Video Editing Software for Windows

Video Editing Software For Windows:
Video editing software for Windows. Expressing one’s ideas through the medium of videos is taking over the digital world. Viewers are keener in watching a video about a specific product, service, or thought than reading about it as visuals have a better impact on the audience.

If you shoot a video and wish to make it more appealing and attractive for the viewers who land on your website or social media account, you will need a good video editing tool. A good video editing software allows the editor to enhance the quality of the video by adding effects and filters that may not otherwise be possible.

Here is a list of the 10 best video editing software for Windows operating systems that offer value for money and are user-friendly too.

  1. Filmora:

Showcase your video editing skills using Filmora, a well-designed free video editing software full of high-end tools. The interface is quite intuitive and there are several editing modes that you use while editing your video.

One of its main features is keyframing that allows the editor to create custom animations to make the video more visually appealing for the audience.

Audio ducking allows fading of music to make the dialogues audible in the video
Get access to numerous transition effects, titles, filters, along with motion elements
The ‘split screen’ feature allows you to operate multiple screens simultaneously
Color grading, speed control and colour match are some of the key features that can change the aesthetics of your video in just a few seconds
You can arrange your multimedia in around 100 video tracks
Easy-to-use interface for experienced editors
Full of top-notch features
Challenging interface for new users

  1. ClipChamp:

ClipChamp is regarded as one of the best video editing software for Windows. You must know that you can use it online, however, you need to create an account for using it. Whether you need to save time during uploading, save money in storing a video or create a video from scratch, Clipchamp is the right choice for you.

You just have to follow three simple steps to create a video using this software.

Step 1 – Start a new project and using the drag-and-drop feature add your choice of audio, image as well as video in the editor.

Step 2 – Now add text, filters, titles, overlays, and transitions to the video to give it a professional look.

Step 3 – Lastly, export & save your video.

Get access to some basic video editing tools such as trimming, cropping, splitting, cutting, flipping, rotating, etc.
It also offers customizable video templates for creating wedding videos, advertisements, slideshows, etc
Provides stock libraries of audio & video files
Great for creating wedding videos or ads
Huge library of stock photos and audio files
In the free trial version, export is limited to 480P
Price: Free trial & Paid plans

  1. VSDC:

VSDC is another video editing software for Windows 10. It is packed with high-end features and supports multiple video formats as well as codecs.

The free version of this platform is good for basic video editing and if you wish to access more advanced features, you will have to opt for a paid version. It is a non-linear tool that allows the editor to freely place their videos in the timeline.

Offers a wide selection of filters, transition effects, overlays as well as color correction tools
Its broad format supports allows the user to various media files in a simpler way
There is a built-in video convertor which allows conversion of one format to another
You can export your video files to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
Simple interface for beginners
Doesn’t offer free technical support
Price: Free

  1. Blender:

Blender is one of the most popular and best video editing software for Windows. It is designed as a 3D content creation platform and is full of many high-end features.

Blender is mainly designed for professional editors and beginners may find it a little complicated.

Offers a variety of advanced features like character animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, node-based material etc.
Other key features of this editing platform include waveform visualization, scrubbing, audio mixing, live preview, luma waveform and histogram display
The tool facilitates rendering to multi-layer OpenEXR files
You can easily combine 2D & 3D images
Allows video masking for more complicated edits
Vast library of visual effects & vignettes
Good for professional-level editing
Can be used for creating 3D animation
Complicated interface for beginners
Price: Free

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  1. Shotcut:

One of the best free video editing software for Windows 10, Shotcut offers a wide range of video tutorials for its users. However, you might find its interface a little complicated as it was initially designed for Linux.

The platform supports a variety of video formats such as 4K, FFmpeg, DNxHD, and ProRes. The most prominent feature of this editing tool is that it doesn’t require importing the video on it which saves an ample amount of time.

Offers an extensive range of audio-editing tools which allows editors to adjust gain, bass and treble while creating bandpass filters, etc.
Native timeline editing allows the direct import of files to the project instead of a media library
Offers a variety of audio & video effects, colour correction, grading, interlacing, wipe transitions, etc.
The multi-format timeline to mix and match different resolutions as well as frame rates in a specific project
Supports 4K resolution
Timeline editing
Too complex for beginners
Price: Free

  1. Lightworks:

Lightworks is another superb choice for both beginners or professional editors. The video editing tool is packed with tons of features and has the capacity of editing up to 256 videos, images, and audio files.

It is more suited for professional editing and is useful in creating attractive YouTube videos along with 4K films. There are a lot of video tutorials available for beginners to guide them in using this video editing software.

You can export your edited videos to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Offers high-quality trimming for precise editing
Allows multicam editing to facilitate easy synchronization from different cameras
Supports a variety of video formats
Allows you to create 2D & 3D titles
You can share your project in real-time while having full control over editor’s access
The ‘speed optimization’ tool allows you to edit while importing fresh content
Supports 4K resolution
Video tutorials
Complicated for beginners
Price: Free & Paid version

  1. VideoPad:

VideoPad is a superb choice when it comes to picking from some of the best free video editing softwares for Windows 10. Packed with tons of easy-to-use features, VideoPad is good if you are just beginning to learn video editing, though for professionals it is too basic.

