Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content

Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content:
If you want your social media post to go viral then read these Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. Social media has become an integral part of the internet today. And what comprises social media is thousands of videos covering different topics. Social media video content is an essential element for growing your community and telling your brand story. The popularity of video has been on an accelerating rise for the past 1-2 years.

As per the statistics, in 2019, internet users have watched videos for more than 6 hours per week. Also, businesses are switching towards the medium of video marketing as it serves as a gateway for bringing potential customers while winning their trust. But before you do it successfully, it requires more than just getting the right shot.

A little perfection in your vlog or video can enhance your audience’s engagement to a great extent while preventing them from zoning out. A good quality video will not only inform and engage your potential customers but also result in high conversion rates.

So here we are at your disposal, sharing some of the best video editing tips and tricks you must follow to retain your viewer’s attention. Follow these 8 Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content.

  1. Shoot High Quality Footage
    shoot high-quality footage is the most important aspect of Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. With the increasing popularity of videos on social media platforms, both the audience as well as the platforms expect top-quality content. In fact, Instagram has recently introduced an algorithm for Instagram Reels which deprioritized burry videos with poor resolution.

However, the good part is that you can still shoot a good quality video on your own with your smartphone. You just have to take note of the following points while capturing a video:

Lighting – The light source should be strong enough to impart brightness and clarity to the video. You can use a ring light or shoot near a window.
Audio – Audio is another very important aspect of a quality video. Try recording in a room with excellent acoustics. This is achieved by shooting in a room filled with the furniture as well as other soft items so that they absorb sound and eliminate echo.
Stability – Make use of a tripod or a smartphone stand to prevent shooting any shaky videos.
Smartphone – If you are using your smartphone for capturing videos, make sure you clean the camera lens before you start.
Tip: Need assistance for editing videos on your own? Check out Essence Studios’ blog describing the top video editing softwares to choose from as per your budget and preferences. You can lure more audience to your brand by sharing Explainer videos on your social media page.

  1. Start with a Strong Hook
    The social media space is crowded with millions of brands hungry for viewer’s attention. Since the audience has total control over the content they are watching online, it is better to communicate and catch their attention in the first few seconds of the video you create. Otherwise, viewers will jump on to the next video that catches their interest.

It is important to leverage motion in order to engage your audience. The viewer’s eyes are easily drawn to a moving screen. Motion as well as attractive visuals like humans or aesthetically appealing animations can make your audience stop scrolling and watch your video.

You can achieve this easily by placing the most interesting and important part in the beginning of your video clip while arousing curiosity in your viewers’ minds.

For instance, if you are creating an advertisement; you can begin with a call to action text or title, so that it sets the scene for what your audience must expect to watch in the video.

  1. Maintain a clear flow
    This is really important if you wish to engage your audience with your video content. The video must be clear and precise enough to catch your viewer’s attention. A high-quality video consists of a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The best method of doing this is to divide the structure of your video into 3 parts or sections. This makes it easier for the viewer to follow and grasp your story. Once they easily understand, it is likely they will start a conversation, comment or share with their followers.

  1. Use perfect video lengths
    Marketers or content creators are constantly advised to keep their video lengths short. A perfect video length is affected by several factors such as content sharing platform, the audience, viewer’s device, location as well as value.

If your viewers are watching your content on their smartphones while stuck in traffic jams or during breaks at the office, they prefer something brief. A long video makes a viewer forward a video and this might result in them skipping the important/key sections of your video.

If you wish to share your video content on Instagram, it shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. The length of your video on Facebook must be between 20-90 seconds. For Twitter, a 45-second video works perfectly fine. Videos embedded on blogs must be between 30-60 second.

You can also consult a social media manager to post videos of correct lengths for whatever platforms you wish to upload on.

  1. Make Use of Jump Cuts
    Our brain is good at switching from one thing to another. This is how we get together and generate ideas. Jump cuts work like a human brain, and are excellent for enhancing a video’s appeal as these imitate human thoughts as well as speech.

Editing that milliseconds of footage helps the creator to convey his message clearly and quickly. Besides, jump cuts also help in removing/deleting any kind of repetition in a video, unnecessary pauses or something irrelevant.

You can easily create Jump Cuts by using different video editing softwares available online. You can even do it by using the ‘Screen Capture’ feature.

  1. Add Captions or Subtitles
    The internet is full of diverse kinds of audiences. A huge percentage of people watch videos on mute like Facebook where 85% of viewers view videos without the sound. It means this platform carries more probabilities of viewers not understanding the video. This is where captions and subtitles work exceptionally well.

Adding subtitles also allows deaf viewers to understand the videos properly. It is a great way to reach the maximum audience. It makes your videos more accessible, helps in overcoming language barriers while increasing/improving the viewing time of the audience.

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV create automatic captions/subtitles, whereas Instagram Reels and TikTok require you to manually write text. In order to practice cohesive branding for your videos, we suggest you use a similar font, size, color, and style in all your clips.

  1. Elaborate a Story
    Storytelling is vital in online marketing, as telling stories helps the consumers to easily relate to them. Therefore, it’s a superb way of attracting more viewers to your brand. It prevents your video from becoming boring for the audience and doesn’t make you look too promotional.

In order to do successful storytelling, we suggest you use several plot lines. You can share your success story or tell about the obstacles you faced while starting your business. This will make your video a lot more realistic and interesting as well.

  1. Adjust Brightness & Add Lighting Effects
    How a human eye responds to light is quite different from how a camera would. The human eye captures even the minutest details as well as lighting contrast, whereas the camera needs more light to pick the details captured by the eyes. Therefore, shooting with a camera requires extra lighting effects to see what would otherwise be visible through eyes.

The right video editing software will help you set the lighting of your video as per your viewer’s preference or according to the scene.

You can use soft lighting in a cheerful/happy scene, while harsh lighting will indicate sadness or anger. Whatever lighting method an editor uses will showcase the entire mood of a video thereby affecting a viewer’s interest in it.

Final Words
So these are the most important Video Editing Tips for Social Media Content. Editing a video is more time-consuming and a tedious process than shooting it. So, if you are an amateur at video editing, we suggest you opt for simpler video editing software to speed up the editing process.

Once you add the right amount of lighting, sound, and a story to your videos, it will attract more audience thereby improving the engagement. Not only will it be liked by your viewers, but even the various social media platforms, as well as search engines, will appreciate such high traffic driven by your video content.

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