Explainer Video Production Companies in USA

Top List Of Explainer Video Production Company In USA:
Here is the list of Explainer Video Production Company In USA. Today, marketing is all about showing the right video content to the audience. Marketing agencies and businesses around the world are continuously striving to find new methods of introducing their own brand or their client’s brand in a compelling way. This is where explainer videos come in handy.

An explainer video works extremely well for businesses if they wish to stand out among their competitors and offer something unique to their audience. This is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best explainer video production companies in USA that you can opt for to boost your business.

Explainer videos can be in the form of product demos, short commercials, reviews, testimonials, app introductions, tutorials, trade show videos, etc. Explainer videos are also responsible for luring prospective customers so that they make a purchasing decision.

Criteria for Selecting an Explainer Video Company in the USA
Before we dive into the top 10 explainer video production companies in USA, let’s take a look at the main criteria to follow while choosing any of these.

Quality & Portfolio – The most important criteria to check is the quality of the videos shown in the company’s portfolio. You don’t require professional knowledge to judge the quality of their videos, however, your judgment will depend on fact that you like it or not.

Communication & Flexibility – Choose an explainer video production company in USA that communicates well with its clients. A good explainer video company will discuss all the necessary details with you before they start with the project, while also trying to be as flexible as possible in providing the solution.

Design & Customization – Your explainer video design must reflect your brand’s character. In order to get a unique explainer video, choose an explainer video production company in USA that creates custom designs & doesn’t merely use pre-made templates.

Price – Honestly, you get what you pay for. So, don’t expect an extraordinary explainer video at the lowest price. All the companies fix their prices according to the quality & other characteristics of a video. You can try to get a quote from two or more companies & then decide.

Feedback & Reviews – Try to find honest reviews & feedback of the explainer video production company you are planning to work with. You can also check reviews on various consumer review platforms.

10 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in the USA

  1. Essence Studios
  2. Essence Studios
    Essence Studios tops the list of the 10 best explainer video production companies in USA. We have created over 1200 videos for our clients from around the globe. With offices in the US, UK, and India, we provide excellent explainer video services at reasonable prices.

Our team of skilled designers and animators put in their best efforts along with the latest technologies to convey a brand’s message in the most attractive way possible.

Our clients range from small startups to global enterprises, as well as Fortune 100 brands and NGOs.

Website Link: https://www.essencestudios.net

  1. Sharp Eye Animation

Sharp Eye Animation
Sharp Eye Animation began solely as an explainer video production company in USA but has evolved into a full-fledged video marketing company. Based in San Francisco, and founded by an ex-Googler, it provides excellent video production services offering explainer videos, product videos, brand videos, educational videos, law firm videos, and a lot more.

Sharp Eye Animation has bagged Marcom Awards for three consecutive years – 2018, 2019 & 2020 in the Digital Media Creation Animation category.

Some of the biggest brands they have worked for are IKEA, Walmart, Comedy Central, Sephora, Kickstarter, Wistia & Univision.

Website link – https://www.sharpeyeanimation.com/

  1. Explainify

Located in Arkansas, Explainify is one of the best companies for explainer video production in USA. They simplify the brand’s message to drive audience action through the medium of their video production services which includes explainer videos, brand videos, landing page videos, product & app videos, PR videos, sales videos, and the like.

They have served more than 350 clients worldwide, including Moz, Bosch, BetterWorks, CipherCloud, PerkinElmer, NetSuite & DemandBase.

Website link – https://explainify.com/

  1. Common Craft

Common Craft
Common Craft is a Seattle-based firm that offers an extensive library full of 115 original explainer videos that are specially created to explain complicated topics in the easiest way possible. These videos can be used in classrooms, presentations, courses, learning centers, etc. They also provide a vast selection of cut-outs to make your project a more remarkable one.

Besides, Common Craft is an explainer video company in USA that offers an online tool that features a number of courses on how to create explainer videos.

Website link – https://www.commoncraft.com/

  1. Demo Duck

Demo Duck
Based in Chicago, IL, Demo Duck is an animated explainer video company in USA offering a variety of explainer videos to clients from different countries. They initially started with just explainer videos but later moved on to creating different video types such as live-action videos and animated explainers.

Their never-ending portfolio includes brand videos, testimonials, educational videos, commercial videos, video series, internal communication videos, and much more.

Demo Duck serves a number of clients including Facebook, Panasonic, Canon, Netflix, Geico, Sai Global, change.org, and Discovery Education.

Website link – https://demoduck.com/

  1. Studio B Films

Studio B Films
Located in Berkeley, California, Studio B Films is an award-winning explainer video production company in USA, providing exceptional video production services to different clients. They believe in fostering an emotional connection with the audience via meaningful storytelling.

Whether it’s a commercial, testimonial, event sizzle video, explainer video or live coverage of events, Studio B Films’ team of dedicated professionals makes sure to deliver the best content for your business. They create a selection of explainer videos, testimonials, brand videos, product videos, and training videos.

Giant corporations like Facebook, Adobe, Grammarly, and Lending Club are some of their trusted clients.

Website link – https://studiobfilms.com/

  1. Epipheo

Epipheo is another great option if you are looking for an animated explainer video company in USA. Located in Cincinnati, it serves brands, marketers as well as thought leaders from different industries. The word Epipheo is a combination of two words – Epiphany & Video. They believe in using videos to spark epiphanies for creating clarity in the audience’s mind.

Since 2009, they have served over 3000 clients including Google, Microsoft, P&G, Epson, SAP, Amazon Web Services, Teach For America, and CISCO.

Epipheo specializes in brand videos, animated explainer videos, social video ads, testimonials, case studies. Besides, they also offer courses on creating different video types.

Website link – https://epipheo.com/

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  1. Thinkmojo

Based in San Francisco, California, Thinkmojo is one of the popular explainer video production companies in USA that offers a variety of video production services. They create videos for your entire customer journey while generating leads, converting customers while turning them into advocates.

They offer everything from explainer videos, product videos & company stories to social media videos and conference videos.

Thinkmojo works with both industry leaders and startups including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Invision, Zendesk, Mixpanel, and Slack.

Website link – https://www.thinkmojo.com/

  1. Lemonlight

Located in Inglewood, CA, Lemonlight offers affordable & high-quality explainer video production services to brands and agencies from every nook and corner of the country. It is one of the most recommended explainer video production companies in USA that offers a variety of video production services be it a marketing video, a how-to animation, or an internal corporate video.

Lemonlight’s team of experts works with their clients to get a proper understanding of the kind of videos that is best for their business.

Some of their notable clients are Adweek, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, TechCo, and Inc.

Website link – https://www.lemonlight.com/

  1. New Revolution Media

New Revolution Media
New Revolution Media specializes in creating videos for promoting a brand or business across different platforms like YouTube, Kickstarter, eCommerce product commercials, and the like. Besides, they also offer website videos, aerial videos, motion graphics, photography services as well as event coverage.

Their team of experts follows the rule of versatility & innovation to create an impactful storytelling experience.

One of the most sought-after explainer video companies in the USA, New Revolution Media is headquartered in San Francisco and has worked with some of the biggest companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Marriott, Waze, and Uber.

Website link – https://www.newrevmedia.com/#home

To conclude, the market is full of explainer video production companies, both big & small. So, here we are with a list of the best explainer video production companies in the US. All you need to do is to follow the above-mentioned criteria while picking a video production service for your business. Also, make sure you thoroughly explain to the creators about the kind of video you want.

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