Top Video Editing Apps For Android

List Of Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android:
In this article, you will have to read about the top and Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android. In the current technologically advanced era, people are inclined towards performing tasks like clicking pictures, shooting & editing videos on their smartphones than using desktops. A smartphone or a tablet comes in handy for editing a video on the go, especially for YouTubers, social media influencers, or even for creating personal videos.

These days smartphones are well-equipped with cameras that come with excellent tools & settings, which eliminates the need for high-performing, expensive digital cameras that are available in the market. There are many free video editing apps for Android as it is a widely used operating system for mobile devices.

So, here is a list of the 10 best free video editing apps that you can download to do basic editing on your Android device.

  1. Filmora Go:

Filmora Go
This is the best free video editing app for Android. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, it is packed with various editing tools for merging, cropping, rotating, and trimming audio and video files.

Add a variety of themes, filters, stickers, animations, motion elements, effects as well as soundtracks or voiceovers to your videos.
If you wish to make your video more attractive, you can make some in-app purchases for selected songs and effects.
Simple interface
No watermarks
Offer a variety of themes, filters, effects, animations, etc
No multi-track editing
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  1. Quik:

Quik is a free Android video editor that allows you to create stunning videos in few simple steps with the stored images and videos on your device. The official GoPro app was rebranded and renamed as Quik while incorporating the various music-sync tools from the original application.

One of the best video editing app for Android, it offers a wide selection of tools for splitting, cropping, trimming, etc.
Add effects, transitions, filters, titles, music, etc to make your videos more unique and attractive.
The app automatically imports the footage, while letting you easily sync the video clips.
Post your finished videos to social networking sites
Save videos in 1080p HD and 60fps
Furthermore, it mainly focuses on two things – edit the GoPro footage & remotely manage the GoPro device.
Easy-to-use interface
Offers horizontal videos
You can sync music to videos
No watermarks
Cannot capture video through the app

  1. PowerDirector:

PowerDirector allows you to create high-quality videos. One of the best Android video editors, it is ideal for professional video editing. The app contains tons of editing tools along with a wide range of effects, filters, transitions, etc.

Learn how to use the app with its engaging video tutorials
Features picture-in-picture overlay as well as a green screen editor
The voice changer lets you change the voice to the voice of an animal, bird, etc
Offers different types of animated text for adding to your videos
Edit your videos in 4K resolution
Offers skin smoothening
Easy-to-navigate interface
New & updated features are tough to locate

  1. KineMaster:

KineMaster is a powerful video editing app for Android devices. The interface is easy to use once you get accustomed to all its features.

Its multi-track timeline features drag and drop functionality that allows the user to import video files while moving them around.
Offers a variety of tools such as 3D transitions, effects, trims, voice changer, overlays, audio extraction, volume envelope control, edit previews, chroma key compositing, colour LUT filters, etc
Download extra effects, stickers, transitions, fonts, etc from The KineMaster Asset Store
Add a variety of transitions, voiceover and texts to your videos
Offers real-time recording of videos
You can trim and control volume frame by frame
Smooth audio playback through EQ presets
Doesn’t support 4K video formats

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Premiere Rush is the best video editing app for creating engaging videos and sharing them on social media. The interface is more user-friendly when compared to other platforms like Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects.

Not only it is a good choice for YouTubers, but it works excellent even for professionals as you can import your content from Premiere Pro and make further changes to it, and then save it on the Cloud.

The videos get automatically converted to the specific resolution needed by each platform
The interface is clean and simple for basic editing with tools like drag and drop, music or voiceover mixing, colour correction, transitions, titles, etc
A one-minute tutorial will guide you through the steps to use the application
Offers a wide range colour presets that you can apply to your videos to make it more visually appealing
Export options
Works for professional editing too
Regularly updated
You need to subscribe to get all the features

  1. Magisto:

This editing app allows you to edit and create captivating videos in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is select one or more video clips or pictures along with background music from your smartphone or tablet.

This app is one of the best free video editing apps for Android users who don’t want to spend much time editing their videos. It works best for marketing agencies and businesses for creating brand awareness.

Add titles, logos, fonts, colours to make your videos more attractive
Offers audio capture, ROI Tracking, speed adjustment, split/merge, animation, templates, etc
You can post your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc
Supports 4K resolution
Quick & easy to use
Offers auto-editing
Text-to-video functionality
Not suitable for editing long videos

  1. InShot:

InShot is specially designed for users who create videos and share them on different social media platforms. This makes it the best Android video editor for social media influencers or YouTubers.

InShot offers tools for splitting, merging, trimming the video clips. You can even adjust their speed
Choose from a collection of effects, filters, music, animated stickers, texts, voiceovers to add to your videos
There are pre-built canvas sizes for creating TikTok and IGTV videos
Easy-to-use interface
Good for social media platforms
Supports 4K resolution
Lack advanced features

  1. VideoShow:

VideoShow offers a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of editing tools. One of the most reliable editing apps on Android, you can perform various editing tasks on this platform.

Offers an extensive range of themes, filters, stickers, effects, transitions, audio tracks, etc to make your video an attractive one
Allows you to trim, merge and edit seamlessly
You can add different layers of background music to a single video
It also offers an MP3 convertor
Easy-to-use interface
Faster processing of new videos
Regularly updated
Exporting takes a long time

  1. Funimate:

It is an ideal app for creating short videos for different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Make use of a variety of effects, transitions, filters, animations, themes, etc
Allows creation of looped videos
Create image slideshows and add different soundtracks to them
Simple interface
Perfect for creating social media posts
Not suitable for professional editing

  1. Film Maker Pro:

Film Maker Pro
This application also marks its place among the best free video editing apps for Android for both professionals and entry-level users. With a user-friendly interface and a wide collection of editing tools, Film Maker Pro helps in creating stunning videos.

Make use of a wide range of filters, themes, effects, stickers, animation, text, etc
It also offers stock video footage, music, PIP, etc.
It also allows the user to create videos in several ratios suitable for different platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, etc

Simple interface
Good for both professionals and beginners
Watermarks with the free plan

Explainer Video Production Companies in USA

Top List Of Explainer Video Production Company In USA:
Here is the list of Explainer Video Production Company In USA. Today, marketing is all about showing the right video content to the audience. Marketing agencies and businesses around the world are continuously striving to find new methods of introducing their own brand or their client’s brand in a compelling way. This is where explainer videos come in handy.

An explainer video works extremely well for businesses if they wish to stand out among their competitors and offer something unique to their audience. This is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best explainer video production companies in USA that you can opt for to boost your business.

Explainer videos can be in the form of product demos, short commercials, reviews, testimonials, app introductions, tutorials, trade show videos, etc. Explainer videos are also responsible for luring prospective customers so that they make a purchasing decision.

Criteria for Selecting an Explainer Video Company in the USA
Before we dive into the top 10 explainer video production companies in USA, let’s take a look at the main criteria to follow while choosing any of these.

