
    One of the most popular free/paid video editing software for mobile devices, Vizmato works great when it comes to creating videos or slide presentations. The application can be downloaded on your mobile phone where you can trim, edit or clip your videos. You can even record HD videos with a wide range of filters, themes and effects available on them.

The software is ideal for showing video stories or voice-overs as it makes use of a tool that changes the voice.

Let’s take a look at the features:
The built-in speed control lets you increase or decrease the speed of the effects you apply to your video
Another superb tool is the voice-changer which allows the user to modify the voice
Add text or stickers to your videos and insert custom background music while you edit
The app also allows users to share or post their videos to different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram in just a single tap
Recording in HD videos
Allows social media sharing of videos
Instant video effects
Slower in rendering videos
Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free

  1. Avidemux
    Avidemux is an easy-to-use free video editing software mainly for non-linear editing and transcoding media files. Its simple interface makes it quite popular among beginners.

With this software, you can perform basic editing tasks such as filtering, cutting, and encoding.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Offers a variety of filters
You can insert audio tracks in a video file
Simple user interface
Doesn’t require reading technical documents
Not so packed with features like other video editing tools
Available on: Windows, Mac & Linux

Price: Free

  1. Freemake Video Converter
    If you are looking for entry-level free/pad video editing software, Freemake might be the right choice for you. It allows editors to modify videos, extract audio from video files, change the format of videos while creating slideshows.

Freemake Video Converter
Let’s take a look at the features:
You can convert video clippings for playing on different mobile devices
Supports conversion of videos in more than 500 file formats
Multiple audio and image file formats can be used for creating slideshows & videos
You can cut, trim, rotate and join video clips
Allows converting movies with subtitles
Supports 4K resolution
Doesn’t require a lot of technical skills
You can easily create slideshows
Few features are locked for the first 3 days after installing
Available on: Windows

Price: Free

  1. Horizon
    It is one of the best free video editing software specifically designed for mobile devices. What makes it interesting is the fact this app allows users to capture videos horizontally regardless of the position of their device.

Sometimes we may forget to tilt our phones while we are in a hurry to shoot a video. Horizon solves this issue by capturing all the videos horizontally.

Let’s take a look at the features:
Its easy-to-use media library allows you to select multiple items in just one swipe
Offers 8 real-time filters to give your video more visually appealing
Allows recording slow-motion videos
Supports up to 2K resolution
Simple user interface
Always shoot horizontally
Android version isn’t so advanced like iOS version
Available on: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best video editing software?

Some of the best free/paid video editing softwares include Blender, HitFilm Express, iMovie, Da Vinci Resolve, Lightworks, Openshot, and Shotcut.

What is the best free video editing software?

VideoPad, Adobe Premier Rush, Blender, Movie Maker 10, and Horizon are some of the best free/paid video editing softwares.

Now that you are familiar with the 20 best free/paid video editing softwares, you can try one of these as per your requirements and start with your video editing process. Each of the above-mentioned editing Softwares come with their own advantage or disadvantage so that you get a better understanding of which one will suit your business.

2D Animation Company in USA

Top 2D Animation Company In USA – 2021 Reviews
In this article, we have shared the best 2D animation company in USA. Video content is a lot more effective in digital marketing. This is why 2D animation is very much in demand in different industries. Marketing agencies & brands use 2D animation to promote their products & services as animated videos create more impact on prospective customers than a simple piece of text or images.

And it shouldn’t be surprising to see so many 2D animation companies in the USA. If you are looking for a 2D animation company in USA, you have landed at the right place. We have compiled a list of the 10 best 2D animation services in USA, to help you promote your brand among your target audience & grow your business.

  1. Essence Studios

Essence Studios
Essence Studios ranks top among all the 2D animation companies in USA. We serve clients from all geographical locations, be it startups, global enterprises, Fortune 100 brands, or NGOs.

We offer excellent video production services including 2D animation, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, app explainer videos, logo design, catalog design, brochure design, illustrations, etc.

Our highly creative team of designers, animators & illustrators will help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Website link –

  1. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is one of the leading providers of 2D animation services in USA. Based in Orange County, it aims to create diverse and captivating animations for clients worldwide.

The award-winning company has spent more than 16 years in the video marketing industry and provides everything from pre-production & production to post-production. They offer brand videos, product videos, social media videos, and animations of all kinds.

Sparkhouse has served a number of big brands including Huffington Post, B2C, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Single Grain.

