5 Must-Have Conversion Optimization Tools

With these 5 must-have tools, your conversion rates will be unbelievable, all in minimal time.
For many bloggers and people who run websites, among their greatest concern Is conversion rates. First things first, what is a conversion rate? This is the number of visitors to your site or blog that completes a certain desired goal out of the total number of visitors that come along. These goals can be making purchases or in the case of affiliate marketers, visiting the merchant site. A good conversion rate means that your visitors are interested in the goods or services you offer. It could also reflect an increase in the performance of a business.

Calculating your conversion rate is not difficult and it comes as a percentage. This is done by taking the number of converted visitors, regardless of the number of times they converted and divide by the total number of visitors. This number is then multiplied by 100% to give the value of the conversion rate. You may wonder, what is a good conversion rate for my website? A typically good performance is set at 5%, but the higher the better. Customers spend minimal time to make purchase decisions and thus you have to make sure your content is up to par to increase your conversion rates. This has been made easier by tools that do the back-breaking work and give you great results.

1: Unbounce.

With this site, you are able to build landing pages that can be accessed from a variety of devices. It offers numerous mobile responsive designs to choose from, all of which are great and will work perfectly for you. In addition to this, Unbounce also allows you to connect to a number of important conversion tools as well as social media outlets. This thus means that you can have all your tools in one place all working towards the main aim of increasing your conversion rate. The results from this great tool will manifest in no time.

2: Crazyegg.

Unlike other tools, with Crazyegg, you are able to see exactly what the visitors to your website click on most. This will thus enable you to restructure your design and make these easily accessible to the visitors so as to increase your conversion rates. This will also enable you to know what the visitors are not particularly interested in. This is important as it will enable you to come up with better restructuring of your content to make it more appealing. This vital information will enable you to increase your conversion rates faster.

3: Fivesecondtest.

Drawing its name from the idea that a visitor makes decisions whether to make a conversion in the first five seconds of the visit. With this tool, you are able to identify any broken links or spelling mistakes that can be annoying to your visitors. The site also asks users about their experience on your website, thus giving you an idea of the modifications to make. This will thus enable you to achieve higher conversion rates.

4: ConvertPlug.

This tool is not only cheap but also beneficial. It enables you to add info bars, modal popups, and other features for your site conveniently. The tool also makes it easy to make use of conversion plugs at a bare minimum cost. The plugin also provides you with fantastic templates that can be customized for your site leaving it looking professional and sure to increase your conversion rate instantly. It also has analytical features that make you know what your visitors are more interested in thus boosting your conversion rates.

5: Peek.

With this great tool, you are able to know what visitors think of your site from offering surveys. This will enable you to know the aspects to improve. The reviews come with a recording of the user’s screen and voice as they click on your website. You will thus be able to know exactly where the problems are and thus easier to work on. This will make your site better and contribute to increased conversion rates and better performance.

Getting conversion rates is not an easy task and requires great amounts of dedication. With these reliable tools, you will not have to worry about the fierce competition online as your conversion rates will be over the roof!