Quality & Portfolio – The most important criteria to check is the quality of the videos shown in the company’s portfolio. You don’t require professional knowledge to judge the quality of their videos, however, your judgment will depend on fact that you like it or not.

Communication & Flexibility – Choose an explainer video production company in USA that communicates well with its clients. A good explainer video company will discuss all the necessary details with you before they start with the project, while also trying to be as flexible as possible in providing the solution.

Design & Customization – Your explainer video design must reflect your brand’s character. In order to get a unique explainer video, choose an explainer video production company in USA that creates custom designs & doesn’t merely use pre-made templates.

Price – Honestly, you get what you pay for. So, don’t expect an extraordinary explainer video at the lowest price. All the companies fix their prices according to the quality & other characteristics of a video. You can try to get a quote from two or more companies & then decide.

Feedback & Reviews – Try to find honest reviews & feedback of the explainer video production company you are planning to work with. You can also check reviews on various consumer review platforms.

10 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in the USA

  1. Essence Studios
  2. Essence Studios
    Essence Studios tops the list of the 10 best explainer video production companies in USA. We have created over 1200 videos for our clients from around the globe. With offices in the US, UK, and India, we provide excellent explainer video services at reasonable prices.

Our team of skilled designers and animators put in their best efforts along with the latest technologies to convey a brand’s message in the most attractive way possible.

Our clients range from small startups to global enterprises, as well as Fortune 100 brands and NGOs.

Website Link:

  1. Sharp Eye Animation

Sharp Eye Animation
Sharp Eye Animation began solely as an explainer video production company in USA but has evolved into a full-fledged video marketing company. Based in San Francisco, and founded by an ex-Googler, it provides excellent video production services offering explainer videos, product videos, brand videos, educational videos, law firm videos, and a lot more.

Sharp Eye Animation has bagged Marcom Awards for three consecutive years – 2018, 2019 & 2020 in the Digital Media Creation Animation category.

Some of the biggest brands they have worked for are IKEA, Walmart, Comedy Central, Sephora, Kickstarter, Wistia & Univision.

Website link –

  1. Explainify

Located in Arkansas, Explainify is one of the best companies for explainer video production in USA. They simplify the brand’s message to drive audience action through the medium of their video production services which includes explainer videos, brand videos, landing page videos, product & app videos, PR videos, sales videos, and the like.

They have served more than 350 clients worldwide, including Moz, Bosch, BetterWorks, CipherCloud, PerkinElmer, NetSuite & DemandBase.

Website link –

  1. Common Craft

Common Craft
Common Craft is a Seattle-based firm that offers an extensive library full of 115 original explainer videos that are specially created to explain complicated topics in the easiest way possible. These videos can be used in classrooms, presentations, courses, learning centers, etc. They also provide a vast selection of cut-outs to make your project a more remarkable one.

Besides, Common Craft is an explainer video company in USA that offers an online tool that features a number of courses on how to create explainer videos.

Website link –

  1. Demo Duck

Demo Duck
Based in Chicago, IL, Demo Duck is an animated explainer video company in USA offering a variety of explainer videos to clients from different countries. They initially started with just explainer videos but later moved on to creating different video types such as live-action videos and animated explainers.

Their never-ending portfolio includes brand videos, testimonials, educational videos, commercial videos, video series, internal communication videos, and much more.

Demo Duck serves a number of clients including Facebook, Panasonic, Canon, Netflix, Geico, Sai Global,, and Discovery Education.

Website link –

  1. Studio B Films

Studio B Films
Located in Berkeley, California, Studio B Films is an award-winning explainer video production company in USA, providing exceptional video production services to different clients. They believe in fostering an emotional connection with the audience via meaningful storytelling.

Whether it’s a commercial, testimonial, event sizzle video, explainer video or live coverage of events, Studio B Films’ team of dedicated professionals makes sure to deliver the best content for your business. They create a selection of explainer videos, testimonials, brand videos, product videos, and training videos.

Giant corporations like Facebook, Adobe, Grammarly, and Lending Club are some of their trusted clients.

Website link –

  1. Epipheo

Epipheo is another great option if you are looking for an animated explainer video company in USA. Located in Cincinnati, it serves brands, marketers as well as thought leaders from different industries. The word Epipheo is a combination of two words – Epiphany & Video. They believe in using videos to spark epiphanies for creating clarity in the audience’s mind.

Since 2009, they have served over 3000 clients including Google, Microsoft, P&G, Epson, SAP, Amazon Web Services, Teach For America, and CISCO.

Epipheo specializes in brand videos, animated explainer videos, social video ads, testimonials, case studies. Besides, they also offer courses on creating different video types.

Website link –

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  1. Thinkmojo

Based in San Francisco, California, Thinkmojo is one of the popular explainer video production companies in USA that offers a variety of video production services. They create videos for your entire customer journey while generating leads, converting customers while turning them into advocates.

They offer everything from explainer videos, product videos & company stories to social media videos and conference videos.

Thinkmojo works with both industry leaders and startups including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Invision, Zendesk, Mixpanel, and Slack.

Website link –

  1. Lemonlight

Located in Inglewood, CA, Lemonlight offers affordable & high-quality explainer video production services to brands and agencies from every nook and corner of the country. It is one of the most recommended explainer video production companies in USA that offers a variety of video production services be it a marketing video, a how-to animation, or an internal corporate video.

Lemonlight’s team of experts works with their clients to get a proper understanding of the kind of videos that is best for their business.

Some of their notable clients are Adweek, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, TechCo, and Inc.

Website link –

  1. New Revolution Media

New Revolution Media
New Revolution Media specializes in creating videos for promoting a brand or business across different platforms like YouTube, Kickstarter, eCommerce product commercials, and the like. Besides, they also offer website videos, aerial videos, motion graphics, photography services as well as event coverage.

Their team of experts follows the rule of versatility & innovation to create an impactful storytelling experience.

One of the most sought-after explainer video companies in the USA, New Revolution Media is headquartered in San Francisco and has worked with some of the biggest companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Marriott, Waze, and Uber.

Website link –

To conclude, the market is full of explainer video production companies, both big & small. So, here we are with a list of the best explainer video production companies in the US. All you need to do is to follow the above-mentioned criteria while picking a video production service for your business. Also, make sure you thoroughly explain to the creators about the kind of video you want.

How to Create Perfect Testimonial Videos

How To Shoot a Testimonial Video:
Looking for making a perfect testimonial video? Then read this article carefully. If you plan to purchase a new washing machine. What would be the first thing that comes to your mind? You decide to take a look at all the options suiting your budget and requirements. After checking out at several online stores, you finally shortlist 3 of them.

Now you wonder which one to choose? It is obvious you will go with the one with good customer reviews and testimonial videos showcasing all its features and specifications. A video that boasts of its style, color, durability, etc.

Online buyers need reviews. As they look for credibility and assurance from other customers who have already bought and used the product. They must know that it’s a better choice and worth splurging on.