Website link –

  1. Studio Pigeon

Studio Pigeon
Studio Pigeon is one of the best 2D animation studios in USA creating engaging animations for films, web as well as broadcast while strongly emphasizing well-designed characters. They work both globally for advertising agencies, production houses as well as individual brands too.

Studio Pigeon specializes in explainer videos, commercials, and cartoon series. They serve a number of brands, big or small, including Microsoft, IKEA, Nestle, Pearson, IDEO, Comarch, McDonald’s, etc.

Website link –

  1. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios
Blu Studios is a global, award-winning 2D animation production company in USA that believes in going that extra mile for its customers. This design-driven firm works with both small companies as well as Fortune 500 brands across the globe.

Blu Blu Studios specializes in a variety of video production & animation services including commercials, explainer videos, brand & product videos, video series, illustrations, character designs, motion design, and a lot more.

Their long list of clients includes Forbes, The New York Times, Twitter, Universal Music Group, American Express, Kiehl’s, Pearson, Singapore Airlines, and Wiley.

Website link –

  1. Breadnbeyond

A reputed 2D animation company in USA, Breadnbeyond is trusted by over 3000 projects worldwide. They follow the three C’s – Communication, Concision & Clarity, which means they believe in clearly communicating with their clients while carefully listening to their needs.

They provide everything from explainer videos to stunning animations to different clients including PayPal, Accenture, World Bank Group, BNP Paribas, Wiley, United Nations Development Programme, Nestle, and Shell.

Website link –

  1. Demo Duck

Demo Duck
Demo Duck believes in humanizing brands while promoting them through the medium of powerful video production. Based in Chicago, IL, it is one of the 2D animation studios in USA that features a strong team of producers, writers, and specialists to offer high-quality videos & animations.

Besides, they also offer live-action videos, explainers, customer testimonials, brand videos, educational videos, video series, company stories, commercials, and the like.

Demo Duck works with some of the biggest brands like Netflix, Facebook, Canon, Panasonic, Sai Global, Discovery Education, Geico, Dropbox.

Website link –

  1. Early Light Media

Early Light Media
Early Light Media is a 2D animation company in USA that goes by the rule of storytelling -‘Capture The Human Experience’ as a foundation of their video production services. They aim to create captivating videos & animations to increase awareness, generate conversion, boost engagement as well as raise funds for various non-profit campaigns.

Early Light Media has a powerful team of artists, producers, editors, directors, and video experts who work hard to provide excellent animation & video editing services along with case studies and documentary brand films.

They serve some of the biggest enterprises including Microsoft, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Pandora, Audi, McCann WorldGroup, and Under Armour.

Website link –

  1. Epipheo

Epipheo is a Cincinnati-based agency and one of the best 2D animation services in USA. Some of the biggest brands like Google & Microsoft count it as a reliable video production company while making it a huge success. Besides, it serves numerous other brands like Epson, Amazon Web Services, CISCO, P&G, and Teradata.

You can avail yourself of a variety of services at Epipheo including animated explainer videos, brand videos, social video ads, video case studies, testimonials, video case studies, and much more.

Additionally, they also offer short-term online courses for creating different types of videos.

Website link –

  1. Snowy Peak

Snowy Peak is a 2D animation production company in USA that aims to create compelling videos and animations to tell your story in an engaging way while helping you grow your business.

They provide a vast selection of 2D & 3D animation, video production, marketing services to various corporate brands, advertising agencies, hospitality & lifestyle sector as well.

Some of the leading brands served by Snowy Peak are ORACLE, Tactix, University of Denver, Denver Public Schools, RSA, and Symantec.

Website link –

  1. BX Films

BX Films
Located in Walnut Creek, California, BX Films are the pioneers of the video production & animation industry. They believe in the ‘Concept to Consumer’ rule with an emphasis on finding fresh ideas for shooting & editing in order to stay ahead of the best video technology.

One of the most sought-after 2D animation studios in the USA, it provides everything from the creation of the concept, script & story to pre-production, production & post-production services to its clients.

Some of the major brands look up to BX Films such as PayPal, CISCO, Toyota, Cobalt, and Turbotax.

Website link –

We hope that the above-mentioned 2D animation companies in USA will help you make a decision while choosing one for your brand or business. All you have to do is to make sure it suits your budget as well as your brand’s requirements well enough to deliver the best results. Also, read Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Companies

Whiteboard Animation Company In USA

Top Whiteboard Animation Company In USA [Reviews 2021]:
Here is the list of the top Whiteboard animation company in the USA. Whiteboard animation is a video technique for explaining a story or message that shows an author physically drawing the static images & illustrations on a whiteboard with marker pens. This is usually accompanied by a narration that further clarifies the message conveyed.

