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Top 2D Animation Company In USA – 2021 Reviews
In this article, we have shared the best 2D animation company in USA. Video content is a lot more effective in digital marketing. This is why 2D animation is very much in demand in different industries. Marketing agencies & brands use 2D animation to promote their products & services as animated videos create more impact on prospective customers than a simple piece of text or images.

And it shouldn’t be surprising to see so many 2D animation companies in the USA. If you are looking for a 2D animation company in USA, you have landed at the right place. We have compiled a list of the 10 best 2D animation services in USA, to help you promote your brand among your target audience & grow your business.

  1. Essence Studios

Essence Studios
Essence Studios ranks top among all the 2D animation companies in USA. We serve clients from all geographical locations, be it startups, global enterprises, Fortune 100 brands, or NGOs.

We offer excellent video production services including 2D animation, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, app explainer videos, logo design, catalog design, brochure design, illustrations, etc.

Our highly creative team of designers, animators & illustrators will help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Website link – https://www.essencestudios.net/

  1. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is one of the leading providers of 2D animation services in USA. Based in Orange County, it aims to create diverse and captivating animations for clients worldwide.

The award-winning company has spent more than 16 years in the video marketing industry and provides everything from pre-production & production to post-production. They offer brand videos, product videos, social media videos, and animations of all kinds.

Sparkhouse has served a number of big brands including Huffington Post, B2C, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Single Grain.

Website link – https://thesparkhouse.com/

  1. Studio Pigeon

Studio Pigeon
Studio Pigeon is one of the best 2D animation studios in USA creating engaging animations for films, web as well as broadcast while strongly emphasizing well-designed characters. They work both globally for advertising agencies, production houses as well as individual brands too.

Studio Pigeon specializes in explainer videos, commercials, and cartoon series. They serve a number of brands, big or small, including Microsoft, IKEA, Nestle, Pearson, IDEO, Comarch, McDonald’s, etc.

Website link – http://www.studiopigeon.com/

  1. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios
Blu Studios is a global, award-winning 2D animation production company in USA that believes in going that extra mile for its customers. This design-driven firm works with both small companies as well as Fortune 500 brands across the globe.

Blu Blu Studios specializes in a variety of video production & animation services including commercials, explainer videos, brand & product videos, video series, illustrations, character designs, motion design, and a lot more.

Their long list of clients includes Forbes, The New York Times, Twitter, Universal Music Group, American Express, Kiehl’s, Pearson, Singapore Airlines, and Wiley.

Website link – https://www.blublustudios.com/

  1. Breadnbeyond

A reputed 2D animation company in USA, Breadnbeyond is trusted by over 3000 projects worldwide. They follow the three C’s – Communication, Concision & Clarity, which means they believe in clearly communicating with their clients while carefully listening to their needs.

They provide everything from explainer videos to stunning animations to different clients including PayPal, Accenture, World Bank Group, BNP Paribas, Wiley, United Nations Development Programme, Nestle, and Shell.

Website link – https://breadnbeyond.com/

  1. Demo Duck

Demo Duck
Demo Duck believes in humanizing brands while promoting them through the medium of powerful video production. Based in Chicago, IL, it is one of the 2D animation studios in USA that features a strong team of producers, writers, and specialists to offer high-quality videos & animations.

Besides, they also offer live-action videos, explainers, customer testimonials, brand videos, educational videos, video series, company stories, commercials, and the like.

Demo Duck works with some of the biggest brands like Netflix, Facebook, Canon, Panasonic, Sai Global, Discovery Education, Geico, Dropbox.

Website link – https://demoduck.com/

  1. Early Light Media

Early Light Media
Early Light Media is a 2D animation company in USA that goes by the rule of storytelling -‘Capture The Human Experience’ as a foundation of their video production services. They aim to create captivating videos & animations to increase awareness, generate conversion, boost engagement as well as raise funds for various non-profit campaigns.

Early Light Media has a powerful team of artists, producers, editors, directors, and video experts who work hard to provide excellent animation & video editing services along with case studies and documentary brand films.

They serve some of the biggest enterprises including Microsoft, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Pandora, Audi, McCann WorldGroup, and Under Armour.

Website link – https://earlylightmedia.com/

  1. Epipheo

Epipheo is a Cincinnati-based agency and one of the best 2D animation services in USA. Some of the biggest brands like Google & Microsoft count it as a reliable video production company while making it a huge success. Besides, it serves numerous other brands like Epson, Amazon Web Services, CISCO, P&G, and Teradata.

You can avail yourself of a variety of services at Epipheo including animated explainer videos, brand videos, social video ads, video case studies, testimonials, video case studies, and much more.

Additionally, they also offer short-term online courses for creating different types of videos.

Website link – https://epipheo.com/

  1. Snowy Peak

Snowy Peak is a 2D animation production company in USA that aims to create compelling videos and animations to tell your story in an engaging way while helping you grow your business.

They provide a vast selection of 2D & 3D animation, video production, marketing services to various corporate brands, advertising agencies, hospitality & lifestyle sector as well.

Some of the leading brands served by Snowy Peak are ORACLE, Tactix, University of Denver, Denver Public Schools, RSA, and Symantec.

Website link – https://snowypeaktv.com/

  1. BX Films

BX Films
Located in Walnut Creek, California, BX Films are the pioneers of the video production & animation industry. They believe in the ‘Concept to Consumer’ rule with an emphasis on finding fresh ideas for shooting & editing in order to stay ahead of the best video technology.

One of the most sought-after 2D animation studios in the USA, it provides everything from the creation of the concept, script & story to pre-production, production & post-production services to its clients.

Some of the major brands look up to BX Films such as PayPal, CISCO, Toyota, Cobalt, and Turbotax.

Website link – https://bxfilms.tv/

We hope that the above-mentioned 2D animation companies in USA will help you make a decision while choosing one for your brand or business. All you have to do is to make sure it suits your budget as well as your brand’s requirements well enough to deliver the best results. Also, read Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Companies

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