This is where a testimonial video enters. No matter how good a brand claims to be, if the customer has never heard about it, he/she might get skeptical about purchasing it. A brand must build a certain amount of trust within the customer’s mind. A business or brand may spend a lot of time in the best marketing efforts, but reviews from their existing customers are the most effective for luring new customers.

The constant use of testimonial videos on your website can generate higher revenue from each customer, whenever they visit it.

testimonial video
Moreover, testimonials offer an important perspective of your brand by directly addressing your customer’s queries, expectations while driving conversion. With the growing popularity of the Internet, testimonials have become an integral part of sales and marketing in almost all industries.

There is an online community of customers dedicated to a product or service belonging to different niches. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2020, 87 percent of consumers go through reviews for local businesses.

And since video content outperforms every other form of online marketing, testimonial videos undoubtedly lead the race.

What are Testimonial Videos?
A video that focuses on highlighting the customer’s experience of a product or service can be called a testimonial video.

There are different ways to create a good testimonial video. Some businesses bring together several customers and let them talk about the uses and benefits of products and services along with catchy background music. This makes the video more enticing for the prospective buyer.

Other businesses shoot testimonial videos in the form of interviews with their customers. These kinds of videos usually showcase a single customer giving out in-depth details to impact the prospective buyers.

On the other hand, B2B marketers combine video and written testimonials to provide an extensive case study. These types of testimonials significantly impact industries related to technology, healthcare, finance, etc.

Why is there a need for Testimonial Videos?
Investing in customer testimonials is, by all means, the right step to grow your business. Your marketing voice may or may not have the same impact on all your prospective customers. No matter how good your product or service is, the consumer has all the right to be suspicious of its quality.

Almost all businesses aim to maximize their sales even if the products they offer don’t meet the consumer’s actual needs. And fewer will let their customers get inclined towards the competitor’s product even if their product is better.

This is why customers grow doubtful about what the marketers and sales representatives claim about their products. However, they believe more in what the other customers have to say.

Let’s take a look at some statistics that prove the importance of testimonial marketing.
The organic search traffic on a website is increased by 157% through videos. If you include a video on your website, the chances of it getting ranked on the first page of Google also increases.
Around 72% of customers prefer knowing about a product or service through a video.
85% of consumers prefer watching video content from various brands.
Not to mention, customers remember 95% of the message conveyed in a video, and only 10 percent if it’s in a text.
Therefore, when testimonial videos are used alongside other forms of marketing content, these help in generating leads while driving conversions. Videos build a human connection with the consumers and definitely have an advantage over text.

How to Create an Impactful Testimonial Video?
Creating a good testimonial video is an essential element of an effective marketing strategy, and thus optimizing your content too. Here are a few main points to remember while creating a successful testimonial video.

  1. Search for real customers with real experiences
    It is probably much easier to create a fictionalized customer testimonial and showcase it as real. A lot of brands do this, for sure. And while short-term gains may look attractive, it always carries huge risk which might not be worth all the money you spend on doing it.

Fake testimonials simply mean false advertising. Some brands are not noticed, while others get. Therefore, the result is not worth taking all the risks.

It is always recommended to find happy and satisfied customers who are ready to provide honest and constructive feedback on your product/service. If you are not able to find any satisfied customer, there might be some problem with your product which needs your attention.

Impactful Testimonial Video
Your customer’s experience might come as a surprise for you. You will get to know about the different ways your product is used by different customers. You might hear about customers finding solutions that you never expected. Such kind of information is quite valuable both for the marketers as well as the prospective customers. We suggest you find such customers and listen to their stories and experiences.

  1. Use customers who are really satisfied with your product or service
    A lot of marketers try luring customers for giving positive testimonials in exchange for perks like discounts, special gifts, etc. However, this may affect the way they talk in the testimonial video.

Usually, it incorporates a positive bias in the testimonial video, and many marketers may think it is beneficial, but it isn’t for the long term.

Talking too highly about a product may confuse a customer while affecting the credibility of the content of the testimonial. As a marketer, you must encourage the customer to give an honest opinion about the product.

Also, negative feedback about a product isn’t so bad as every product has its downside. A little number of constructive criticism assists in building trust and credibility. Negative feedback helps customers identify products and go for them as per their priorities.

  1. Asking the right questions
    This is a very important aspect to take into consideration while creating a testimonial video. Once you find the customers to talk about your product/service, it’s necessary to ask them the relevant questions. There is a possibility that a lot of them won’t exactly know your expectations. Therefore, you have to lead and get them to provide valuable feedback.

Asking the right questions is quite helpful as it stresses the problem your products/services solve. This is something your viewers will be looking forward to hearing while watching the testimonials.

By studying the problem from different angles, you can get the customers closer to the solution.

You must also focus on the factors that make your products stand out from the competition. This gives you a chance to show the thing which makes your brand special. Not only this, but you will also be able to qualify your customers as per their needs and preferences.

We suggest you compile a list of queries and send them to your customers beforehand. This gives your potential customers time to think about the possible answers they would like to give while shooting the testimonial video. Also, it guarantees a better response as keeping the questions as a last-minute surprise may not result in clear feedback.

Here is a list of some questions that you can possibly ask your customers:
Why were you looking for this product or service?
How did the product or service make your life easier?
What issues did you face with the product?
What are the results after using the product or service?
Tell one thing you love most about this product/service.

  1. Build an emotional connection
    Providing statistics and facts about your brand might convince some people. But before getting into your customer’s minds, it is important you reach their hearts too. Therefore, building an emotional connection becomes vital. If your prospective customers are able to connect with the emotions of your subject, it transforms into a robust marketing tool.

When a prospective customer watches how a particular service or product has helped them overcome their problems, they get highly convinced.

Technical Factors to Keep in Mind while creating a Good Testimonial Video
Besides the above key points, a marketer must also take note of the following technical factors while creating a testimonial video.

Create a simple, clear yet strong video script
Preparing a strong script is essential for a successful testimonial video. Your script should be well-structured with a smooth flow. Take a look at the basic structure of a script:

Introduction – This is where the customer elaborates his/her problems and how your product or service can solve it.
Middle – Here the customer tells why they selected your brand among all the brands that are available.
Conclusion – The customer finally wraps up by informing how the product/service met their needs, and whether they are happy with it or not.
Make sure the image & sound quality is perfect
A good testimonial video is one that showcases quality content both in terms of sound and image. So your audience would know that you give importance to every little detail. Therefore, you must ensure that the video has enough clarity as well as the sound is audible without any background noise.

To make your video appear even better, add subtitles to it. According to a study, there was a 40% rise in views of subtitled videos.

The internet is packed with a variety of free video editing softwares which can be used to enhance the quality of your testimonial videos. Essence Studios compiles a list of the top 20 video editing software which you can use to make engaging testimonials for your customers. You can also include Explainer videos along with your testimonial videos to make them more visually appealing.

Utilize excellent filming techniques
It is not necessary to spend years developing excellent filming skills, but you must at least gain knowledge on some basic shooting & editing techniques.

