Use Instagram Video for your Business

How To Use Instagram Video For Your Business?
In this Article, You Will know how to use Instagram video for your business. Most of the businesses today are cashing in through the medium of online video. Videos serve as a superb way to carry out the online marketing of a business. Videos are gaining more popularity over other traditional methods of online marketing. As per studies, around 54 percent of online customers prefer watching videos of a brand they like.

As we are aware that photos largely contribute to engagement of a business, there’s no doubt that videos are gradually outperforming photographs as the ultimate source of engagement. Nowadays, businesses are coming on board various social media platforms for promoting their products or services while interacting with their customers.

Instagram is one such social media platform that caters to billions of people around the globe, you can use Instagram video for your business. A bigger engaged audience and less competition are what make Instagram highly popular among its users when compared to other social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook. It has become the key channel for driving both offline and online traffic to various businesses, especially smaller ones.

Instagram offers businesses an opportunity to promote their products/services to a more targeted crowd without having to spend a huge amount of money on paid advertising.

If you are a newbie in the world of online marketing or have recently brought your business to Instagram, here are a few main tips you must follow to outperform your competitors.

Type of Instagram Videos
Before we delve into how we can make use of Instagram video for your business, let’s learn about all the types of videos that it offers. Each type has its own features and is different from another.

  1. Feed Instagram Videos

Instagram Feed
Instagram Feed is the first thing your potential customers will see when they open your profile. Brands mostly use feed videos to share their professional videos. These are square, vertical, or horizontal. Therefore it is important to:

Keep your videos short & engaging
Make your feed a well-structured
Schedule & plan your posts

  1. Stories

Instagram Stories
Instagram stories were launched in 2016 and since then have become highly popular. These are vertical snippets that tend to be rougher These usually showcase informal/casual videos showcasing the daily activities of a business. Further, these allow your audience to catch a glimpse of the personal and fun side of your business.

Instagram stories are a creative way to build your brand and enhance engagement. If done in the right way, it can boost your sales too.

  1. Instagram TV

Instagram TV
The concept of IGTV videos was launched in 2018 with an aim to meet the rising demand for video consumption. It has its own application which lets you create longer videos by allowing you to use your Instagram account to share them with your followers.

The main benefit of long videos is that it allows you to convey more information while turning it to be more valuable for the audience.

IGTV is still in its initial stages of being adopted by a huge number of Instagram users, however it’s likely to grow more in the future.

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram Live
Live videos are nothing but live broadcasting of any event or activity to your audience. It works great if you wish to connect in real-time with your followers. This deepens your relationship with your customers.

Instagram Live is an excellent tool to get feedback and response from your followers. These are usually spontaneous and are not as professional as an Instagram Feed video.

7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for your Business
Now that you are aware of all the types of Instagram videos, let us talk about how you can use them to promote your brand or business among the target audience.

  1. Continue creating more videos
    Instagram has been on the go since a while now and it’s quite evident that video has become really important for businesses. This might sound simple, but in reality, creating an engaging yet informative video doesn’t happen overnight.

One superb benefit of Instagram videos is that they don’t have to put a lot of effort into video production. This means you can post raw and unedited videos on this platform.

Once the videos are created, these can be reused and shared on feed or as small snippets in Instagram stories or IGTV.

Essence Studios takes you on a tour of different types of video content you can create for online marketing purposes. One such type of video content is Explainer videos. These are short and interesting videos which tell the prospective customers about how a specific product will be useful for them.

  1. Geotag your videos

This allows your followers to search for the content while looking for your business in your region. This makes your content visible to the local audience as well. Geotag comes in handy when you are trying to reach the local customers or if you are an international brand targeting consumers in specific areas.

Geolocations are taken from the physical location of your device, thereby allowing users to tag their posts to specific coordinates. However, it only applies if you ask Instagram to turn your location public.

People who are searching for a particular product in your region will find you if you are located nearby. Potential customers will easily find your business once you add Geolocation to the posts and page.

  1. Collaborating with Instagram influencers

Instagram Influencer
This has been one of the best methods to market your business on Instagram. Influencer marketing not only builds followers but also makes the brand socially visible and boosts sales.

If you’re running an eCommerce business and opt for Influencer marketing, you will notice a huge rise in sales as influencers work excellently in making a customer buy a product.

However, it isn’t so necessary to reach out to celebrity influencers and you can collaborate with local influencers. Micro influencers are ideal if you wish to promote your products or service in your community.

There are a lot of influencers who prefer to work with local businesses. All you need to do is find a local influencer and DM for collaborations.

So, if you are wondering how to find such local influencers, here are few tips:
Search for similar accounts with the help of ‘suggested’ feature
Use local and relevant hashtags for searching them
Keep a check on your competitors & the influencers they work with

  1. Use local hashtags

Instagram Hashtags
This works like Geolocation and allows customers to find a business through localized hashtags. You just have to add a hashtag with your region on the post. This can be successfully done by deciding the size of the local region you wish to include. For instance, if you wish to sell wine in Scotland, the hashtag you need to create is #winescotland.

A wide variety of tools are available to guide you to decide the amount and type of hashtags that would suit your business requirement.

  1. Add a link to your Bio
    Including a link to your website in your Bio is superbly beneficial when your prospective customers are looking for you. You can also add links to your other social media accounts along with basic details of your business.

Adding a link increases the chances of your potential customers to convert into paying consumers once they visit your website and check out the products you offer.

  1. Keep your brand identity consistent
    Consistency is really important while maintaining the identity of your brand. Your social media posts and internet presence will be easily recognizable and memorable after a certain period of time. The structure of your Instagram feed should be maintained in such a way that it showcases your brand identity.

Also, it is important to remember that posting relevant content that reflects your brand will make it easier for you to stand out among your competitors. The number of times you post videos should be consistent too.

  1. Repost local content & build your community
    Reposting content of other businesses and your followers helps in building a positive reputation of your business. This makes your brand more approachable.

Not to mention, you can also work with other businesses while exchanging reposts to reach each other’s target audience. Reposting even attracts those people who usually don’t visit your profile/account.

This marketing strategy is highly effective as it saves a huge amount of time and keeps your followers engaged and satisfied with your content.

We hope the above information will help you on how to use Instagram video for your business. Make sure you follow all the 7 ways once you start promoting your business on Instagram. You can post different types of videos through IGTV, Stories, etc according to the content you have created. Read more about how to grow your Instagram account.

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