It may sound like an easy task, but whiteboard animation production requires good skills. The final output produced must be visually appealing & effective in a way that it compels the audience to take an action.

Read – Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Companies – Digirater

This is why we have formulated a list of the 10 best whiteboard animation studios in the USA for you to review & compare to help you decide the perfect one for your business.

  1. Essence Studios
    We at Essence Studios top the list of the 10 best whiteboard animation video services in the USA. Serving geographically diverse clients, we aim to grow your brand by offering the best video production & animation services.

Our long list of satisfied clientele includes startups, Fortune 100 brands, global enterprises as well as NGOs.

Besides whiteboard animation services, we offer 2D animations, explainer videos, app explainer videos, illustrations, logo design, brochure design, and the like.

  1. Rip Media Group

Rip Media Group
Rip Media Group is a whiteboard animation company in the USA specializing in transforming complex topics or messages into simplified & inspiring stories. They believe in accelerating the selling process of a brand through brand videos, commercials, in-market videos, explainer videos, product conversion videos, fly-through videos, and many others.

Since 2007, Rip Media Group has been trusted by a number of Global 1000 firms as well as startups. Some of these are Deloitte, Accenture, Ben & Jerry’s, Cisco, Harvard University, and LexisNexis.

Website link –

  1. Idea Rocket

Idea Rocket
Idea Rocket is a concept-to-deliver & one of the best whiteboard animation services in the USA. It carries out all the steps involved in the video production process right from discovering, scripting, design, storyboarding to animation & sound designing.

Idea Rocket has bagged a number of awards including The Telly Awards, The Communicator Awards as well as AI-AP’s International Motion Art Award.

Their animation services are trusted by Deloitte, Lilly, Bank of America, MetLife, Tiffany & Co. Ford, Marriott, and several others.

Website link –

  1. Next Day Animations

Next-Day Animations
Next-Day Animations is a whiteboard animation video explainer company based in Baltimore, Maryland. They aim to turn a brand’s idea into a piece of art. With a talented team of illustrators, animators, designers, and scriptwriters, they specialize in explainer animations, social media videos, and other video production services.

The animation studio serves a vast selection of industries including marketing, technology, health, telecom, and education.

Next-Day Animations serves some of the leading giant corporations such as Schindler, The World Bank, Morgan State University, American Lung Association, and Novartis.

Website link –

  1. Y Draw

Y Draw
If you are looking for a whiteboard animation company in the USA, Y Draw may be the ideal option for you. They have served over 3450 brands and helped them deliver their message in the most engaging manner through their interesting animations.

They offer their video production & animation services to different sectors such as Advertising, Consumer Products, Education, Hospitality, Financial Services, Telecom, Tech, Medical, etc.

Based in St. George, Utah, Y Draw has worked with some of the biggest companies like P&G, Amazon, Disney, Oracle, and Good Year.

Website link –

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  1. Webdew

Web dew
Web dew is a whiteboard animation video company in the USA that helps clients grow their business through videos, websites, and other marketing services. These include website designing, website migration, explainer videos, video ads, testimonials, tutorial videos, social media videos, SEO, Inbound Marketing, etc.

Web dew provides these services to small & mid-market firms along with enterprise businesses. Some of their notable clients are Uber, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

Website link –

  1. Kyro Digital

Kyro Digital
Kyro Digital is one of the most reliable whiteboard animation studios in the USA that serves organizations around the globe. They believe in listening to the client’s needs while discovering their goals and making the entire animation process an effective & enjoyable experience.

Besides whiteboard animation, they also offer 2D & 3D animation, motion design as well as live-action videos.

Some of the brands that they have worked with are Bose, Targus, Beats audio, Aquarium of the Pacific.

Website link –

  1. Max Curious Productions

Max Curious Productions
Max Curious Productions is a whiteboard animation company in the USA that creates compelling videos & animations for businesses, television, and the web. Since 2000, they have been producing branded content, commercials, company videos, animated videos, and much more.

Max Curious Productions serves some of the biggest firms such as Westin, Chanel, A&E, and Sundance TV.

Website link –

  1. Social Driver

Social Driver
Social Driver is a whiteboard animation company in the USA, that offers ideas, strategies, creative as well as technology to facilitate the connection between brands & audiences on social media, websites, etc.

Based in Washington, Social driver specializes in a variety of marketing & communication as well as branding services, website development & designing, and SEO/SEM. Additionally, it also offers live-action videos, animation, infographics, social & web content.