Choose the right setting for filming your testimonial video – You can also consider shooting at your customer’s workplace if there are apt locations with perfect lighting. What you need is a professional and comfortable environment for your subject so that you get excellent results from the testimonial.
Focus on the Composition – usually, ‘long-sided’ interview technique is useful when you are taking an interview of your subject.
Use a substantial amount of B roll – Using B-roll adds realism as well as visual interest to your testimonial video. If the interviewee already has a good B roll, you can use it while shooting the testimonial.
Add graphics, text, overlays, etc to make your testimonial more visually attractive. Though, these are not necessary but definitely make a video look more professional.
Components of a Successful Testimonial Video
If you are wondering about the secret recipe of a top-notch testimonial video, you have landed at the right place. A great video testimonial is one that is captivating and convinces the customer in a way that they make a buying decision right away while urging them to click on the ‘Make Payment’ button.

Take a look at the 3 main characteristics of a top-quality testimonial video:

  1. Offers clear results & benefits
    A good testimonial video offers accurate results as well as measurable statistics. It showcases the benefits of a product rather than its features. A vague statement like ‘nice product’ doesn’t really resonate with the demands of a customer.

The market is full of several nice products and services, therefore what’s special about your product or service. How is it better than your competitors? How does it cater to your customer’s specific needs?

In simple words, a testimonial video must tell why the customer prefers your product or services. It must showcase the tangible benefits that your customers are able to relate to.

  1. Showcase authenticity
    Authenticity is a vital part of a great testimonial video. Around 86% of consumers claim that they consider authenticity while supporting a brand.

Consumers are smart enough to make out which testimonials are paid and scripted. This is why it’s important for marketers to create authentic and genuine testimonials.

  1. Tell a strong story
    A buyer is driven by emotions too. A testimonial video isn’t a commercial showcasing your brand. But instead, it works as a way to build trust with the consumers.

This is why a strong story becomes important. As per research by Headstream, if consumers like a story of a brand, 55% are likely to purchase the product in the future, 44% will reshare it, and 15% will purchase it immediately.

Therefore, a good customer testimonial must have a strong story along with a flow, so it doesn’t get boring for the viewers. Telling a strong story also forges a connection with the customers.

Final Words
To conclude, I would say – let your existing customers inform your potential customers. A perfect testimonial video offers credibility and is efficient enough in convincing potential customers. This eliminates the need for spending loads of money on paid advertising.

If done right, the testimonial content successfully persuades potential customers to make purchase decisions by using real-life use cases.

What influences your buying decision? Will you purchase a product or service after watching a testimonial video? If you think you will, it’s high time you start creating testimonial videos for your own brand. The above information will guide you in creating a good testimonial video for your product or service. Read more interesting blogs like how to create stop motion animation software.

Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content

Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content:
If you want your social media post to go viral then read these Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. Social media has become an integral part of the internet today. And what comprises social media is thousands of videos covering different topics. Social media video content is an essential element for growing your community and telling your brand story. The popularity of video has been on an accelerating rise for the past 1-2 years.

As per the statistics, in 2019, internet users have watched videos for more than 6 hours per week. Also, businesses are switching towards the medium of video marketing as it serves as a gateway for bringing potential customers while winning their trust. But before you do it successfully, it requires more than just getting the right shot.

A little perfection in your vlog or video can enhance your audience’s engagement to a great extent while preventing them from zoning out. A good quality video will not only inform and engage your potential customers but also result in high conversion rates.

So here we are at your disposal, sharing some of the best video editing tips and tricks you must follow to retain your viewer’s attention. Follow these 8 Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content.

  1. Shoot High Quality Footage
    shoot high-quality footage is the most important aspect of Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. With the increasing popularity of videos on social media platforms, both the audience as well as the platforms expect top-quality content. In fact, Instagram has recently introduced an algorithm for Instagram Reels which deprioritized burry videos with poor resolution.

However, the good part is that you can still shoot a good quality video on your own with your smartphone. You just have to take note of the following points while capturing a video:

Lighting – The light source should be strong enough to impart brightness and clarity to the video. You can use a ring light or shoot near a window.
Audio – Audio is another very important aspect of a quality video. Try recording in a room with excellent acoustics. This is achieved by shooting in a room filled with the furniture as well as other soft items so that they absorb sound and eliminate echo.
Stability – Make use of a tripod or a smartphone stand to prevent shooting any shaky videos.
Smartphone – If you are using your smartphone for capturing videos, make sure you clean the camera lens before you start.
Tip: Need assistance for editing videos on your own? Check out Essence Studios’ blog describing the top video editing softwares to choose from as per your budget and preferences. You can lure more audience to your brand by sharing Explainer videos on your social media page.

  1. Start with a Strong Hook
    The social media space is crowded with millions of brands hungry for viewer’s attention. Since the audience has total control over the content they are watching online, it is better to communicate and catch their attention in the first few seconds of the video you create. Otherwise, viewers will jump on to the next video that catches their interest.

It is important to leverage motion in order to engage your audience. The viewer’s eyes are easily drawn to a moving screen. Motion as well as attractive visuals like humans or aesthetically appealing animations can make your audience stop scrolling and watch your video.

You can achieve this easily by placing the most interesting and important part in the beginning of your video clip while arousing curiosity in your viewers’ minds.

For instance, if you are creating an advertisement; you can begin with a call to action text or title, so that it sets the scene for what your audience must expect to watch in the video.

  1. Maintain a clear flow
    This is really important if you wish to engage your audience with your video content. The video must be clear and precise enough to catch your viewer’s attention. A high-quality video consists of a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The best method of doing this is to divide the structure of your video into 3 parts or sections. This makes it easier for the viewer to follow and grasp your story. Once they easily understand, it is likely they will start a conversation, comment or share with their followers.

  1. Use perfect video lengths
    Marketers or content creators are constantly advised to keep their video lengths short. A perfect video length is affected by several factors such as content sharing platform, the audience, viewer’s device, location as well as value.

If your viewers are watching your content on their smartphones while stuck in traffic jams or during breaks at the office, they prefer something brief. A long video makes a viewer forward a video and this might result in them skipping the important/key sections of your video.

If you wish to share your video content on Instagram, it shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. The length of your video on Facebook must be between 20-90 seconds. For Twitter, a 45-second video works perfectly fine. Videos embedded on blogs must be between 30-60 second.

You can also consult a social media manager to post videos of correct lengths for whatever platforms you wish to upload on.

  1. Make Use of Jump Cuts
    Our brain is good at switching from one thing to another. This is how we get together and generate ideas. Jump cuts work like a human brain, and are excellent for enhancing a video’s appeal as these imitate human thoughts as well as speech.

Editing that milliseconds of footage helps the creator to convey his message clearly and quickly. Besides, jump cuts also help in removing/deleting any kind of repetition in a video, unnecessary pauses or something irrelevant.

