How to Grow Your Instagram using these 5 tips?

What do the major brands have in common? They all have a massive following on Instagram. Although their activities are very different, brands such as Marketo, McDonald’s, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jake Paul have managed to gather more than 24 million Instagram followers. Instagram is sweeping the internet with more than 1 billion users, which is why all kinds of companies and influencers are turning to this platform. They thus seek to reach a wider audience and to increase their commercial activity.

Here’s how to grow your Instagram with these 5 tips and tricks that are commonly used by the biggest Instagrammers.

1- Create a trendy hashtag and different types of content

On Instagram, users can follow specific hashtags. Brands must develop trendy hashtags to encourage users to follow them. If the hashtag is associated with the brand, it can also help increase your reach. Further, social marketers have a variety of content types, including photos, videos, and even carousels, and they should try them all. The variety of formats allows your followers to react more, which is essential if you want to arouse the curiosity of other users.

2- Try to understand how Instagram’s sorting algorithm works.

If you want to develop content that will go viral on Instagram, you need to understand how its sorting algorithm works. The platform uses various factors, including the frequency of posts. The reactions they generate and their location, to determine where the posts will be located on the user’s timeline and whether it will end up on the Explore tab.

3- Create a contest on Instagram

Although contests are a bit out of fashion on social networks, they are still relevant to Instagram. held an Instagram contest to find two spokespeople for their brand. In this example, by announcing the contest winner on Instagram, gained visibility with potential followers. This type of competition is particularly well-found because it motivates participants (Instagram influencers) to encourage their own followers to react to the content shared by’s Instagram account.

4- Try Instagram Shopping to Improve Your Subscriber Experience

Instagram Shopping is the best feature that businesses can use to grow their audience. It allows brands to integrate links on items for sale on online sales sites. The user just has to tap on the link to be able to buy the product, and all that, without leaving Instagram. E-commerce companies that use Instagram Shopping have achieved incredible results. Marketers working for online sales sites should use Shopping to delight their customers, increase the reach of their posts, and gain more followers.

5- Present the story of your brand in a powerful way

Big brands use different types of Instagram content to tell the same story. You need to develop a compelling and consistent story to communicate effectively with your Instagram users. For example, Apple shares Instagram posts highlighting what users can do with their products. The format and subjects of Apple’s Instagram posts change regularly, but the story remains the same.

Bottom Line

There are many strategies for businesses wanting to see more followers. Remember that Instagram’s most effective marketers tell a story that is consistent with the brand’s image through a wide variety of carefully crafted and appropriately organized content.

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