The clientele includes Honda, American Hospital Association, American Heart Association, Genomind, and The Education Trust.

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  1. Wienot Films

Wienot Films
A Texas-based, award-winning whiteboard animation video explainer company aims at turning complex ideas into short & easy-to-understand stories. They offer a wide variety of video production services including character animations, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, and live-action films.

Since 2011, Wienot Films has worked with a number of big & small clients from across the globe while creating videos in multiple languages. Some of its clients are Microsoft, Google, Canon, Chanel, Cisco, Stanford University, Pepsico, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Whiteboard animation is presently the most effective way of capturing the audience’s attention towards a message or idea. There are a lot of whiteboard animation studios in the USA, however, it’s crucial you pick the right one for your business. We suggest you consider the budget and timeline along with your requirements.

Video Marketing Stats

Top Video Marketing Stats In 2021:
Here is the list of top video marketing stats. It’s a proven fact that the future of online marketing is all about videos. Videos have become an inherent part of the marketing world. Almost all brands today make use of video content to reach their prospective customers on various platforms. Video marketing exceptionally conveys a brand story/message in a more impactful way than any other medium.

But there have been several changes and challenges in this sphere due to the global pandemic. And as another year starts, more people replan promotional strategies and implement fresh practices to increase brand awareness.

You’ve come to the right place if you are wondering whether it’s profitable using the resources for video marketing for your brand. And with enough resources to produce videos along with a substantial target audience, it is all worth the effort.

Video Marketing Stats
This article will provide you with some of the main video marketing stats for 2021, that you must know as a marketer. This factual data will guide you on how to create a marketing strategy in 2021.

Before we dive into it, let’s check out the various types of video content that can be created to promote your business. One of the main types of video content used by different brands/ businesses is Explainer Videos. Explainer videos are short videos that highlight a brand or business.

Other types of video content vlogs, presentations, interviews, product reviews, tutorials, product demos, video testimonials, advertisements, etc.

Essence Studios offers great video marketing solutions to their clients. Check out the list of some of the best video editing tools curated by them.

Marketing Stats That You Must Know

  1. Almost All the Internet Users Enjoy Watching Video Content
    As per a report by Statista in 2018, around 85% of the internet users in the U.S. watched online videos on their devices. This means people are more inclined towards watching online video content. Young adults aged between 25-34 have watched the most, whereas adult males have been reported to spend 40% more time watching online videos than females.

Besides, the hours spent by viewers in the U.S. watching online video content on their mobile phones have been gradually increasing. Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia and Turkey top the list with 95% of the internet users watching online videos on their devices in a month.

  1. Videos are a Strong Marketing Tool
    Video marketing reached its peak in the year 2018. So, it won’t be shocking if more businesses shift towards creating videos as their digital marketing strategy. As a marketer, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of reaping the benefits of online video content for your business.

The 2019 Wyzowl report informs that 87% of marketers use video content as a marketing tool. As the demand for video content increases; it is obvious that such a huge percentage of marketers claim to use videos for marketing their products or services. Therefore, marketing professionals believe that video content works as the biggest factor for increasing user engagement and building brand trust.

  1. Demand for Videos is on the Rise
    The demand for videos is not just restricted to entertainment purposes. Video content is highly useful for brand promotion. According to a study conducted by HubSpot in 2018, 54% of customers prefer to watch videos from a brand they support.

As the demand for video content increases, several industry influencers continue to proactively create various types of videos to satisfy the need for video content. The survey indicated that video content is more in demand because viewers pay more attention to it.

  1. Customers Love Watching Videos on Social Media
    Sharing videos on social media is rapidly catching up with the trend. Videos are the audience’s favorite type of content by a brand on whichever social media platform they choose to be. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or simply a blog, videos are demanded everywhere. As per a report by the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends, 73% of customers say that they were influenced by a brand’s social media visibility while making a buying decision.

Recently, live videos have also become a huge part of social media sites. Facebook claims that they receive over 8 billion views daily, whereas TikTok received around 1 million views per day in the first year.

Here are some more figures:
YouTubers upload over 500 hours new videos per minute
Around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day
Twitter claims that videos are 6 times likely to be retweeted as pictures
As per Animoto, 83% of brands upload videos on Instagram, where 90% of brands share videos on YouTube at least once a week
The above video marketing stats show the growing popularity of videos with each passing day. With video content influencing the purchasing decision of consumers, it shouldn’t be surprising to see Instagram as the fastest growing social media platform that uses videos to drive sales.