You can easily create Jump Cuts by using different video editing softwares available online. You can even do it by using the ‘Screen Capture’ feature.

  1. Add Captions or Subtitles
    The internet is full of diverse kinds of audiences. A huge percentage of people watch videos on mute like Facebook where 85% of viewers view videos without the sound. It means this platform carries more probabilities of viewers not understanding the video. This is where captions and subtitles work exceptionally well.

Adding subtitles also allows deaf viewers to understand the videos properly. It is a great way to reach the maximum audience. It makes your videos more accessible, helps in overcoming language barriers while increasing/improving the viewing time of the audience.

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV create automatic captions/subtitles, whereas Instagram Reels and TikTok require you to manually write text. In order to practice cohesive branding for your videos, we suggest you use a similar font, size, color, and style in all your clips.

  1. Elaborate a Story
    Storytelling is vital in online marketing, as telling stories helps the consumers to easily relate to them. Therefore, it’s a superb way of attracting more viewers to your brand. It prevents your video from becoming boring for the audience and doesn’t make you look too promotional.

In order to do successful storytelling, we suggest you use several plot lines. You can share your success story or tell about the obstacles you faced while starting your business. This will make your video a lot more realistic and interesting as well.

  1. Adjust Brightness & Add Lighting Effects
    How a human eye responds to light is quite different from how a camera would. The human eye captures even the minutest details as well as lighting contrast, whereas the camera needs more light to pick the details captured by the eyes. Therefore, shooting with a camera requires extra lighting effects to see what would otherwise be visible through eyes.

The right video editing software will help you set the lighting of your video as per your viewer’s preference or according to the scene.

You can use soft lighting in a cheerful/happy scene, while harsh lighting will indicate sadness or anger. Whatever lighting method an editor uses will showcase the entire mood of a video thereby affecting a viewer’s interest in it.

Final Words
So these are the most important Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. Editing a video is more time-consuming and a tedious process than shooting it. So, if you are an amateur at video editing, we suggest you opt for simpler video editing software to speed up the editing process.

Once you add the right amount of lighting, sound, and a story to your videos, it will attract more audience thereby improving the engagement. Not only will it be liked by your viewers, but even the various social media platforms, as well as search engines, will appreciate such high traffic driven by your video content.

SEO Vs. PPC – What To Do?

If you are a startup or a website owner, the question you would be thinking about the most is SEO or PPC. Why? Because when it comes to digital marketing, there are diverse ways to get visitors to your website, but the two most common ways are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) marketing. Despite there being several ways of getting traffic to your website, none of them has been able to make waves like SEO and PPC.

However, for the fact that you probably have to use one of these, website owners are constantly wondering which to use between SEO and PPC. An online guru might have advised you to go for SEO, but you might also have a friend that has been killing it with PPC. This conflicting opinion can be crippling and confusing; all you want to know is which is the best digital marketing strategy between SEO and PPC. Let’s find out.

What’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation, which is usually referred to as SEO, is about getting search traffic to your website by optimizing your website and webpages to rank high in the organic results of search engines like Google. The challenging part of SEO is that you can’t pay to rank high; you will have to spend months trying to improve your rank depending on how competitive your industry is.

Search engines usually rank websites by using algorithms to calculate the relevance and quality of webpages. Therefore, to improve your rank in a search engine, you just need to find out what the search engine algorithms consider important and then optimize your website accordingly.

Why Should You Use SEO?

You should opt for SEO for the following reasons.

It will definitely take time to get your website to the top of the search engine. However, you will enjoy consistent traffic as long as you continue with your SEO campaign

If you want your website to be an established resource in your niche, then SEO is the way to go. The best way to become an authority website is to continually generate traffic to your website, which will eventually build your reputation as an authority.

Increased value
Just like real estate, websites have value, and if you wish to sell your website, you will need to increase its value. SEO is the best way to increase the value of a website. This is because its page rank determines the value of a website, search engine rankings over a period of time, amount of traffic generated, consistency of traffic generated link popularity and others.

Now, What IS Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click marketing, also known as PPC, is a marketing strategy whereby you pay for clicks to your website. Using PPC, you get instant results and visitors from relevant keywords on search engines. With just a little bit of time, you can start your PPC campaign and start getting traffic for your website. Also, it is associated with search engine advertising like Google ads.

PPC brings highly targeted visitors to your website. This is because it can not only be used to target the location of users but can go as far as targeting their age, background, and income. Although all these can come at a steep price, it has great and fast rewards.

Why Should You Use PPC

You should opt for PPC for the following reasons

Immediate Result
If you require fast and immediate traffic on your website, then PPC is the best way to go. Once you start your PPC campaign, you will be guaranteed visitors in a matter of minutes.

Targeted Traffic
If you wish to narrow down your prospective visitors based on demographics, then PPC is the way to go. This is because PPC allows you to promote your ad to the age range, gender, income bracket, education level, and even marital status of prospective visitors.

Time-Sensitive Offer
If you are marketing a time-sensitive product, then using PPC marketing is the best option. PPC will deliver the traffic you desire before the offer ends.

To Wrap It Up

SEO and PPC are both great digital marketing strategies. The major difference between SEO and PPC is that the traffic generated by SEO is free while you will have to pay for the one generated by PPC. They both have their strength and weaknesses, and in an ideal world, using a combination of the two would be the best option. But if you really have to choose one it has to be based on your needs.

Video Editing Software for Windows

Video Editing Software For Windows:
Video editing software for Windows. Expressing one’s ideas through the medium of videos is taking over the digital world. Viewers are keener in watching a video about a specific product, service, or thought than reading about it as visuals have a better impact on the audience.

If you shoot a video and wish to make it more appealing and attractive for the viewers who land on your website or social media account, you will need a good video editing tool. A good video editing software allows the editor to enhance the quality of the video by adding effects and filters that may not otherwise be possible.

Here is a list of the 10 best video editing software for Windows operating systems that offer value for money and are user-friendly too.

  1. Filmora:

Showcase your video editing skills using Filmora, a well-designed free video editing software full of high-end tools. The interface is quite intuitive and there are several editing modes that you use while editing your video.

One of its main features is keyframing that allows the editor to create custom animations to make the video more visually appealing for the audience.

Audio ducking allows fading of music to make the dialogues audible in the video
Get access to numerous transition effects, titles, filters, along with motion elements
The ‘split screen’ feature allows you to operate multiple screens simultaneously
Color grading, speed control and colour match are some of the key features that can change the aesthetics of your video in just a few seconds
You can arrange your multimedia in around 100 video tracks
Easy-to-use interface for experienced editors
Full of top-notch features
Challenging interface for new users

  1. ClipChamp:

ClipChamp is regarded as one of the best video editing software for Windows. You must know that you can use it online, however, you need to create an account for using it. Whether you need to save time during uploading, save money in storing a video or create a video from scratch, Clipchamp is the right choice for you.

You just have to follow three simple steps to create a video using this software.

