Benefits of Using Videos in Landing Pages

How To Use Video To Boost Landing Page Conversions?

In this blog, you will know the benefits of using videos in landing page. Designing an attractive and effective landing page becomes crucial for running a successful digital marketing campaign. Landing pages offer the initial glimpse of a brand while providing relevant information about a product or service. These also include further steps for increasing the engagement while giving an insight into the visitor who lands on your website. 

In this article, we will inform you about the various benefits of using videos on a landing page, but before that let us understand the purpose and meaning of a landing page. 

What is a Landing Page?

To define it, a landing page is simply a ‘standalone’ webpage that an individual lands on once he/she clicks on an advertisement, email id, etc. The main purpose of landing pages is to lure customers into taking an action such as signing up for a specific deal or offer, buying the product or joining the list. 

If the visitor takes the action, it means your landing page has successfully converted them into leads. 

So how does a landing page work? Suppose a website is providing a free ebook. On its landing page, it also invites its visitors to go through its blogs and purchase one of their products while checking out their social media accounts too. With too many options on the landing page, the chances of the visitors downloading the ebook lessens as their attention is diverted from the main objective. 

Therefore, this can overwhelm the customers which is why it is important to focus on a single call-to-action (CTA), rather than having too many. 

This is the reason a landing page must have a clear visual hierarchy as well as a value proposition. It is crucial to create and optimize a landing page in a way that it converts its potential visitors into customers. 

While there are multiple ways to create an effective landing page, adding videos is arguably the best way to make it more appealing. 

Benefits of Using Videos in Landing Pages

Around 87 percent of digital marketers use videos to increase their online presence while promoting their service or product. So, here we are, explaining how adding videos will benefit you the most in enhancing user engagement on your website. 

You can also include animation to the videos to make them more attractive and appealing to the viewers.  Essence Studios talks about the 10 Best Free Video Animation App for both Android and iOS users. 

Besides animations, you can also add explainer videos to your landing page. These work best for promoting a product or service. Using explainer videos can boost your conversion rate to up to 144 percent. 

1. Videos help visitors absorb the idea or information in a better way

Your main goal while creating a landing page must be getting your audience to act. This is only possible by providing them with the most relevant information. It can be a tough task to include all the information in one landing page as a lot of text can overwhelm your visitors while resulting in loss of interest. 

This is where videos prove really valuable as videos are interesting and can hold a lot more information as compared to text. Videos communicate better and work really well especially when you are promoting a complicated product. Videos lets you demonstrate your products in a more efficient manner. 

Not to mention, you must include some text along with your video in order to make it rank higher on Google

2. Boosts conversions 

Using videos in your landing page can boost your conversion rate to up to 80 percent. Now the question arises – How videos help in converting leads to paying customers? Videos are quite powerful in helping a customer make a buying decision. 

Videos display emotion and emotions play a huge role in encouraging the target audience to convert. A perfect example of this is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – which uses emotion to encourage its followers to donate or provide funds for animal welfare. 

Videos on landing pages make viewers feel in a specific way about a particular idea or message conveyed in it. Therefore they act depending on how they feel after watching a video clip. Videos provide a closer perspective of a particular product or service to the audience before they decide to purchase it. 

3. Increases engagement

Videos are always more engaging when compared to a piece of text. The sound and visual elements of a video help in engaging the viewers for a longer period of time. The chances of your audience interacting with a video is always higher than text. We always prefer watching videos over reading a long piece of text as videos are more efficient in delivering information. 

Videos are more engaging, and help the audience to grasp the information more quickly. It is more likely that an individual remains hooked to the video till its entirety, which means they spend more time on your landing page thereby increasing the engagement. 

4. Helps in building brand association

Brand association is a vital part of any business. A business owner aims to get his brand recognized in the market through its product or logo. This becomes the determining factor which leads a brand to earn greater conversions. 

It is difficult for a brand to stand out among its competitors through a piece of text. Whereas through videos, it gets easier to promote a brand in a more personalized and creative manner

Videos have been proven to be more effective in enhancing brand recognition. Around 139% of brand recognition is increased after an individual watches a video. The visual elements combined with sound effects create a greater understanding of the message conveyed in a video. 

5. Helps visitor to trust a brand

Winning the trust of the target audience is very important for any business. If an individual is not able to trust you the first time, it might not lead to conversion. A video on your landing page helps the visitor to trust your website mainly due to the human connection developed as a person who speaks in the video. Undoubtedly, a video is always more promising and convincing than text. 

6. SEO benefits

A lot of online marketers use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for attracting traffic to their website. The basic fundamentals of an SEO-centric website is that its content includes relevant keywords, headings, meta-description, etc. Besides, video also has an important role in it. According to few studies, webpage with videos are more likely to rank on the first page of Google. 

A video attracts more clicks to any website. According to a study conducted by aimClear, the click-through rate of search results with videos  is 41% higher than simple text. If a webpage has a video, it attracts more clicks thereby bringing more traffic to a website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Should videos on landing pages auto-play?

Auto-playing videos on landing pages can be really irritating and overwhelming for users. But offering your visitors control on when to play a video can result in low traffic to your webpage in a lot of cases. As sometimes the visitor may not be able to realize that they are expected to click on the ‘Play’ button. This might lead to confusion thereby driving away the audience from your landing page. 

Another main reason that justifies that the videos must auto-play is that there are few seconds for a video to catch the viewer’s attention. Besides, the best way to decide whether you should keep the videos on auto-play or not is to have both types of landing pages for your audience. This will help you know better what the audience prefers. 

  1. What should be the length of the video?

No matter how attractive your video is or how relevant information it provides, you must know that the attention span of your audience is quite limited. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep your videos shorter, such as 90 seconds. This time duration is long enough to give all the essential information about your product or service. 

You can also try making different versions of your video, of different time duration. This way you can test and see which works better for your landing page

  1. Should landing page videos include animation?

Animation adds fun and creativity to a video. It can be highly effective in engaging the audience while you try to promote your product or service among them. However, animation can prove costly and would require extra efforts especially when there is no in-house graphic designer. 

Therefore, if you can afford it and it doesn’t cost you extra time or effort, you can always include animations in your videos for landing pages

  1. What should be the size of the video?

Your audience would be viewing your landing page on different types of devices, such as computers, smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it’s important to choose a video size that would suit all types of screens. Make sure the size of your video is in the correct aspect ratio. For example, if you want the width of your video to be 650 pixels, its length should be 366 pixels in order to maintain the correct aspect ratio.


Videos have a huge impact on the performance of a landing page. Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of incorporating videos in your landing pages, you shouldn’t miss including one in your landing page.