Despite having the most basic features, this video editor for Windows supports 3D video editing along with a library full of different sound effects and video compositions. Not to mention, it only runs on Windows operating systems.

The software offers a wide selection of effects, overlays, text styles, drag-and-drop timeline, stabilization, etc.
The editor can easily export their finished videos to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
With over 50 ready-made transition effects, the software also lets its users adjust the speed of the effect.
In order to make your video more engaging, add voice narrations to your file with its different audio tools
The double built-in screen facilitates easy editing
Easy & intuitive interface
Great for beginners
3D video editing
Not suitable for professional editors as it lacks various advanced features
Price: Free

  1. Freemake Video Convertor:

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake is a simple option if you are looking for a video editor for Windows operating systems. It is an ideal choice for beginners and facilitates conversion between different video formats, creating music visualizations and image slideshows while also ripping video DVDs.

Allows extraction of audio from video files
You can convert videos in over 500 file formats
Embed videos to websites
You can play your video clips on different devices
Supports multiple image & audio formats that help in creating slideshows
Supports 4K resolution
Doesn’t require highly advanced skills
Some features are locked during the initial days of installation
Price: Free

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush
This newly launched platform is one of the best free video editing software for Windows. It has a mobile application as well as a desktop version. The mobile app comes in handy as it allows you to shoot, edit and share good-quality videos while saving a lot of time.

The software offers a variety of simple mobile and desktop tools for motion graphics, audio, etc. This makes creating stunning videos while connecting with the viewers quite feasible.

With tailor transitions tool, you can easily drag and drop transitions
An extensive range of pre-made templates lets the editor add excellent titles to the videos
Enhance the look of your videos using preset as well as manual colour correction.
The speed control tools allows changing speed in a matter of seconds
The ‘audio ducking’ tool allows importing and adjusting audio easily
You can share your videos to different social networks
Great option for editing videos on mobile devices
Easy-to-use interface
With multi-channel accessibility, create videos on one device and edit on another device
Limited features in the free version
Price: Free & paid version

  1. Kapwing:

Kapwing is a collaborative video editing platform that allows the user to share their project link with the editor in real-time while working on it simultaneously. Besides producing captivating videos, you can also create images and GIFs using this video editing tool.

It provides a number of professional editing features along with a complete Studio which is more power-packed than its usual tools.

Subtitler, trimmer, resizer, rotate, reverse, Flip video, GIF Maker, merge video, meme generator, loop video, montage maker are some of the tools offered by the software
The Green Screen Video Editors allows the user to remove background colour from the video file quite easily
The Watermark Video tool lets you add a watermark of your brand or logo to your video
Add waveform to your video file to bring more life to your audio track
The Stop Motion Maker lets you turn your video into stop motion instantly
The users can also create slideshows with the Slideshow Maker
Price: Free

  1. Avidemux:
    This robust video editor is also regarded as one of the best free video editing software for Windows 10, 7, and 8. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it perfect for beginners who wish to create engaging video content.

This software has been developed by developers from across the globe and has codes from different projects and all this when combined forms a basic yet good-quality platform. One thing to take note of is that Avidemux is not for producing professional-level videos like the ones in production houses, instead, it can be used to manage small-scale projects.

You can perform basic editing tasks such as cutting, encoding and filtering
It supports formats like AVI, MP4, ASF and MPEG files
Quite a simple user-interface
Good for basic video editing
Very limited tools or features
Price: Free & paid version

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best video editing software for Windows?
    Out of the above-mentioned video editing software for Windows, the best ones are Filmora, Clipchamp, Lightworks, Shotcut, Blender, and VSDC. However, you can select the one that suits your requirements.
  2. How to choose the best video editing software for Windows?
    As you know, there are a lot of options available out there if you are looking for editing software that runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. However, it is important to check all the required parameters before making a decision especially if you are a newbie.

Following are the two main criteria to check while opting an editing software for yourself.

Interface – Always make sure that the interface is simple and easy-to-use of the video editing software you are considering to choose. A user-friendly interface will save a lot of time while you learn the software. Also, some editors would like to go for modern and intuitive platforms while others would prefer to go for a basic one.
Formats – ensure that the editing software you wish to pick allows exporting of common formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI & MOV, etc so that you can share your videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.
MP4 is usually the most used format so check whether the editing software supports it or not.

  1. How to download video editing software for Windows?
    To download any video editing software, you just have to and click on the download link given on the website for installing it on your device.

The above-mentioned video editing platforms have excellent features and are free to use. However, they have advantages and disadvantages of their own. This means you have to make a decision depending on your requirements and usage.

Consider all the parameters before you choose video editing software for yourself. The option you select will also depend on whether you need it for professional use or for basic editing.

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