  1. Video Marketing Generates Leads

Video Marketing For Generate Leads
According to a survey done by Optinmonster in 2019, video marketing generates 66% more leads in a year. And that video marketers achieved a 54% rise in brand awareness. Also, 93% of marketers say that they got a new customer by posting videos on social media. This signifies that the quality of information provided in videos increases the number of leads of a business.

Video marketing builds trust in customer’s minds while educating them about the brand or product through engaging visuals. Thus, these statistics prove that there’s no doubt about the multiple benefits that video marketing offers. So, for 2021, it’s important you build a good network as well as customer base, but maintain it in the coming years too.

  1. Video Marketing Means More Profit
    The main agenda behind practicing video marketing is to generate a huge return on investment (ROI). As per Animoto’s report of 2018, 88% of video marketers are happy with the ROI of their marketing on different social media platforms. Additionally, 80% of marketers say that they are quite content with the ROI of video ads they uploaded on social media.

Usually, businesses and companies practice video marketing to increase sales, build trust, raise brand awareness, keep their existing customers informed and to target potential customers.

The most common social media platforms used by video marketers are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Video marketing is considered as an excellent marketing tool due to its capability of explaining consumers in a way that is interesting and preferred by them – through visuals. Explainer videos or tutorials are highly popular among the audience.

  1. Video Marketing Influences a Purchasing Decision
    Besides keeping the customers hooked to a brand, videos also play a pivotal role in their decision-making process. As per a survey done by Wyzowl, almost 8 out of every 10 users have bought a software or app after watching a brand’s video.

The power of video marketing on social media is evident throughout the customer journey. The above study also claims that 96% of customers shift to video content to learn about a product or business.

You are on the right path if you have included videos in your digital marketing strategy as video content has become indispensable today. As per Google, video content influences the audience by posing as items they use in order to get reminded of various products they need to buy, while filling them with more details along with the confidence to purchase it. Moreover, videos are also presented in the form of product reviews.

  1. Video Marketing on Social Media in 2020

Video Marketing On Social Media
Now that you are well-aware of the fact that video marketing is an effective tool for boosting sales and consumers prefer watching visuals from brands on social media; the question arises – What platforms are marketers using to put their video marketing videos on?

As per the recent video marketing stats, YouTube tops the list in terms of popularity when it comes to the best social media sites for marketers to post videos on. The Wyzowl 2020 report says that almost 9 out of 10 marketers prefer to do video marketing on YouTube.

This is followed by facebook where around 76% of marketers wish to do video marketing. Talking about LinkedIn, it recently launched its video feature in 2017 and remains a new player in the field of video marketing. However, LinkedIn has outperformed Instagram and Twitter to reach the third position as a popular social media platform for marketing through videos.

  1. Growing Popularity of Video Content
    People are spending more time watching online videos than any other form of content. This is justified by the above mentioned video marketing stats.

In 2019, viewers spent an average of 6 hours & 48 minutes watching online videos on a weekly basis. As per a report by Limelight, there was a 59% increase since 2016. Also, this percentage will continue to rise in the future. Young adults aged under 36 spend more time watching online videos than any traditional medium like television.

Currently, the global average of time spent watching videos is 84 minutes per day. This is led by China and Sweden whose users spent 103 minutes watching online videos per day in the year 2019.

  1. The Role of Video in Driving Traffic on the Internet
    You shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that due to the ever-growing popularity of video content, the internet traffic will continue to increase in the near future.

Cisco estimates that by 2022 82% of the global internet traffic will be due to downloads and video streaming. That will be an 88% rise in the traffic from 72.3% in 2017. Not to mention, 56 exabytes of online videos were watched every month in 2017. This will quadruple to 240 exabytes a month by 2022.

One must also take note that it’s not only the consumption of online videos that is predicted to increase. Cisco even claims that the traffic from live streaming will also grow, and would account for 17% of the total traffic share by 2022. Therefore, this is an important video marketing statistic to pay attention to if you are planning to use Instagram or Facebook live videos to market your brand or business.

As video marketing continues to grow, we hope that the above-mentioned video marketing stats for 2021 helps you understand how video marketing can help you in running your business. You can also use video editing software for making good-quality videos.

The above video marketing stats highly suggest that video is a superb way to grow your customer base, not just in 2021, but in future too. And if you think that it will cost you a massive budget or lots of time to produce high quality videos, you need not worry. Even the smaller companies provide excellent resources for video production.