Step 1 – Start a new project and using the drag-and-drop feature add your choice of audio, image as well as video in the editor.

Step 2 – Now add text, filters, titles, overlays, and transitions to the video to give it a professional look.

Step 3 – Lastly, export & save your video.

Get access to some basic video editing tools such as trimming, cropping, splitting, cutting, flipping, rotating, etc.
It also offers customizable video templates for creating wedding videos, advertisements, slideshows, etc
Provides stock libraries of audio & video files
Great for creating wedding videos or ads
Huge library of stock photos and audio files
In the free trial version, export is limited to 480P
Price: Free trial & Paid plans

  1. VSDC:

VSDC is another video editing software for Windows 10. It is packed with high-end features and supports multiple video formats as well as codecs.

The free version of this platform is good for basic video editing and if you wish to access more advanced features, you will have to opt for a paid version. It is a non-linear tool that allows the editor to freely place their videos in the timeline.

Offers a wide selection of filters, transition effects, overlays as well as color correction tools
Its broad format supports allows the user to various media files in a simpler way
There is a built-in video convertor which allows conversion of one format to another
You can export your video files to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
Simple interface for beginners
Doesn’t offer free technical support
Price: Free

  1. Blender:

Blender is one of the most popular and best video editing software for Windows. It is designed as a 3D content creation platform and is full of many high-end features.

Blender is mainly designed for professional editors and beginners may find it a little complicated.

Offers a variety of advanced features like character animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, node-based material etc.
Other key features of this editing platform include waveform visualization, scrubbing, audio mixing, live preview, luma waveform and histogram display
The tool facilitates rendering to multi-layer OpenEXR files
You can easily combine 2D & 3D images
Allows video masking for more complicated edits
Vast library of visual effects & vignettes
Good for professional-level editing
Can be used for creating 3D animation
Complicated interface for beginners
Price: Free

Read – 10+ Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

  1. Shotcut:

One of the best free video editing software for Windows 10, Shotcut offers a wide range of video tutorials for its users. However, you might find its interface a little complicated as it was initially designed for Linux.

The platform supports a variety of video formats such as 4K, FFmpeg, DNxHD, and ProRes. The most prominent feature of this editing tool is that it doesn’t require importing the video on it which saves an ample amount of time.

Offers an extensive range of audio-editing tools which allows editors to adjust gain, bass and treble while creating bandpass filters, etc.
Native timeline editing allows the direct import of files to the project instead of a media library
Offers a variety of audio & video effects, colour correction, grading, interlacing, wipe transitions, etc.
The multi-format timeline to mix and match different resolutions as well as frame rates in a specific project
Supports 4K resolution
Timeline editing
Too complex for beginners
Price: Free

  1. Lightworks:

Lightworks is another superb choice for both beginners or professional editors. The video editing tool is packed with tons of features and has the capacity of editing up to 256 videos, images, and audio files.

It is more suited for professional editing and is useful in creating attractive YouTube videos along with 4K films. There are a lot of video tutorials available for beginners to guide them in using this video editing software.

You can export your edited videos to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Offers high-quality trimming for precise editing
Allows multicam editing to facilitate easy synchronization from different cameras
Supports a variety of video formats
Allows you to create 2D & 3D titles
You can share your project in real-time while having full control over editor’s access
The ‘speed optimization’ tool allows you to edit while importing fresh content
Supports 4K resolution
Video tutorials
Complicated for beginners
Price: Free & Paid version

  1. VideoPad:

VideoPad is a superb choice when it comes to picking from some of the best free video editing softwares for Windows 10. Packed with tons of easy-to-use features, VideoPad is good if you are just beginning to learn video editing, though for professionals it is too basic.

Despite having the most basic features, this video editor for Windows supports 3D video editing along with a library full of different sound effects and video compositions. Not to mention, it only runs on Windows operating systems.

The software offers a wide selection of effects, overlays, text styles, drag-and-drop timeline, stabilization, etc.
The editor can easily export their finished videos to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
With over 50 ready-made transition effects, the software also lets its users adjust the speed of the effect.
In order to make your video more engaging, add voice narrations to your file with its different audio tools
The double built-in screen facilitates easy editing
Easy & intuitive interface
Great for beginners
3D video editing
Not suitable for professional editors as it lacks various advanced features
Price: Free

  1. Freemake Video Convertor:

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake is a simple option if you are looking for a video editor for Windows operating systems. It is an ideal choice for beginners and facilitates conversion between different video formats, creating music visualizations and image slideshows while also ripping video DVDs.

Allows extraction of audio from video files
You can convert videos in over 500 file formats
Embed videos to websites
You can play your video clips on different devices
Supports multiple image & audio formats that help in creating slideshows
Supports 4K resolution
Doesn’t require highly advanced skills
Some features are locked during the initial days of installation
Price: Free

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush
This newly launched platform is one of the best free video editing software for Windows. It has a mobile application as well as a desktop version. The mobile app comes in handy as it allows you to shoot, edit and share good-quality videos while saving a lot of time.

The software offers a variety of simple mobile and desktop tools for motion graphics, audio, etc. This makes creating stunning videos while connecting with the viewers quite feasible.

With tailor transitions tool, you can easily drag and drop transitions
An extensive range of pre-made templates lets the editor add excellent titles to the videos
Enhance the look of your videos using preset as well as manual colour correction.
The speed control tools allows changing speed in a matter of seconds
The ‘audio ducking’ tool allows importing and adjusting audio easily
You can share your videos to different social networks
Great option for editing videos on mobile devices
Easy-to-use interface
With multi-channel accessibility, create videos on one device and edit on another device
Limited features in the free version
Price: Free & paid version

  1. Kapwing:

Kapwing is a collaborative video editing platform that allows the user to share their project link with the editor in real-time while working on it simultaneously. Besides producing captivating videos, you can also create images and GIFs using this video editing tool.

It provides a number of professional editing features along with a complete Studio which is more power-packed than its usual tools.

Subtitler, trimmer, resizer, rotate, reverse, Flip video, GIF Maker, merge video, meme generator, loop video, montage maker are some of the tools offered by the software
The Green Screen Video Editors allows the user to remove background colour from the video file quite easily
The Watermark Video tool lets you add a watermark of your brand or logo to your video
Add waveform to your video file to bring more life to your audio track
The Stop Motion Maker lets you turn your video into stop motion instantly
The users can also create slideshows with the Slideshow Maker
Price: Free

  1. Avidemux:
    This robust video editor is also regarded as one of the best free video editing software for Windows 10, 7, and 8. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it perfect for beginners who wish to create engaging video content.

This software has been developed by developers from across the globe and has codes from different projects and all this when combined forms a basic yet good-quality platform. One thing to take note of is that Avidemux is not for producing professional-level videos like the ones in production houses, instead, it can be used to manage small-scale projects.

