How To Use Copyscape And Alternatives

Copyscape is a tool used in checking plagiarism in content. Plagiarism is the act of duplicating another person’s content to look like yours, and it is an offense in the world of writers. If your blog content is found to be plagiarized by Google, you will be penalized for it, and the penalty you will face might not be worth it, so it is better to avoid using plagiarized content on your blog or websites.

Most blog owners usually assign their blog content to writers because they usually have their hands full with other things; hence, the need to always use either Copyscape or its alternative. However, if you are not familiar with the plagiarism checker or are not aware of how to use it, relax and read further to uncover the things you didn’t know about Copyscape, and it’s alternative.

Like earlier stated, Copyscape is used to scan your articles for plagiarism. It has a free version and a premium version that you can try. But it is better to try the premium version because it tends to give you a more accurate answer.

Once you’ve registered for the premium version, go to Copyscape’s homepage, you’ll see a space to input your blog address, then press the GO button. It will scan multiple contents on your blog, and when you go to the next page, your answers will be displayed. You will be able to see copied contents on your blog, and before you post any article, you can scan through Copyscape to ensure that the content is original.

Grammarly is one of the best alternatives to Copyscape. It also comes with both free and premium versions; it not only scans for plagiarism but also checks for grammar errors. The free version cannot scan more than a 500 words article, but the premium version scans as many word count as possible.

To use Grammarly, login to their site register and make your payment for the premium version. Paste your content and scan it. It will start with checking for grammar errors first and make corrections for you, and then it will scan for plagiarism. If there is any plagiarized content, it will be displayed in red and the site where it was copied from.

Being another great alternative for Copyscape, it is free and detects and plagiarized text in your content. Using Paperrater, you can detect what kind of content you are scanning before you scan. When you paste your content, it starts scanning. After a while, it displays your result.

Small SEO tools
Small SEO tool is another unique alternative to Copyscape. It not only checks your article for plagiarism, but it offers you other services like article rewriting, keyword placement, grammar check, backlink checker, etc.

When you open the site, paste your content, scroll down and click on the button that says “check for plagiarism” relax and watch it scan through your content for plagiarism. If it detects any plagiarized content, it will refer you to its article rewriter, and it’s left for you to use the option or rewrite your content on your own.

To Wrap It Up

For your blog to rank top on Google search engine, you need to ensure that your contents are unique and plagiarism free. That is why you need Copyscape, and it’s alternatives because they help you in detecting plagiarized content, even if it’s as low as one percent. Try using any of the above-mentioned plagiarism checker and your contents will be unique.