Sqribble eBook Software Review

Sqribble eBook Software Review: Features, Prices, Pros, Cons, Packages
Read this full article about Sqribble eBook software. eBooks are the best solution for attracting more traffic, more subscribers, and enhancing sales. However, creating an eBook is not an easy task, as it involves a number of steps right from writing, formatting, and designing it.

Sqribble Review
A lot of marketers use eBooks to strengthen their marketing tactics. There are numerous tools for creating eBooks however these come with their own bugs and tacky templates.

In this article, we offer a Sqribble review including its main features, pros, and cons as well as pricing.

What is Sqribble?
Sqribble eBook Creator is a powerful cloud-based software that is packed with a number of in-built templates allowing you to create professional eBooks.

It is the best eBook creation software very simple to use and you don’t require any technical expertise to create an eBook using it. Sqribble is loaded with a plethora of features and saves a lot of time & effort for marketers.

If you are an aspiring writer and wish to create your eBook at a low cost, Sqribble is what we recommend.

The Sqribble eBook creator app creates professional eBooks in very little time using attractive templates and eye-catching covers. Besides, it facilitates the development of websites, web pages, etc.

Sqribble eBook Software
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Key Features of Sqribble eBook Creator
Sqribble eBook Creator is full of many advanced features that are useful to marketers, writers, freelancers, and business owners.

User-friendly Software – The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to function. You can create a visually-appealing eBook in just a matter of a few minutes using Sqribble.
Eye-Catching E-covers – Design is an important element while creating an eBook. Not every eBook creator offers an eBook cover template. The app offers 50 beautiful designs covering 15 niches while ensuring a template regardless of the topic you’re writing on. It combines the functions of eBook creator software and e-covers software.
Generates Content Automatically – One of the best features of Sqribble eBook software is that it generates content automatically.
Every writer faces writer’s block at some point in time. This is where Sqribble comes into play as it saves a lot of time & money for marketers. Once you select your subject/topic, your content will be automatic.

Easy Flipbook Creation – Sqribble eBook software allows you to create flipbooks with much ease which makes it a pioneer in this industry. Also, you can convert your eBooks into a flipbook.
Customizable – Sqribble eBook software allows you to create eBooks according to your own preferences and requirements. You can customize your eBook’s fonts, colours, headings, theme, and templates. You can even design the cover page, edit themes, add background images, etc.
Agency Rights – You can launch your marketing agency using Sqribble eBook Creator and earn money by developing some stunning marketing agency eBooks. It offers a license for a commercial firm that lets you create eBooks instantly and sell them. Furthermore, you can also create a website to let your clients see all your designs.

Key Features of Sqribble eBook Creator
Client Feedback Tool – This is a very useful tool as it allows you to communicate with your customers and get their feedback or comments about your eBook. Then, you can make changes accordingly. It saves time as you don’t have to wait for your client’s email for the feedback.
Training Center – Sqribble offers a complete training program for new users. The Sqribble eBook software offers a number of tutorials along with a comprehensive training center.
How Sqribble Works?
Once you’ve signed up on Sqribble, you will be able to choose a template according to your niche. There are 50 templates available on Sqribble eBook software. You can try & test different templates and check whatever suits your eBook.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how Sqribble works:

Grab from a URL
Locate any URL and copy-paste it. Sqribble eBook Creator will extract the text from that page and insert it into your eBook. This saves your time as it allows you to use good content in niches in which you do not have expertise.

  1. Begin from Scratch

You can also add content from a Word file. All you need to do is type in and upload.

  1. Article Collection

Sqribble allows you to fill your eBook with the content in its content management system for which you don’t have to give credit to its authors.

The dashboard allows you to edit, resize the text and also create web pages. It also allows you to add new pages to your eBook.

  1. Single Click for a Theme

In just a single click, you can change the theme of your eBook, font size as well as style of your file.

  1. Ready to Publish

Once you’ve implemented the theme, you can publish your eBook by clicking on the ‘Generate eBook’. Once this is done, your eBook is ready to get published.

Sqribble Pricing

Sqribble Pricing
The front-end version of Sqribble costs $67 with 30 days of cashback. The front-end version offers:

Agency Rights
50 templates
Save up to $130
Free website
Training program
Sqribble Plans

Sqribble Plans
You can unlock more features on Sqribble eBook software by using the following plans:

Sqribble Professional
Sqribble Professional is priced at $97 and offers the following features:

150 pro templates covering 15 niches
99,000 written articles
800 template combinations
900 page layouts
8900 new images
Unlimited storage capacity
Agency rights
Unlimited usage
Sqribble Prime
Sqribble Prime is priced at $47 and offers the following features:

15 limited edition templates per month
Exclusive designs costing $500
Agency License
Sqribble Fantasia 3D
3D covers
Unlimited Storage
License to sell
10*3D model
3D editor
Advanced flipbook technique
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Sqribble Pros
Sqribble is indeed the best eBook creation software and comes with many advantages as follows:

Pre-designed formats
Sqribble offers a variety of eBook formats which are pre-designed and are quite good to start off. You can choose from different designs and color schemes. The pre-designed eBooks cover various topics but they can be conveniently used for any eBook niche.

  1. Client Feedback or Comments

You must be able to share your eBook with your clients or customers while giving them the chance to comment about it. These reviews can be seen in your design panel and you can make changes as per your client’s suggestions.

This feature helps a lot as it saves time for you and your clients in doing phone calls or writing emails.

  1. Client Management

There is a dedicated client management system on Sqribble eBook software specially formulated for handling clients. Here you can build multiple customers and allocate particular eBook designs for each. It allows you to put together every customer’s contact details, pricing details as well as notes.

  1. Saving Prompts

Though Sqribble doesn’t automatically save after every edit, it provides daily reminders to save your work. These reminders work well for people who do not remember to save their work every now & then.

  1. Pre-defined Colour Palettes

One must not forget mentioning Sqribble’s pre-set color palettes while giving this eBook software review. It offers more than 20 color palette options that can be added to any eBook.

  1. Google Fonts

Sqribble eBook creator software comes with Google Fonts incorporated in it. Google Fonts are highly recommended as there are hundreds of options available and you will definitely find something that suits your eBook.

  1. Easy Customization

Sqribble offers easier customization options and works best for those who are not familiar with using sophisticated & complicated publishing software. With a little practice, you will be able to create a great eBook customized to your brand’s requirements.

Sqribble Cons
Lacks Automatic Saving
This is a disadvantage that cannot be ignored. Sqribble eBook Creator must have an auto-save option.

Limited Design Options
The basic plan of Sqribble offers limited design options. Although, they do have updates of monthly access to more designs & features it comes at a higher price. This applies to other advanced features too.

How to Buy Sqribble & Bonuses?
Sqribble can be downloaded at a price of $67. You can visit their official website to know the price of its other plans. It’s recommended to buy this eBook creator software from its website.

Sqribble Bonuses

Sqribble Bonuses
Sqribble offers a variety of bonuses and offers at regular intervals. Once you purchase Sqribble, you automatically get a commercial license which means you create eBooks for your customers and own the profits.

To wrap up, Sqribble is the best eBook creation software for any marketer as it saves their time and efforts in developing marketing materials. Nowadays, eBooks are more popular than print media as it allows readers to read them anywhere. This is why an eBook creator is quite necessary.

We hope this Sqribble review has offered you all the information you require before you get your hands on Sqribble eBook software. Using this software, you can create an eBook belonging to any niche within a minute with its variety of inbuilt templates.

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