You can perform basic editing tasks such as cutting, encoding and filtering
It supports formats like AVI, MP4, ASF and MPEG files
Quite a simple user-interface
Good for basic video editing
Very limited tools or features
Price: Free & paid version

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best video editing software for Windows?
    Out of the above-mentioned video editing software for Windows, the best ones are Filmora, Clipchamp, Lightworks, Shotcut, Blender, and VSDC. However, you can select the one that suits your requirements.
  2. How to choose the best video editing software for Windows?
    As you know, there are a lot of options available out there if you are looking for editing software that runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. However, it is important to check all the required parameters before making a decision especially if you are a newbie.

Following are the two main criteria to check while opting an editing software for yourself.

Interface – Always make sure that the interface is simple and easy-to-use of the video editing software you are considering to choose. A user-friendly interface will save a lot of time while you learn the software. Also, some editors would like to go for modern and intuitive platforms while others would prefer to go for a basic one.
Formats – ensure that the editing software you wish to pick allows exporting of common formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI & MOV, etc so that you can share your videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.
MP4 is usually the most used format so check whether the editing software supports it or not.

  1. How to download video editing software for Windows?
    To download any video editing software, you just have to and click on the download link given on the website for installing it on your device.

The above-mentioned video editing platforms have excellent features and are free to use. However, they have advantages and disadvantages of their own. This means you have to make a decision depending on your requirements and usage.

Consider all the parameters before you choose video editing software for yourself. The option you select will also depend on whether you need it for professional use or for basic editing.

Top Animation Software for Windows 10

Top Animation Software for Windows 10:
Here is the list of top animation software for windows 10. In today’s digital era, Animation is undoubtedly one of the most prominent forms of visual communication. If a creator wishes to convey an idea or tell a story through animation, he/she must be well versed with its different tools & features. There are two types of animations – 2D & 3D which involve a variety of processes such as rendering, modeling, simulation, etc.

This article provides an overview of the 10 best animation software for Windows 10, both free as well as paid. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can take advantage of these for creating attractive animations. Essence studios are the best animation software provider, you can also check there.

So, here we are with a compilation of the best 2D & 3D animation tools which can be used to create a wide range of animated videos.

  1. Blender

Blender is one of the most recommended free animation software for Windows 10. It offers a plethora of tools to create 3D animations such as modeling, rigging, simulation, rendering, motion tracking, compositing, 2D animation pipeline as well as video editing.

It is an open-source software which means creators from around the world can provide their inputs and contribute to its maintenance. Blender is widely used in creating video games as well as animations for films & the TV industry.

Offers a selection of advanced tools such as panning, camera rotation at 360 degrees, tracking tilting, object tracking, sculpting, retopology, etc
With Python API, you can customize the interface for faster navigation while working on various projects
The Grease pencil allows you to draw in 3D while combining 2D & 3D art
You can easily create simulations for smoke, fog, rain, liquid, fire, etc
Blender allows the user to import/import videos in a variety of formats like AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, etc
Allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts
Offers a path-tracer for realistic rendering
Turn static characters into attractive animations
Offers a real-time preview of 3D scene along with tracked footage
Offers a wide variety of video editing tools
The interface can be customized as per your needs
Best VFX & animation tools and features
There are tutorials to help you use the software in a better way
Complicated interface especially for beginners

  1. OpenToonz
    A beginner-friendly option, OpenToonz is one of the best free animation software for Windows 10. It allows users to create stunning 2D animated videos for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Therefore, you can also create engaging marketing videos for your brand.

As it is completely open-source, animators and developers can easily customize it to suit their working requirements.

Offers a selection of effects and compositing scenes such as lighting, blurs, keys, masks, warps, etc
Offers a range of bitmap & vector drawing tools
Other advanced features include motion tracking, scripting, frame by frame animation, indexed color palettes, bones character animation, wavy distortion, etc
Facilitates synthesization of effects using Graphic User Interface and node tree
With Motion Tweening, you can link objects to carry out complicated movements
The software allows you to use anti-aliased lines
It allows you to scan various images within the product
It allows you to correct smoothly without losing the frame
Allows you to add provisional colours to create a more visually-appealing animation
Offers a variety of effects
The software is compatible with coloured, black & white as well as without binarization scanning
Takes a little more time to learn the software

  1. Pencil2D
    Pencil 2D is a 2D animation tool widely used to create hand-drawn animations. With a simple, intuitive, and lightweight interface, you can create eye-catching animated videos using a variety of pens, brush as well as color tools.

Since it’s open-source software, it can be easily used both for personal as well as business use, so you can create clips just for fun or even marketing bits.

Pencil2D is equipped with a wide range of tools including onion skinning, layers, keyframe, workplace toolbars as well as panels that make it a powerful suite
Offers raster & vector workflows while allowing you to easily switch between them
Offers a clean & organized timeline layout which allows a seamless creation of new frames on layers
Allows reviewing of your work with flipping or rolling techniques
Supports TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
Allows importing of new layers on specific frames
Allows adding & duplication of different frames on several tracks
Offers tutorials in different languages
Cross-platform software
Easy-to-use for beginners
Ideal for creating videos for YouTube
It doesn’t offer a shape tool to draw different shapes

  1. Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio
Synfig Studio is one of the most popular 2D animation software for Windows 10. The software is free of cost and suits both amateurs and professional animators. It offers two versions namely – Development and the Stable version. The Stable version is equipped with all the necessary tools that are required for completing basic animation.

Whereas the Development version offers a selection of some high-end features for users who wish to be more innovative.

The software works well for adding distortions, filters, geometrics, transformations, etc.
With the high-end bone system, you can create cut-out animations using bitmap images or vector graphics
Offers multiple layers of content
You can transform an image with a vector shape into another
Allows you to easily add & synchronize background music or narration to your video
Allows linking of parameters of layers using mathematical expressions
Offers over 50 layers to create stunning animated videos
Offers a wide range of tutorials in multiple languages
Supports a variety of layers
Works excellent for 2D animation
Beginners may take time to learn the software

  1. Daz Studio
    Daz Studio is a robust 3D animation tool perfect for creating short animated clips. Besides, it works great for creating detailed characters along with dress modeling. The interface is quite simple, so if you are a new user it will hardly take a day or two to get the hang of the software.

One of the best free animation software for Windows 7, 8, and 10, Daz Studio is packed with a vast selection of high-end tools for creating stunning animations, whether for fun or commercial purposes. The software provides excellent studio-class processing capabilities to create beautiful photorealistic images.

It offers both textured and rigged 3D characters along with models for creating quick animated videos
It allows you to create model, render as well as pose animation within the level of the skin texture
It offers for 3D morphing, rendering and animation
It offers GPU accelerated real-time rendering which provides the best results
Some of its top features include material & light simulations, hexagon delete accessory, face transfers, facial expression interface, morphing capabilities, etc
Offers a variety of transformer tools
Offers a vast collection of human figures to help you draw realistic images
Character creator for creating different types of characters
Video tutorials for helping you understand the software
User-friendly interface
Importing animations doesn’t result in proper results always

  1. Powtoon
    Powtoon is a cloud-based animation software for Windows 10 which allows animators to create attractive videos for purposes such as presentations, online ads, informative videos, tutorials, demos, manuals, etc. While the paid version of this software offers a plethora of advanced tools, the free version offers a stripped-down free tool for short videos.

