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What Are The Best whiteboard animation Video Production Companies in Australia?
There are a lot of whiteboard animation companies in Australia out there that are available out there. Therefore, finding the one that suits your business’ needs can be a bit difficult. While looking for a whiteboard animation company Australia, you must consider a few necessary factors like your budget, timeline, and the kind of video you want.

As per a study, whiteboard animation can lead to a 15% rise in retaining a message if used as a form of video content. It lets your audience personally connect to your brand. This is why we have prepared a list of the top 10 whiteboard animation services Australia, to make this search easier for you.

  1. Punchy Digital Media

Punchy Digital Media
Punchy Digital Media offers the best whiteboard animation services in Australia. They aim to create simple, engaging, and relatable whiteboard videos for both big and small businesses.

A lot of Australia’s largest companies and organizations trust Punchy Digital Media for their video production requirements. Some of these are NSW Government, KPMG, Australian Government, Pearson, Intel, Westpac, AMP, and Monash University.

Besides whiteboard animation services, they also offer explainer videos, infographics, motion graphics, web videos, corporate videos, animated TV commercials, promotional videos, event videos, etc.

Website link – https://www.punchydigitalmedia.com.au/

  1. Explanimate

Explanimate’s highly creative team of designers and animators works for corporate, commercial as well as government organizations. Great design and mastery are the two most important factors that drive them while they provide a wide range of video production services.

They specialize in explainer videos, advertising videos, social videos, website promos, brand animation, digital signage, whiteboard animation, character animation, 2D & 3D animation, and a lot more.

Explanimate is a whiteboard animation company Australia that works with some of the leading brands like Google, Apple, Toyota, HP, PWC, Aussie, WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts, and ABC Australia.

Website link – https://www.explanimate.com.au/

  1. Sherwell Studios

Sherwell Studios
Sherwell Studios is a whiteboard animation video company Australia that allows businesses to create whiteboard videos for their products and services. Based in Queensland’s Gold Coast, they produce a wide range of whiteboard videos, explainer videos, presenter videos, motion graphics, social media videos, as well as corporate videos for firms around Australia.

They rely on the up-to-minute technology as well as their 3 decades of experience in and around Australia to create different types of engaging audio-visual campaigns.

Sherwell Studios offer a host of other services like VHS to DVD transfers, CD & DVD duplication, 8mm film transfers as well as a recording studio.

Website link – https://www.sherwellstudios.com.au/

  1. Vidnado

Vidnado is a whiteboard animation video explainer company Australia that offers custom-made animation services to both local and international brands. It is dedicated to crafting affordable and engaging animated videos using its team of skilled professionals who strive to provide an exceptional streaming experience to different clients.

Video has served whiteboard animation services Australia to more than 1100 clients worldwide. Some of these are ORACLE, Deloitte, Lexar, Forbes, Amazon.fr, and Siemens.

Besides whiteboard videos, it offers 2D & 3D animation, explainer videos, corporate videos, motion graphics, typography videos, app demos, branded videos, and medical videos.

Website link – https://vidnado.com.au/

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  1. Brafton

Brafton is one of the leading whiteboard animation studios Australia located in Sydney. They provide a vast range of video production and animation services to effectively explain complicated subjects to different types of audiences.

If you are wondering about other services provided by Brafton, the list is endless. You can reach them for animations, explainer videos, commercials, corporate videos, infographics, web designing, along content writing services.

Their long list of clients includes Tecflair, Alitix, Geekhive, Genworth, Concentric, TAB bank, AIG, Pinnacle, and Jackson Therapy Partners.

Website link – https://www.brafton.com.au/

  1. Andrew Fyfe

Andrew Fyfe
Andrew Fyfe is a whiteboard animation company Australia founded by Andrew Fyfe, an award-winning Australian cartoonist who started his career as an on-air cartoonist in 1985. Besides being a cartoonist, he is also a caricature artist & illustrator famous for his live cartoons on a TV show ‘Hey Hey Its Saturday’ using the ‘pen cam’ technique.

Andrew Fyfe provides a wide range of animation services to a large number of clients. Some of the services offered live caricatures, caricature gifts, animation, editorial cartoons, illustrations, graphic recording, etc.

Website link – https://www.andrewfyfe.com.au/

  1. The Visual Storytellers

The Visual Storytellers
The Visual Storytellers is a whiteboard animation video company Australia that believes in using visuals as their baseline along with engagement as their main goal. They strive to brainstorm fresh ideas to inspire & engage their audience at an entirely different level.

The Visual Storytellers Group possesses over 10 years of experience in building strong partnerships with firms in Sydney and all over Australia by providing a wide range of video production and animation services.

Besides whiteboard animation services in Australia, they also offer explainer videos, graphic recording, graphic facilitation, murals & live murals, and comic books.

Website link – https://www.visstorytellers.com.au/

  1. Dream Engine Video Production

Dream Engine has been in the video production industry for over 18 years serving small, medium and large corporations, along with government departments & universities in Melbourne.

Established in 2002, the company strives to prepare high-quality videos & animations in order to drive the best results for their clients. The award-winning whiteboard animation company Australia offers a variety of services such as corporate videos, training videos, event videos, web videos, freelance cameras, along with animation & television production.

Dream Engine has served some of the biggest brands like IBM, BMW, BBC, Yamaha, and Xero.

Website link – https://www.dreamengine.com.au/

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  1. PixelSavvy

PixelSavvy is a whiteboard animation company Australia offering a variety of graphic designing, animation, and branding services to clients worldwide. Whether you want a corporate social media post or some cool graphics for your website or page, the company’s flexible methodologies turn your visual ideas into appealing reality.

They feature a core team of talented creatives who manage their tasks responsibly even for a big project. You can contact them to avail whiteboard animation services Australia as well as creative branding, graphic design, animations, motion graphics, illustration, VFX, explainer videos, web designing, and package design.

They have worked for brands like The Drop, WORONI, aspen medical, CRUX, plant media, and the Australian multicultural foundation.

Website link – https://www.pixelsavvy.com.au/

  1. Snackable Media
    Snackable Media is also one of the popular whiteboard animation studios of Australia with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. They offer a vast selection of video production and animation services to brands and agencies across Australia.

The services they provide are TV commercials, social Ads, corporate videos, event coverage, photography, and cinematography.

Snackable Media has worked with some of the leading brands such as Tissot, GQ, Louis Vuitton, Uber, DOMAIN, Tommy Hilfiger, and BONDI Boost.

Website link – https://www.snackablemedia.com.au/

To conclude, the above-mentioned 10 best whiteboard animation studios are quite apt if you wish to create a whiteboard video for your brand or business. You can go through their pricing, and get a quote for yourself. Make sure you keep in mind your budget, specifications, timeline, and the type of video you want before you pick a whiteboard animation company.

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