It’s an ideal video editing tool for beginners as it has a simple interface that allows them to create & share their videos easily. It also lets the users create, save & share their animations using Google Drive.

Powtoon offers a wide range of tools like voice-overs, sound effects, sound tracks, images, clips, etc to help animators work on several projects
Offers a variety of professional-looking templates such as infographic videos and animated explainers along with templates specially designed for product promotion
Powtoon allows you to modify aspect ratios & sizes
You can export videos to different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc
It allows you to download finished videos as MP4
It allows full video, GIF, animation as well as image file implementation
Allows uploading of custom fonts
Offers royalty-free libraries
Simple user interface
Good for commercial purposes
Free version can be further updated

  1. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony
Toon Boom Harmony is an all-in-one package for 3D animation which helps from drawing to finished product. It is one of the best animation software for Windows that helps create short animations, storyboards, and art pieces. You might get overwhelmed by the look of the software initially, but its collection of powerful tools will definitely help you create impressive animations.

Allows you to create cut-out animations
Offers 3, 4 and 5-point curved perspective guides
Offers 2D & 3D integration
Innovative vector & bitmap drawing technique
Create paperless animated videos
Offers high-end colour palette & paint options
Facilitates easy integration with the software in the production pipeline
You can use a stabilizer for drawing smoother lines
Lets you import multilayer PSD & PSB files, PDF, Illustrator, PDF, bitmaps as well as other media files
Offers a wide range of drawing and animation options
Helps in creating 2D animation for video games
The user might face a few glitches if the computer’s software is not up-to-date

  1. K-3D
    K-3D is another great choice for 3D animation software as it is a combination of built-in plugins and a visualization pipeline structure offering a robust & flexible platform to animators. The interface of this software is known for its versatility, consistency as well as intuitiveness, which makes it quite comfortable for the users.

K-3D is free-to-use and is packed with a number of powerful tools and features for creating amazing animations.

Offers an advanced undo/redo function letting users go back and forth
Features procedural & parametric workflows to adjust the properties interactively & showing immediate results
A node-based visualization pipeline to connect different tools
It also allows you to work on one side of a model and get the other side mirrored while viewing how it looks when welded together
Free & open-source
Offers a wide range of built-in plugins
User interface needs improvement

  1. KeyShot
    KeyShot is another one of the best free animation software for Windows. It is a popular 3D animation & 3D rendering tool that assists animators in creating everything from simple models to more complex & sophisticated animations. It is widely trusted by animation enthusiasts for its ease of use, faster speed, and high-end animation tools.

It offers an excellent feature i.e. real-time rendering which displays the changes made, in the fastest way possible. This results in a time-saving process of finishing the animation.

The easy to use work-flow based interface is equipped with all the high-end features for professional 3D rendering
Offers HDRI lighting to provide enhanced lighting effects while adjusting a scene or an object
Allows you to either use CPU or NVIDIA GPUs for rendering while also allowing you to scale linearly for seamless performance
Offers dynamic virtual mapping for simulating the real appearance of a site
Virtual camera control for simulating physical camera behaviour
Offers focused caustics so that different objects and scenes are properly lit
The 3D Model Library offers a wide range of models with different textures & materials
Toon Shading allows you to create non photorealistic renderings apt for patent drawings, technical documentation, etc
It offers libraries full of textures, colours, environments and materials
Offers a wide selection of high-end features such as bubbles, configurator, displacement, Geometry Editor, Model Sets, Stereoscopic View, Scripting, HDRI Editor, etc
Offers a variety of animation tools such as Camera Path Animation, Panorama Animation, Zoom Animation, DOF Animation, etc
Works exceptionally well for producing speedy, accurate and stunning visuals
Provides real-time 3D rendering
Offers a multitude of animation tools and features
Doesn’t offer built-in templates

  1. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effects is the best animation software for Windows specifically designed to add stunning visual effects and motion graphics to videos. Besides, it also allows animators to add dynamic movement to different objects as well as a variety of expressions to give a livelier look to the videos.

This 3D animation tool provides a selection of inbuilt tools for creating attractive videos featuring underwater objects and neon signs. The tools also help in eliminating larger objects.

The Motion Blur feature provides a realistic effect to the videos
You can draw complex shapes
The Roto Brush selection makes it easier to refine sharp edges
You can remove unwanted parts of your video using Content Aware Fill tool
Allows you to place 2D layers in a 3D space
The Luma Matte helps in cutting objects and create a transparent background
Helps in creating amazing transitions
It allows you to track objects for adding animations
Offer tools for creating high-quality motion designs
The interface is a bit too complicated
Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best animation software for Windows or Mac?
Though there are a whole lot of options available if you are looking for good animation software that would run on Windows & Mac operating systems. We suggest you pick one as per your requirements and budget. Blender, Synfig Studio, OpenToonz, Powtoon, KeyShot, K-3D, and Toon Boom Harmony are some of the best animation software for Windows & Mac, that you can opt for.

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Daily backups
Apart from these, they have a pretty responsive & friendly technical customer support.

For a growing website, they also offer Cloud hosting & dedicated hosting.

SiteGround Coupon Code: 70% Discount on Select hosting plans

Here is an exclusive discount promo for SiteGround which will get you a 70% discount on their hosting packages.

To use this special promo, simply go to the site by clicking on the link given below & your discount will be applied & activated.

Get Hosting from SiteGround at a 70% discounted price (Offer will Expire in 14 days)
I’ve been using SiteGround for the last 18 months. Their hosting quality & support is top-notch.

How to use SiteGround discounted price coupon:

Here is how you can claim this offer.

Head over to this special offer link
Click on shared hosting (If hosting regular website) or managed WordPress hosting (for hosting WordPress website)

I suggest to pick Growbig plan as the special price will let you save more than 70% and it let you host unlimited websites + offers premium WordPress features.

Click on get plan and now on the next page you can either register a new domain name or use one of your existing one.

Click on proceed and now you are on the final stage of claiming this offer.

Now, enter your payment details and information for completing the registration.

Under Data center section, select the location of the server which is closest to your target audience. Also, you can skip SG Site scanner for now.

Click on pay now and within seconds, your SiteGround hosting account will be ready to use for you.

FAQ’s – SiteGround Promo code activation

What billing option SiteGround offers?
You can purchase hosting for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months period.

Is this SiteGround applicable on renewals?
Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t offer discounts on renewals. This is your only chance to avail any discount on your SiteGround purchases. This is why it’s recommended to purchase hosting for 2 or 3 years term.

What are the available payment options?
They accept payments in Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards only. PayPal payment option is not available at this moment.

Is there any money back guarantee?
They offer 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the hosting, you can cancel your account within 30 days and you will get the complete refund.

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